Army Wives

Season 1 Episode 13

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2007 on Lifetime
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In the first season finale, weapons are found missing. This prompts Michael to put the post on high alert, deploying soldiers in response to this possible terrorist attack.

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  • Missing Weapons, Lost Character, Pregnancy

    This was the best episode of the season. I was very saddened at the end ... knowing that we'll be losing one of our characters. But we won't know until next season. The storyline with the missing weapons and the explosion at the hump bar was well written and tied together nicely. It also gave us a lot of bang for our TV watching buck. I just love Pamela and Chase. They're relationship is so strong and interesting. Roxy is one of the most interesting characters on TV these days. Her one liners crack me up and provide some much needed comic relief for the ladies.I'm really pleased that it turned out that Joan was pregnant and not Amanda, I'm happy that they aren't going down that cliche'd road. All in all this was an excellent season ender with a completely believable cliffhanger. I'm ecstatic that we're getting a season two!!!moreless
  • Perfect episode to end a perfect first season.

    After watching the promo for the finale I was hooked before the episode had even aired. However, as with most promo's it was misleading and the excitement which I was watching the episode for only happened in the last few minutes. It starts off with Amanda going to visit Jeremy to tell him she loves him and yet she doesn't think that they can last. But let's be fair to the girl, if he can hit his mother ten he can hit her too, so I personally don't blame the girl. So they split up. Roxy her husband and the kids are going on a trip to meet his parents, but then his deployment has been moved up. Frank Sherwood (Denise's Husband) is also being deployed in two days. Amanda then decides to drop a bombshell on her mother; she thinks she may be pregnant. Then it turns out that it was a false alarm and her result is negative. We then also discover that Roland's wife is pregnant. It seems to be like a pregnancy fuelled episode this week. There is a possible threat of terrorist since explosives have been stolen from the base. Pamela needs to announce about the possible threats on her radio show, and informs her listeners that the base has been put on alert. Roland announces to the tribe that he is leaving and is moving to Chicago. His wife also tells him just as he is leaving that she is pregnant. Marilyn (the chick's been having an affair) decides to leave her husband, and as she's about to leave he comes home and finds her. He gets violent with her and has her around the throat against the wall. She then goes to Roxy's & find Pamela there and borrows her car so that she can get off base and to her new fella. Roxy & Trevor try to say their vows to each other on a bridge but gets a phone call that informs him that he has one hour before he was to go. The deployment is also moved up for the Sherwood family. It truly was a heart breaking episode watching Leblanc saying goodbye to the boys was a tear jerking moment for anyone. Amanda leaves for College is another emotion filled scene in this episode. Just before they go on their way to the train station Claudia Joy & Amanda stop off at the hump bar to give Betty a cheque for her operation. Which is where she bumps into Roxy & Denise at the bar, also Roland is there. Where he information's the other tribe members that his wife is pregnant. Outside Amanda sees an officer going into the bar. Its Marilyn's husband. He has a bomb attached to his body. During these few seconds all of the people in the bar have flash backs to what has happened in the last few episodes and Amanda also enters the bar. Claudia Joy, Denise & Roxy all hold hands and the terror they feel is shown on their faces. There the episode and this season ends. What a cliff hanger, Will he will the trigger? Will anyone die? If so Who? What will happen to the husbands while their on tour? All I can say is thank God there is another season airing soon.moreless
  • Weapons are missing and deployment is pushed up.

    I thought this episode was a good episode. I played all the right emotions at all of the right times. Even thought it was such a great episode it was also a disappointment. I still can not believe they ended it the way they did, with just a sound and white screen. I know they did it to keep the excitement for next season but sucks. When I first watched it I loved how everything came to together even though I cried almost the whole last 30 minutes lol. I am sure everyone is ok since it is based on real people's life but I am still stunned that they did it. I can not wait for next season!!moreless
  • an awakening

    You are so involved with the story lines at this point. The real shockers of course are the baby on the way. Before we get to the baby thing though, I want to bring peoples attention to the way Claudia Joy dealt with her daughter, that was classic. She did not yell she did not throw a fit; she just reminded Amanda of the fact that she not only deserved her daughters respect, but also had earned it. Claudia Joy had raised Amanda her entire life never once treating her disrespectfully, that was wonderful, and I wish more young girls would come to the same realization. The writers do a wonderful thing here with the pregnancy test. You are focused on the young girl (Amanda), thinking her future is changed forever and then they shock you. It is Roland and his wife (Joan) that is having a baby not Amanda. I love how the writers have evolved Joan's character. Her telling Roland about the baby the way she did was perfect. Again a cliff hanger will Roland survive to see his child or will Joan end up keeping the baby because that's all she has left of Roland? The soldiers leaving early because of the terrorist threat was a masterpiece I was in tears over the part when Roxy and Trevor said good-bye. Then to put the icing on the cake they show Denise and Frank saying goodbye. Frank has grown so much as a character this season. I cannot imagine what would happen if he had to come home to Denise hurt or worse dead. The part that put me over the top with the tears was when the two wives, Roxy and Dennis, were standing there watching their husbands take off in the plane. They could only hold each other and watch them leave, how helpless a feeling that is. I have to say that Pamela did a great job on the radio dealing with the terrorist situation and the shot of Roxy and Trevor at the park during that speech was perfect.

    As Claudia Joy and Amanda leave for the train station you see Michele getting a little choked up, I personally lost it at this point, it was so unexpected, and all I could do was remember my own father. Wow what a wonderful performance from a great combination of actors.

