Season 1 Episode 12

Team Leftovers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2002 on G4



  • Trivia

    • During the episode Wil makes a comment about "Connor" (Eric Errington) and makes reference to him not moving around since he's been with the channel. This confirmation makes Connor of Team Leftovers noted as the Associate Producer of Arena.

    • Travis calls Alopex from Team Leftover's "Betsy." It is unknown why he calls him that, but it leads one to believe that since Team Leftovers is made up partially of G4 staff that Travis may know him.

  • Quotes

    • Both: Oh, Oh, Oh!!
      Wil: Team Leftovers scored! Team Leftovers scored! Team Leftovers scored! I, I, I.
      Travis: I think I just, I just literally wet myself.
      Wil: I think I just wet yourself too.
      Travis: I was wondering what that was.

    • Wil: The Drone has picked up the blue flag for..uh, and blue of course I mean red...for his own team.

    • Travis: Why is it in the damn script. Who writes this crap?
      Wil: I do.
      Travis: So you just wrote that?
      Wil: Yep! And I wrote that, and this and I'm about to write...
      Both: This line right here.

    • Wil: Umm has the early lead. We'll see if Leftovers can "ketchup," huh, when Arena returns.
      Travis: Condiments?
      Wil: Yeah, you put ketchup on leftovers.

    • Travis: One man's "smart" is another man's "cowardly", I guess.
      Wil: Maybe it can be smart and cowardly at the same time. Let's think about that for a moment.

    • Travis: For some reason Team Leftovers is having problems getting it up. I'm sorry that sounded wrong. Ah, getting up...getting it up...up getting.
      Wil: Keep going. Dig that hole a little deeper.
      Travis: There is only so much I can do. They're running around with glowing lightsabers.

    • Wil: You know, actually, I've seen you handle your lightsaber and it's very impressive.

    • Wil: You know what I like about Gerbilboy is that he looks like his name.

    • Wil: Do you think that we will be able to get through that (Godzilla Melee) without one lame Godzilla joke?
      Travis: Well we've managed to get through 12 shows without a single one lame joke, right?

  • Notes

    • Wil mentions that Team Leftovers are made up of people hanging around (G4 staff) and Team Leftovers "alternates." In the beginning of the show, it is assumed that the members of the teams may or may not have played as a team before and people who showed up to play were paired with teams of less than four people. In later seasons, the teams are usually friends and players who have played with each other for some time.

    • Team Leftovers is comprised of members of the G4 behind the scenes crew and Team Umm "alternates." Wil has stated that before this episode he had found out that the practice of G4 staff being used was common for the episodes when they couldn't find players and complained to management. This would be his final episode do to the controversy and his feeling this deception was disloyal to the fans.

    • This is the final episode for Wil Wheaton as host. Wil left because there were severe differences between him and the producer as well as deceptive practices of using G4 staff as members of teams and using bots in the games for some of the shows.

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