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CBS (ended 1977)





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  • Pollution and wastefulness have taken their toll upon humanity and caused civilization to collapse into a new dark age. Can mankind be saved?

    Although almost every science fiction show has legions of little fans, most sci-fi isn't produced with children in mind; Ark II was. Made for Saturday morning TV, the 30 minute live action program featured specially created vehicles and a vision that was unlike most other Saturday morning fare, then or now.

    The stories themselves are not great drama, but most kids today could still watch and enjoy them. The characters included a father figure, a teenage girl, a pre-teen boy and also a chimpanzee. Together, they traveled the wastelands between isolated pockets of human habitation and helped to better the lives of the surviving people they met.

    Although the scripts were written with children in mind the level of technology the show uses seems more fit for prime time. The real treat of Ark II was the "Ark" itself, a specially constructed vehicle built on a dump truck chassis so unusual it even garnered a spread in Popular Mechanics. The Ark also carried a small "rover" (pretty obviously a VW based dunebuggy) and a jet pack.

    Overall this show was good and even though only a few were made, (15 episodes) it had a fairly long life in re-runs. Clearly a product of the 1970s, Ark II was in tune with the social and environmental movements of the time. Today, this show would be quite topical.