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Ark was a 2009 science fiction television show that ran for 9 episodes. It followed two strangers taken from different decades who found themselves mysteriously lost on a giant spaceship deep in outer space. They have no idea where they are or how they got there and must somehow figure out a way to get back home. It starred Renee O'Connor (from Xena: Warrior Princess) and Adam Cardon (Thor's Hammer, Day of Our Lives) and was produced through Renee's company 'ROC Pictures.' Renee played Connie, a woman who took a nap in 2008 and awoke on the spaceship and Adam played Daryl, a young astronaut from 1959. The two come across evidence that they are presumed dead back home and that their deaths have been faked. The show was originally a graphic novel made through Oni Press that was created by Robbie Thompson. The series seems to have not continued and currently its first 45 minute episode s available to watch online at Hulu, split into 9 shortened webisodes.


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AIRED ON 7/23/2010

Season 1 : Episode 9

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alternate history, outcasts, space action, space travel, good vs. evil