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  • This show is about a sports agency. They go through everything that happend during the show's tenure.

    I think that this is a perfect sports show because it fouces on the main character and the fellow stars. Also because it also talks abour everything that happend during the time when that show was on HBO. Nobody takes control of thew show in my opinon. And that\'s why I think that this is a perfect sports show.
  • Funny Show

    Arli$$ reruns air on ESPN Classic at 10:30/9:30c.
    The shows are edited somewhat on Classic, but they are even more outrageous on the best of DVD, when the episodes are not edited.
    The show is about a hypocritical agent who does anything for personal gain, even if it means trading a client to win a fantasy baseball league, or getting rid of a high paying client to get access to front row Laker season tickets. There is one episode where Kirby, the associate dates a body builder and I'm probably not allowed to talk about what happens, but it is on The Best Of Arli$$ DVDs, and watch it for yourself.
  • Not sitcom family funny, but adult only almost X-rated funny at times.

    Believe me, this show is not for the kids, it is adult humor all the way. Arliss Michaels is a sports super agent and the show basically deals with his everyday life and the headaches and problems he has to go throw. Everything from making deals between players and teams to finding the next big plan to make more money! Arliss is an original show that is very smart and funny. There are a ton of cameos from actors and sports stars that are fun to watch! If the sports world or sports agents interest you at all then you will like this show.
  • Arliss Michaels and a band of quirky sports agents take on the joys and pains of trying to run a high tier sports agency. Classic character types dominate the show and shape around the world of sports.

    Arli$$ was a hidden gem stuck on late night HBO. It was 30 minutes full of laughs and poignant moments that make own sit and reflect on their own life. The messages of the show transcended the sports world so all watchers could relate. However the real beauty of the show was mostly scene by the sports enthusiasts of TVdom. Jam packed with the the hottest athletes of the day, the stories always revolved around fictional athletes, and while the plot and story lines were not always 100% solid, the cast more than made up with it in laughs. Speaking of the cast they are a delightful mix of comedians who can produce a laugh with a prank fall or a silly face alike. This show was cut in its prime just when it had gotten started. If you have the chance, catch a few episodes and have fun.