Army Wives

Season 7 Episode 2

From The Ashes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on Lifetime

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  • Goodbye Claudia Joy!

    Michael, Emmalin and the group come together to say goodbye to their wife, mother and good friend Claudia Joy. So much emotions from everybody when they scatter the ashes and reading the letter that Claudia Joy wrote, just before the surgery. It brought tears to my eyes. They all have to deal with the fact Claudia Joy is gone and how they go on from that. The group has to find their own way but still so much connected with each other! Loved the scenes with Michael and Emmelin, very touching. Season 7 begins with 2 very sad and emotional episode. I can't wait till next week!! Oh, and how cute is Molly?!! Beautiful girl, just adorable! PS: why did they kill of the character Claudia Joy?