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Ark was a 2009 science fiction television show that ran for 9 episodes. It followed two strangers taken from different decades who found themselves mysteriously lost on a giant spaceship deep in outer space. They have no idea where they are or how they got there and must somehow figure out a way to get back home. It starred Renee O'Connor (from Xena: Warrior Princess) and Adam Cardon (Thor's Hammer, Day of Our Lives) and was produced through Renee's company 'ROC Pictures.' Renee played Connie, a woman who took a nap in 2008 and awoke on the spaceship and Adam played Daryl, a young astronaut from 1959. The two come across evidence that they are presumed dead back home and that their deaths have been faked. The show was originally a graphic novel made through Oni Press that was created by Robbie Thompson. The series seems to have not continued and currently its first 45 minute episode s available to watch online at Hulu, split into 9 shortened webisodes.


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AIRED ON 7/23/2010

Season 1 : Episode 9

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  • Ark the first and only episode?

    The first episode of this series starts out interestingly and it was cool to see Renee O'Conner. Where Connie woke up was beautiful and intriguing as we soon discover she is not alone. It was fun and suspenseful when the alarm went off. Connie puts her foot to Daryl a guy who wants to know what is happening as well. They both discover they are from different times and try to figure things out together. It's cool to see what they find. Soon Daryl and Connie find clips about their lives, and deaths?! The story keeps getting more intriguing by the minute as another person wakes up and starts messing with the ship. After an explosion Connie's life is at stake and Daryl tries to help her which was nice. Connie learns another man is aboard and he tells her he has information about her son, and we learn more about the ship which is huge. The last scene was beautiful and I would like to see more of this to see where the story leads!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • fweak USER EDITOR

    User Score: 111

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alternate history, outcasts, space action, space travel, good vs. evil