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  • Sean Bean is my favourite actor because hes working class and very nice man,hes deserves alot of support.

    In fact every film he has made he puts in 100%.Hes very handsome,great at every role he does and is extremely talented,he portrays a good actor.He doesnt try to be someone he isnt ,he treats everyone with respect and doesnt come across at big headed.Hes very down to earth and I cannot fault him at all.Hes very caring,kind and considerate .I wish the press would not be so bad towards him because he doesnt deserve it,he has shown UK, what good actors we have and has many fans all over the world who adore him and find him the sexiest man, he very well liked everywhere and he doesnt realise this and if he does he stays himself which we all like because hes so loverly.
  • at first, i thought this show would be a joke

    when i saw the commercials, i laughed, and thought that they were toally trying to copy Cops. but they really arent. these five has been celebs really can so some good police work. when i saw altoya jackson, i thought it would be a complete disaster. i can see how it could have easily gone wrong, but with all the training she got she seems to be pretty decent. these celebrities work with really cops. im sure this helps them alot, too. In the town of Muncie there seems to be alot of crime, but it makes for an exciting television show.

    not something i will watch faithfully, but when it comes on, i wont change the channel quite as fast as i would other shows.
  • Basically 5 Has-Beens in police uniforms.

    I never even knew about Armed and Famous, until I was watching a podcast of VH1's "Best Night Ever" and the podcast was making fun of La Toya Jackson, basically patting down a guy...I mean PATTING, Like grabbing his "Yoo-Hoo".

    I thought that Armed and Famous was going to be another ditzy show, about a couple of has-beens who just want more publicity, It turns out way much more better than I have expected.

    But, the dumbest thing CBS had to do, was to put the show against American Idol. Which you know what Happened.

    It got canceled, Oopsy. I would actually like to watch all of the remaining episodes of this show.
  • Every time I get into a program the station always pulls it.

    See Armed & Famous was one of my favorite shows.Jack Osbourne was the only one that actually look liked a real cop.The only one that I really liked to see was Trish Stratus.

    See I live in Warren,Ohio and I will be glad to say they can come here and continue their police carrers.
  • I hate reality TV and this show totally changed my mind. It has heart, intelligence and I LOVE seeing the celebrities FORCED to be real people. Makes me feel as though they might just have something in common with us common folk.

    I hate reality TV and this show totally changed my mind. It has heart, intelligence and I LOVE seeing the celebrities FORCED to be real people. Makes me feel as though they might just have something in common with us common folk.

    LaToya is a huge surprise. The cop with her is really funny. jack Osbourne could actually do the job - which is very cool. I'd like to know who will be in next season's cast. Will they keep the same cops? Or do we get to vote on who should become a reserve cop, next?
  • Armed & Famous: Celebrities are trained to be police officers. They are partnered with real police officiers,and go on calls.

    This was the premire episode.I enjoyed the show,Cops but, they stopped taping it,and show reruns.This show,I realy enjoyed it.It's new, fresh,and real. Even though Latoya Jackson,is on it,I think the aleged abuse her former Husband put her through,strightened her out,and wasn't bad. One female that was corrected, for being to close while searching a man.I was trained in the United States Army,worked as a Security Officer,at a aluminum can recycling plant,on grave yard shift,where I had to deal with impatient truck drivers,and plant employee injuries. Jack Osbourne,surprised me, and did an excellant job. The guy,that played Ponch,on Chips,was a natual.I look forward to seeing the next episode,next week.
  • who thought of this show? i mean giving famous people guns its amazing! although other people would like to have a chance to be cops to besides famous people but they really make the show funny.

    This show is the real deal real people, real cops but besides the there FAMOUS! so that just makes the show funner. Having famous people in the show makes it a lot funner and people who everyone or somepeople reconize will get them to watch it more. maybe they should get younger people on there like johnny pacar or corbin bleu and that would get younger kids to watch it to. this show shouldnt be made for older people but for younger people to like at an age of 13 and up. this show is the best get some more famous people on there to.
  • Police

    I was anxious to see this show from xmas. When i saw the first comerical I saw Erik Estrada and Wee-man from jackass. First they are traind to proect and get fit. Then the go throught a class in martial arts. Then they get their bages and guns . The next day they all report for dutie in Muncie, Indiana. I coudnt wait to see this show. I think you should watch this show if you like guns, police, and seeing people geting aresseted. lol lol lol. OMG I cant wait for the next weeks show of Armed and famouse.
  • Great trendsetting of this show.

