Arli$$ - Season 2

HBO (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • 8/19/97
    Arliss gets Kirby a part-time gig as a host on a sports talk radio station to help hype his up and coming clients. Kirby soon becomes a star, but his fame may start doing more harm to Arliss' bottom line than good.
  • 8/12/97
    Trying to get to the airport for an important and secret meeting, Arliss has to contend with a client facing suspension and Stanley potentially leaving the firm.
  • 8/5/97
    Arliss sees nearly everything he could ask for in Giselle Jaynes, a beautiful marketing genius who has just one fatal flaw: she's clueless about sports.
  • The Real Thing
    Episode 7
    Anticipating baseball client Dan Manville becoming the first player with 500 each of stolen bases and homeruns, Arliss prepares a mall tour of memorabilia. Everything just hinges on the 500th home run being hit, and Arliss managing to acquire the ball it's done with.
  • 7/22/97
    Kirby saves the day when Arliss' back injury prevents him from playing in a pro-am tournament with golf client Ryan Mason III.
  • Salary Cap This!
    Episode 5
    Arliss fears he won't get to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated as part of their article on sports agents, but saving the life of a client may put him over the top, as well as help him exploit the NBA's salary cap.
  • 7/8/97
    A tennis prodigy, Kahoutec "Comet" Evans, that Arliss discovered at a young age can start playing professionally, but his mother's desire that he go to college conflicts greatly with Arliss' desire to make money from his talents.
  • 7/1/97
    Already stressing over who to invite as his date to dinner at the White House, Arliss has to contend with his already controversial bowling client, Turkey Reeves, finding himself on the wrong side of the law.
  • 6/24/97
    When his fiancée demands a fresh start, a long-standing client (and friend) drops Arliss and his representation. Meanwhile, Arliss demands Rita stop dating a client.
  • 6/17/97
    Catcher Zack Bowers can barely get the ball back to the mound—let alone to second base—a result of being distracted by his suspicion his wife is unfaithful, and he demands that Arliss hire a private investigator to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Kirby is asked to housesit Bruce Smith's 'cat'.