Armed & Famous

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cats of Muncie, They Have It Out for Me!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • Sign my Boob

    Armed and Fabulious is like a cops meets reno 911. I like cops because it shows real life stories about what cops do and the people they have to deal with. I like reno 911 because it's totaly fake and funny. It shows the lighter side of being a cop and you know it's fake. This show makes you wonder if the stops are staged or could it be real. For example a former drug user could never be a cop, reserve or not. I guess this goes to say if you have money, anything's possible. I do like the show but can understand why it's been canceled. Oh, and in this episode, Eric sign's a boob and Latoya deals with her fear of cats.
  • If you like the show Cops, you will love this! Perfect in everyway, and everyone can relate to the diverse characters. Who would not want to see Ponch from Chips become a real police officer? Great show! Watch the first episode!

    Everything about the new series, Armed & Famous is perfect. I really thought it was going to be another disappointing reality show, but it proved me wrong, and it's now my favorite show on TV. I don't like many of the TV shows aired today, but this is definitely one that I do. The characters are diverse, which is perfect for everyone to enjoy and relate to at least one of them. I'm glad all the characters are taking this serious, and actually becoming police officers. It's hard to imagine Michael Jackson's sister LaToya, a police officer,...but she will surprise you just like she surprised the officers, who then apologized to her after training. She can hold her own. I could expect Janet, but never LaToya. She really surprised me and is doing a great job, as did Wee Man.

    Personally I enjoy all the characters, except for Ozzy Osborne's son, who is such a crybaby. I new he was always just a drug addict coward. Even LaToya Jackson a.k.a the mighty King of Pop's sister, took pain better from the shock treatment training they must go through, then he did. But at least he's cleaning his act up now I guess. Way to go CBS!
  • The 1st episode I've seen!

    I love this series! In this episode Jackson has to go after a burglar, Latoya goes to cat therapy, Erik signs a woman's boob, Wee man is a skateboarding king and much, much more! The 1st mission is Wee man and his officer go after a shoplifting suspect and catch her! Then, Erik signs a lady's boob, after Jackson goes after a burglar, then Latoya goes to cat therapy! She is afraid of cats! If you like Cops or any other crime You will love this show so, much! I can't wait til this week's episode! This is a funny show!