    This is a great show. The reason why I like to watch Armed and Famous is The PONCH man. Erik Estrada brings me back a lot of fun memories on CHiP\\\'s. I love this new trendsetting for this new reality show. Where five celebrites wanna become police officers. This is could be a great season one of Armed and Famous. What I\\\'m looking forward to is I want to look at great rating for this reality show. I do not want poor ratings. I want to see more of Armed and Famous. This is like Survivor meets Dancing With the Stars.
  • I can't believe there is actually a show like this on T.V.

    You've got to be kidding me. This show is a disgrace!!! You have a group of people go through a 3 week academy and are sworn in and given a firearm. Come on, lets get real. We have real cops all over the country that go through countless hours of training to get were they are, but we give these idiots guns and badges after three weeks. I am even more dissapointed in the police dept. for letting them shoot this on T.V. What a huge liability having these people actually enforcing the law. Watching the show it is obvious they have no clue what they are doing and may get someone hurt. This isn\\\\\\\'t a game or a joke, you have real men and women risking their lives everyday. Lets leave the work to real police officers and these \\\\\\\"famous people\\\\\\\" can go back to having their meals cooked for them and living in their own little fantasy worlds.
  • Great show with celebrities becoming real cops. Including WWE superstar Trish Stratus.

    Good Show I hope the best for this show and I hope it gets good ratings. The only reason why I watched it though was because of Trish Stratus then I watched it and I was amazed. The show was very interesting and very very very funny when they showed Letoya Jackson's cat phobia. I was laughing harder than ever. But I loved Trish Stratus in the show she was so tough and I was so impressed by her performance in the show. She was amazing and I was really impressed. I hope that this show goes very far and ahas lots of seasons like America's Next Top Model.
  • The show revolves around five stars; Erik Estrada ( Ponch from CHIPS ), Jason Acuna ( Jackass fame ), Trish Stratus ( wrestling starlet ), Jack Osbourne ( Ozzy's son) and La Toya Jackson ( of the Jacksons ) joining the Muncie Indiana police dept.

    I have been looking forward to the first episode of this show, Armed and Famous. I found myself riveted to the TV. The show was very interesting and i was impressed with the dedication the stars
    had to becoming police officers. They all went through 3 weeks of training, qualified with a firearm and even received a taser shock. Of all of the actors who are involved La Toya Jackson was very impressive. I think that after this experience she is probably more in touch with reality than was ever possible before in her life. Jack Osbourne was also impressive, totally different guy than he was in the days of \"The Osbournes\". I think the show was great and i can't wait for the next episode
  • Just like numerous other so-called "Reality" series that are anything but real.

    Erik Estrada did a great job wrapping up a 5 year run as the voice of Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez (only character in TV history with an 8 part name) on SEALAB 2021. But this series is just Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol meets The Surreal Life and as critic said its more suited for VH1 or E! than CBS. CBS puts out a great thought provoking new series: JERICHO, and while its on its mid season break, the best they can come up with is this??? Ugh. Even though the zombie season of King of Queens is limping into the home stretch its way better than "Armed and Stupid". Who thought it was a good idea to give these people guns? I hope they are loaded only with blanks!
  • I honestly thought this show would be just another down-the-drain reality show, but it's much better than that!

    "Armed and Famous" is now one of my favorite reality shows on television! I am amazed at how the show can include laugh-out-loud comedy while still incorporating the seriousness and respect the police department deserves. I believe the producers, directors, and anyone else involved with the show really made it a point to catch the real-life dramas experienced police officers endure every day. Overall, I am really impressed at just how real the show portrays the true 'life and death' situations that go along with being a police officer, and not just brushing it off as nothing much, just because the actual officers are well known celebrities. I will watch this show until the end!

    Ok, i've found my new favorite show, well, after my other favorite shows. This show is so funny, and is like Cops, but the celebs are so new to the job and scared, it really shows how the cops in real life really are brave, and do their duties proudly!

    I really like how they follow the arrests, though, I am surprised that they don't have riot sheilds in the cars to block the people in the back from going all;

    'Amags its Janet Jackson, and she is so cool and i love her!'

    That would really creep me out, but anyways, I have this funny feeling this show will get boring fast, just my idea, but for now, ITS AWESOME!