Army Wives

Lifetime (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • All Or Nothing
      Episode 13

      Holly needs help to find her husband who is missing. Denise finds Kat and Michael in an unusual place. Quincy gets word on his job. Gloria can’t decide between Hector and Patrick Joan and Roland leave Fort Marshall.


    • Damaged
      Episode 12

      Qunicy’s future in the army is unknown, Gloria dates Hector and leaves Patrick wondering about his relationship with Gloria.  Denise goes on a mission to help earthquake victims. Tim makes Holly worry Michael and Kat get close.




    • Adjustment Period
      Episode 11

      The men come home but one is hurt. Holly is happy to have Tim home as he tries to adjust to life at home. Quincy’s army career could be over due to injury as his wife has to make money last. Gloria thinks her husband is gravely wounded goes to welcome back causing Patrick pain. Joan’s decision about the Army War College could end her marriage.

    • Reckoning
      Episode 10

      Everyone is happy with the troops the orders to return home. Maggie gets to bond with her daughter after a problem is resolved. Latasha wondered how things will get paid because of mounting bills.

      Hector sad news from home. Gloria has to find a new apartment because Tim is returning home Holly and her husband time together. The news that the troops are returning home is suddenly the sad after the troops, under attack and they to get ready to leave

    • 5/5/13

      The wives gather for the dedication ceremony of Claudia Joy’s garden. Denise is unable to attend due to an emergency at the hospital. Michael begins to bond with Kat at an event. The Patrick decides to break it all off with Gloria so romance will not occupy his mind while with his unit. Roland returns from Johns Hopkins to give his wife at ultimatum. Maggie trice to get Caroline to tell her the truth about where she goes after school.

    • Jackpot
      Episode 8

      Holly could help save a fundraising event because of hidden talent, Hector finds out about the relationship with Patrick. Michael gets Kat's daughter to transfer from Air Force to Army





    • Brace for Impact
      Episode 7

      After an uncomfortable conversation Gloria decides to end her relationship with Patrick. Denise tries to see if Gloria and Jackie can repair their relationship. Michael gets to meet fort marshals newly air force colonel, Joan inset getting in trouble because of going to David's basketball game. Maggie makes an attempt to get close with her daughter. Eddie and Patrick have finally made it to Afghanistan.

    • Losing Battles
      Episode 6

      The pain of losing Claudia joy becomes apparent to Michael and Denise after they decide to donate the clothes to charity. Caroline decides to move out of the apartment she lives in with her husband because of his impending deployment she decided to live with her biological mother. Gloria decides to begin a relationship that with Pat not realizing the deployment begins 24 hours later. Joan has difficulty adjusting to life at home and David becoming sick due to the drugs he takes for AIDS.

    • Disarmament
      Episode 5

      Gloria meets a new guy at the Hump Bar. Jackie gets news from son, Frank & Denise to celebrate their anniversary apart. Jones has an argument because of Latasha and Maggie's the kids got in trouble again. Holly doesn't understand why she can't talk with a husband and after the squad suddenly becomes ambushed.

    • Hearth and Home
      Episode 4

      Joan gets out of combat and wishes Roland hadn't taken the job Denise helps Latasha's son though a crisis, Gloria's divorce is close to being final and has move off the army base Maggie deal with a blended family and army life. The men move to a new outpost.

    • Blowback
      Episode 3

      Denise decides to watch some children for a few army wives and later has to deal with the trouble they get into. Jackie worries that Kevin may be going back to work too soon meanwhile Joan gets some orders that she may not like. As news of an explosion travels through Fort Marshall Denise must not only find out exactly what happened but try to provide some comfort and reassurance that everybody is OK.

    • From The Ashes
      Episode 2

      The wives say goodbye to a loved one, Roland gets to further his research Joan has to decide if she should leave the army. Anew army wife gets help from Roxy and Gloria.

    • Ashes To Ashes
      Episode 1

      The wives say goodbye to member of the tribe.

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