Arli$$ - Season 4

HBO (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Rules of the Game
    Episode 12
    Arliss decides to get a makeover, hoping for a younger image. Meanwhile, his secretary dates a competing agent and Stanley unwittingly becomes a "token" African-American admittee into a country club.
  • 8/15/99
    Arliss uses money from his foundation to buy off a bad childhood memory.
  • D-Day
    Episode 10
    Arliss sees major competition develop when rap mogul T-Bagg enters the sports agent business. Meanwhile, Arliss depends on Stanley and Kirby to do his bidding at the NFL draft while he recuperates from chicken pox.
  • 8/1/99
    Country music star Cooter McCoy wants Arliss to help him live a dream of playing professional baseball, not just playing music before the games. In the office, Stanley ends up having Rita and Kirby play matchmaker for him.
  • 7/25/99
    Arliss seeks to find a way to help Korean client Ja Ahn Kim avoid compulsory service in Korea's military. Meanwhile, a banned NHL player wants to reinvent himself as a professional wrestler.
  • 7/18/99
    Arliss finds that the break in negotiating afforded by the NBA's lockout lets him concentrate more on his female clients, and adding the WNBA's Terry Shaw to his roster further enlightens him to the legitimacy of women's sports.
  • 7/11/99
    In Kansas City to negotiate a contract with tightfisted, bigoted Royals owner Helga Krupp, bad weather forces Arliss to spend more time with her than he'd like, but he comes to understand she's more complex than the media makes her out to be. Meanwhile, his office staff rejoices the absence of him, and his poor skills, from their bowling team.moreless
  • 7/4/99
    If Arliss' boxing client Ivory Ortega can win one more fight, he'll get to face Oscar De La Hoya, generatng a huge payday for both him and Arliss. But after a spat with his wife takes away Ivory's will to fight, Arliss gets him back into a fighting frame of mind before his date in the ring.moreless
  • 6/27/99
    Arliss finds out that the Los Angeles Lakers' move from the Forum to the new Staples Center will cost him his floor seats, which he considers a valuable tool in wooing potential clients, and goes to great lengths to find a way to keep them.
  • 6/20/99
    Stanley helps teenage skater Crystal Dupree realize that her parents are misusing her earnings for their own desires. Meanwhiles, Kirby attempts to keep a scam of his up and running.
  • 6/13/99
    Jake Battershell, a highly coveted high school baseball prospect, has Arliss jumping through hoops to sign him. Meanwhile, Kirby goes to his own extremes to help a client be a better focused quarterback.
  • Cause and Effect
    Episode 1
    Arliss' upset stomach leads to a cancer scare, while Rita and Kirby see an opportunity to cash in by 'helping' an elderly lady sell sports memorabilia that is more valuable than she knows.