Ark II

CBS (ended 1977)





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  • The show definitely is dated, but keeps it's nostalgic appeal.

    I watched this show on Saturday mornings as a kid and remembered the show but not the name. It was produced by Filmation, a long defunct production company that specialized in Children’s programming. The show follows a group of scientists that travel around in a futuristic “RV” called the Ark, while trying to rebuild the environment and civilization after it obliterated by the effects of pollution and waste. I loved the show as a kid. But as an adult it interests me only for sentimental reasons. Each episode had good themes, but as with many of Filmation’s productions it was hampered by a low budget. The acting was adequate, but not always. Again as with many low budget shows, I’m sure they did the best with what was given them. Some of the hi-lights of the show was some of it’s guest stars...the late Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space), Malachi Throne (character actor for many years), Helen Hunt (Mad About You), Jim Backus (Gilligan’s Island and voice of Mr. Magoo), the late Robert Ridgely (long time character and voice actor), and Geoffrey Lewis (long, long time character actor).