Arli$$ - Season 3

HBO (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • 8/30/98
    Arliss is sued by an older baseball player for conflict of interest after he tells him that no one wants him, then negotiates a huge deal for a younger baseball client.
  • 8/23/98
    Rita excels at her first shot at being an agent, but her absence at the secretary's desk leaves Arliss feeling crippled. Kirby's cousin Fitz then proves to be a less-than-capable substitute for her.
  • The American Game
    Episode 11
    Representing Jim Greenbriar, a ballplayer who crossed the picket line during a strike, is costing Arliss clients upset at his representing a "scab." But when Jim saves Arliss' life, he finds himself caught between wanting to drop him as a client and what he considers the right thing to do.
  • 8/9/98
    Considering assisting in personal affairs a part of his job, Arliss agrees to step in and tell an all-star client's wife that he's leaving her, but what happens after the news is delivered is a surprise to everybody involved.
  • At Arliss' request, overly conservative financial genius Stanley looks to loosen up his investment strategies a little. However, he loosens up a bit too much by using clients' money for a risky investment in a racehorse.
  • 7/26/98
    Foul weather leaving him nearly alone at the office gives Arliss a huge opportunity when a Cuban baseball star arrives after defecting.
  • 7/19/98
    Arliss' insistance that a basketball star client get his fiancée to sign a pre-nup may quash the wedding altogether. Or worse, his client may quit basketball.
  • The Legacy
    Episode 6
    Arliss' great deal that gives him heavy access to a top university football program's players is in danger of becoming worthless when allegations of the head coach's NCAA rules infractions surface.
  • 7/5/98
    Arliss finds more competition than usual when competing for a recently deceased agent's clients and takes on a perrenial NASCAR also-ran, who manages to turn his luck around.
  • Fans First
    Episode 4
    When a star defensive player is stabbed by a fan at Arliss' offices before a Super Bowl appearance, Arliss is left with a lot of questions to answer. The player then threatens not to play in the big game unless Arliss can ensure the attacker will be behind bars.
  • Whatever It Takes
    Episode 3
    Arliss' acquisition of a contract extension clears the way for a showdown between a star running back and an opposing linebacker, both of whom he represents.
  • 6/14/98
    Theo Holt, a back-up quarterback, is released and has trouble getting a job when rumors of homosexuality surface, leaving Arliss to find a way to get him a job.
  • The Family Trust
    The Family Trust
    Episode 1
    AMM's biggest ever contract has one major flaw--the signee is a deadbeat. Meanwhile, Arliss defends an NBA star who hit a referee.