HBO (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • A Man of Our Times
      Arliss has little time to enjoy a pending award when he has to deal with several work fiascos, including Kirby's gambling, a client's financial woes, and another client's same-sex marriage.
    • Negotiating: It's Never Personal
      Arliss represents high school basketball star Shaler Halimon and uses this fact to get back at Buddy Reingold, a team owner he holds a grudge towards.
    • Athletes Are Role Models
      Arliss tries to convince star QB Dan Hendricks that confessing after sinning may not be the smartest move, even with an upset wife and the media already suspecting something's amiss.
    • How to Turn a Minus into a Plus
      When boxer Sucre Rey Santos gets arrested before a major fight, his (and Arliss') big payday disappears, until Arliss comes up with an ingenious way for the fight to go on and keep both their dreams live.
    • What About the Fans?
      Arliss is offered a part-ownership in the L.A. Kings if he can broker a lucrative new stadium deal in a new city for owner Flora Lansing, but he comes to realize relocating the team, and incurring the wrath of local fans, may not be in his best interest.
    • The Company You Keep
      Arliss finds himself with an offer to sell his company, something he never considered until he hears just how much is being offered. Arliss' suspicious staff knows something may be going down and wonders how safe their jobs are.
    • Colors of the Rainbow
      An innocent comment about a local stickball team from his old neighborhood is misinterpretted as a racial slur, putting Arliss under media fire. It also generates a new potential client, a relief pitcher who shares what he now believes are Arliss' views on race.
    • Crossing the Line
      Arliss lets a tennis star's physical beauty persuade him into representing her, no matter that she's only ranked 186th and has a mentally unbalanced father.
    • Timing Is Everything
      Arliss and Kirby found an indoor, made-for-TV beach volleyball league, but face difficulties when infighting occurs between the women and a top male star gets a toe infection.
    • The Client's Best Interest
      Arliss and Kirby hope to get back the title in their annual rotisserie baseball league from Vic Freed, a local plastic surgeon, but a conflict of interest occurs when Arliss has to decide between doing what's right for his client, Phillie Ned Bastille, or best for his rotisserie team.
    • The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
      Arliss meets a longtime idol, outfielder Rocky Framaggio, and decides to help the down-on-his-luck Hall of Famer make some money. But when this proves to be more difficult than he'd hoped, Arliss' marketing skills save the day.
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