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Season 5 Episode 4 (spoiler)

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    I am a newcomer to this show (we don't get it in Canada....). I have just watched from S01E01 to S05E04. I have laughed and cried all through the seasons. S05E03 - the way it ended - I thought 'this is so like a season cliff-hanger'. But S05E04 I cried all through the episode. It was very very well done.

    It also made me sad for my friends in the US who don't have what we have here in Canada. When our soldiers come home to be buried they all arrive at CFB Trenton in Ontario. From there they travel hwy 401 to the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) in Toronto to the hospital where they perform the autopsy. From there they are flown to their home.

    That part of the 401 and DVP are now called the Highway of Heroes. If you put those 3 words in Youtube you will find a lot of coverage for this phenomon. From a US reporter's perspective watch this 3 minute video

    ~ Peggy from Porcupine

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