Army Wives

Season 1 Episode 10

Dirty Laundry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on Lifetime
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Claudia Joy gets a visit from an old friend, Hannah. Hannah is going to testify in front of Congress about the death of her husband in Afghanistan, which may have been caused by friendly fire.

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  • Fine example of dialogue...cant get much better than this!

    Ok, hopefully this works. The dialogue is exceptional in this episode, especially Hannah White's testifying before congress. Here it is in post, since it has not been accepted. "My name is Hannah White. I am here because I love my husband. I was an army wife for 22 years I want you to know I believe in the United States Army and all that it stands for. My husband, Lt Colonel Derek White was killed in action 2 years ago. He was awarded the Silver Star for heroism. I was told he was killed by enemy fire. It now appears he was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire. No matter how he died, he still is a hero, all our soldiers are. Our family just wants to know what happened. I am here to honor his memory by finding out how he died. I am here because I believe this is what Derek would have wanted. We both believe in the US army and all that it stands for. My belief in the army has not changed. I am here because I loved my husband." excellent job writers.moreless
  • Emotional episode! Press was cruel to disrespect the men and women dying and their famiies. Just to see Hannah.

    Very emotional episode as everybody's nerves were on the edge and to begin with, we see Hannah going before Congress with her loyal and loving support to the troops. In the memorial service where about all of the men and women that died in combat's names were about to be read. That wasn't really the main concern but where was Claudia Joy. As Denise told them that she wouldn't be coming to the memorial service. Sadly that was all taken away as the press, originally starting to cover the memorial went and saw Hannah. Who was in her car, testifying the day before Congress. Which I thought was cruel to having the press disrespect all of those that died. And a disrespect to their families grieving.moreless
  • Intimacy, Attrition, All Time Faves

    Dirty Laundry ~ This was an awesome episode. The by-play between Roxy and Trevor was amazing. I was in open-mouthed shock when Roxy went to see Trevors CO. I just couldn't believe it. Roxy is getting very concerned over her and Trevor's abrupt halt in the 'intimacy' department. For some reason I keep thinking there's going to be a nasty side to Trevor, and it's just being held back really well. I guess we'll see.

    I really liked the secondary storyline with Claudia Joy's best friend Hannah deciding to speak up against the Army in front of Congress. Obviously that causes ripples in their friendship as well as in Claudia Joy's relationship with Michael. Interesting friction on all accounts.

    I really adored the girls' get together with the margarita's and the mini-makeover. I thought it was really lighthearted and fun, and a disctinct contrast to the turmoil to come along.

    I thought the writing in this episode was brilliant, the attrition between the group, the friction between wives and their spouses. It was amazing. It was all very scintillating and very much kept one on the edge of their seat. This is one of my new all time favorites!!!moreless
  • Claudia Joy's friend brings strains when it's revealed that she intends to go to Congress to request a review of her husband's death. Rolannd's marriage rebuilds, despite his guilt over his affair. Roxy and Denise worry about their marriages' sex life.moreless

    "Dirty Laundry" was an episode that spoke of the problems, fears, and anger military spouses are expected to keep to themselves in order to protect the military. Claudia Joy is forced to choose between her husband and her friend on a major issue, and chooses her husband and the army. The episode brings out the struggle army spouses must confront when faced with the possibility that the military has lied to them. Claudia Joy choose to disconnect herself from her friend not because she disagreed with her, but because her support of her husband was her duty as a military wife. Roxy learns that despite her fear that Trevor might be seriously injuring himself during training, she must maintain silence to his military officers. Denise reveals to the group about the lack of passion in her sex life and struggles to change the dynamics of her marriage. The series continues to show that immense sacrifices military spouses must make, even after their spouses have been killed.moreless
  • great episode

    forgive me people, my girlfriend just got me to start watching this show so there's not much i can say about it yet. i still don't know everyone's names yet, but i do think my favorite character (so far) is Roxy. i found it kind of amusing that she's flipping out over the fact that she and her husband haven't had sex for 3 days. i was like "haha, wow think 3 days is bad; wait until you get a taste of a couple weeks/months even years. welcome to the real world!" if i got done running 20 miles and my feet were mangled, i probably wouldn't feel that spunky either. i thought she kind of did the right thing by talking to his superior officer, but at the same time i was thinking "uh oh..." i definately didn't agree with Claudia Joy asking her friend Hannah to leave over the fact that she wanted to testify...for 1. all she wanted to do was find out what really happened to her husband. i'd want to know to. for 2. if he WAS killed by friendly fire, i don't care, the military should still be held responsible...not be able to cover everything up and try to keep her quiet just because they're the american military. 3. i was like "claudia needs to grow some balls and have her own mind, who cares what her husband says just because he's new commander of the post." and then to find out that her husband felt the same way as she did! i was so angry...i know it's your job, and i understand it's politics, but don't live a lie man...i think it was cute how the girls were trying to give their friend (again, don't know all the names yet sorry) tips on her sex life. also i'm glad the black woman is finally going to find out about her husband cheating on her. i understand he's trying to make it work, but every time i see him and how sweet he's trying to be to her, i keep thinking "you make me sick you lying, cheating scum." but i'm still on the fence whether or not i like him. if you're going to cheat, at least have the balls and be man enough to tell her you did. anyway, can't wait to see next week's episode.moreless
Ann Cusack

Ann Cusack

Hannah White

Guest Star

L. Warren Young

L. Warren Young

Sergeant Hendrix

Guest Star

Katie Kneeland

Katie Kneeland


Recurring Role

Terry Serpico

Terry Serpico

Major Frank Sherwood

Recurring Role

Melissa Ponzio

Melissa Ponzio


Recurring Role

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    • Pamela: Hey, you're amping up the sex factor already Mrs. Sherwood.
      Roxy: Especially when he sees you in them jeans.
      Denise: I should return those. I can't believe you talked me into buying them.

    • (Roxy has announced that she and Trevor finally went a night without having sex)
      Claudia Joy: I'm impressed.
      Pamela: I'm jealous.
      Denise: I'm speechless.
      (all girls turn to Roland)
      Roland: I'm not here. Please leave a message.

    • Pamela: Hey, you guys, Claudia Joy is doing okay, huh? You've gotta admire how she's been handling things, especially with Mrs. Lenore Baker trying to take her down like that.
      Roxy: Do you really think she would use what happened against Claudia Joy like that?
      Pamela: That's how it works around here sometimes.
      Roxy: Well, what do we do?
      Denise: We stick together. We support Claudia Joy, no matter what.
      Roxy: We deep fry Lenore Baker and serve her up with a side of hush puppies!

    • Roxy: Fastest way to a man's zipper; tight jeans, new haircut.

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    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: November 9, 2007 on Kanal 4
      - The Netherlands: August 4, 2008 on Net 5
      - Latin America: September 22, 2009 on People & Arts

    • Featured Music:
      Tracy Bonham - Shine.
      Eugene Edwards - All About You.
      The DNC - Swing Baby Swing.
      Tim Hanauer - Mountain.
      Kish Mauve - Come On.
      Mindy Smith - Peace of Mind.
      Alissa Moreno - Far From Here.