    Of course, you believe that Marilyn (the wife) that is cheating is nothing but a bottom of the barrel piece of scum, for cheating on her husband (George) a soldier. Yes, of course she has a rotten personality she has to find fault in every other person on post and then let the rest of the world hear and see these other people's faults. That is what the character is supposed to be, a nasty person right? Then Bam, you get to see why Marilyn is the way she is. What exactly has made her that way? Again, brilliant writing lets you see both sides of the story. You cannot help but feel for the girl and say wow now I know why she is like that. Then last but not least the scorned spouse who is a soldier and weapons expert ready to die and take everyone with him as long as he gets revenge. You can see it in the characters eyes that they are worried about one another. It is the ultimate cliffhanger. I give it a 10. I did have to give the producers credit though instead of fading to black as usual they went to white as if a bomb may have gone off you are left to wonder that was very sneaky of them. Again, it makes you wait for the next airing and wonder the whole time. Well written and very well acted had me crying, laughing and scared all within the one episode.moreless
  • Very good first season finale!

    This was a very good season finale in season one. I can't wait for season two to begin. But we have to wait another year. Will be ready and watching.

    The finale shows that Michael's promotion party is postponed due to possible terrorist attack. As the military goes on high alert. Trevor I think is a gentleman and is the opposite of Roland and that Treov really cares for Roxi.

    Meanwhile, it was Joan and not Amanda that was pregnant. As it was very neat to see the three women wear red, white, and blue. Very touching and moving as that was a fitting end to a great first season. Catch ya the second season!moreless
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John Rue


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R. W. Smith


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Chip Lane

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Robert Pralgo

Robert Pralgo

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Terry Serpico

Terry Serpico

Major Frank Sherwood

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Katie Kneeland


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Finn: (standing beside TJ as Trevor says good bye to the boys) Please stay.
      Trevor: (to Ari and Ilan) Well, you know why I have to go. But I'm gonna come back as soon as I can, and when I get home, I'm gonna tell you guys stories about everything I've seen. So, be brave for me, okay? Take care of your Mom, she's gonna need it. Come here.(kneels to hug both boys, and picks up his rucksack to leave, as Roxy tries not to cry)
      (TJ stands still, still staring at Trevor)
      Trevor: What's the matter, buddy?
      TJ: It's just that we've never had a Daddy before.
      Trevor: (bending to look TJ straight in the eyes) I love you.

    • Claudia Joy: (to Betty) When is your surgery?
      Roxy: She's not having it.
      Claudia Joy: (concerned) Why not?
      Roxy: She's short three grand. I keep telling her to sell the Hump Bar, but she won't.
      Betty: This place has been truer to me than any man I've ever been with, Roxy. I can't sell it. It's better we just go out together.
      Claudia Joy: There has to be something we can do.
      Roland: (equally concerned) Yeah.
      Betty: (shrugging) Forget it. I mean, who needs surgery? It's like putting lipstick on a pig.

    • Trevor: (saying the vows he's written) Roxy, sometimes I think I've spent most of my life asleep, not taking any chances or risks.
      Roxy: (grinning) I think jumping out of airplanes is a risk.
      Trevor: Sssshhhh. You're not supposed to interrupt me.
      Roxy: Sorry.

    • Pamela: (over the air on her show, 'Have At It') Ok, so in case you were wondering why it's been so busy on Fort Marshall today, it's because we've gone to FP Con Alpha Plus, and we know 'Alpha' relates to the global threat of terrorism. But...hell, we've been to Alpha Plus here before. We've bought the gas masks, we've stocked up on bottled water. But, there's one thing we can never be prepared for, and that's the fear. How do we handle the fear? My son Lucas once asked me if the 'bad guys' were going to blow us up. How do you answer that? How do you explain terrorism to your kid? How do you explain that at any time, any place, someone could just decide to take us all out? And that's why terrorism works, because we can't explain it, we can't predict it, it can happen any time, anywhere, by anyone. So, all we can do is trust that the military has our backs, and then we let it go. Because the only way to stop the fear is by living. Just living, being with your family, your friends, your community. Look, there is nothing we can do about it - except to seize the day. We live while we can, laugh while we can, love while we can. And that, my friends, is how we beat terrorism. So, 'Have At It.'

    • Claudia Joy: UVA doesn't know how lucky they are.
      Amanda: (her head on her mother's shoulder) Why?
      Claudia Joy: Why? Because they're getting the best Political Science major they'll ever have.
      Amanda: Mom, don't exaggerate.
      Claudia Joy: I'm not. I'm serious. I can see the woman you're going to be. You haven't caught sight of her yet, but she's just around the corner. And I'm damn glad that test was negative.

    • Roxy: Do you remember the trek from Tuscaloosa?
      Trevor: (glancing at the boys) How could I forget? TJ threw up on me twice, Finn peed on me, and you broke the dial fighting over the radio station.
      Roxy: Good times.
      Trevor: (smiling) Hmmm...good times.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: November 30, 2007 on Kanal 4
      - The Netherlands: August 25, 2008 on Net 5
      - Latin America: October 13, 2009 on People & Arts

    • Featured music:
      "Goodbye Stranger" by Lily Haydn
      "Lovesick Misery" by Sanders Bohlke
      "Please Don't Let it Be" by The Alternate Routes
      "Flight Plans for Airplanes" by The Little Heroes
      "Great Divide" by The Kin
      "Running Away" by Midnight Hour
      "Far From Here" by Alissa Moreno
      "Someday" by Claess & Willumsen
      "What are the Chances" by Chris Pierce
      "When Stars Align" by James Maddock