Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 19

Last Minute Changes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • this is a great show

    i love this show it is such a great show the people in Army Wives act just like real Army Wives. This is one of those shows that you get really attached to and can't wait for it to come back on. All the men on the show are all good looking too!!!!!!! This is a definate tear jerker the situations in this show are so realistic and emotional. The worst part of the show so far was when Amanda Holden died!!! Best show ever. The couples in the show are so perfect together too everyone is so connected LOVE IT
  • Another good season finally

    In this episode of Army Wives, the following happens. Claudia Joy calls everyone together to tell them that she, Michael and Emmalyn are leaving. Denise gets really upset and walks out and drives away in tears. Betty's Nephew goes to the bar to see Roxy. He hands Roxy a vase, which he then tells her has Betty inside. As Claudia Joy is packing up everything she goes into Amanda's room, and begins to cry. We then see her going to Amanda's grave. Trevor tells Roxy that he wants to start trying for a baby, but Roxy asks him to wait for a little while. We soon lean that Betty's Nephew now has Betty half of the bar. The following day Denise goes round to see Claudia Joy. She explains that she can't pack yup Amanda's room and so she and Denise try to do it together. Roland gets a job offer and Jean pushes him to go for it. Everyone meets up at Betty's for a drink and Claudia Joy begins to cry as she gives her speech. Pamela gets told that her radio show is being cancelled. Betty's Nephew say that he wants Roxy's half of the bar and that the legal document which she and Betty signed doesn't hold up much weight in a court of law. Jean learns that the new post commander is having her transferred to another post. We then soon learn that her new post will see her being deployed to fight in the war. We then see everyone saying their goodbyes to Claudia Joy and Michael. When Claudia Joy goes to get Emmalyn so that they can leave she is nowhere to be found. When then see her and Logan driving off together.
  • Too much in very little time.

    I agree with others that have mentioned that they tried to cram too much in one episode. It would have been better to make it a two-parter...
    Denise and her relationship...
    Frank and his developing relationship and Jeremy finding out about it...
    Pamela having her show pulled and also thinking about returning to work...
    A new post commander and the replacement of his executive officer/chief of staff...
    Joan getting reassigned to a unit being deployed to Iraq...
    Roxy having to fight for her ownership in the bar...
    Trevor wanting Roxy to have a baby...
    The Holdens preparing to go to Brussels...
    Their daughter running off with an AWOL Soldier...
    Just what else could they have put in the episode??
  • What the... ?

    The Holdens are going to Brussels, their daughter runs away somewhere else with her boyfriend, Joan is shipped to Irak by the new CO, Pamela wants to go back to work...

    What is going on at Fort Marshall? The season finale was very weird, as if the writers tried to pack all their ideas in one single episode?

    Personnally I'm not hooked but confused. I thought Denise had finally found happiness but it looks like her new lover wasn't really single ; Franck does exactly the contrary to what he lectured Denise about and of course he's caught by his son (I'm surprised the writers didn't make blow off a bomb at that time, just to really be completely over the top!) ; Roxy and her hubby are so annoying and boring...

    In its first season, the series was really fresh but IMO there's something wrong in season 2. I really wonder how they will patch things up next year...
  • I am up in the air on this one.

    I have no idea how I feel about this episode. Usually they leave me crying my eyes out and dying to see the next weeks show. I am not so sure that I feel that way this time. I mean it was so all over the place that I think it left me more confused then anxious. I will tune in for the show when it returns I just hope its worth it. And can I just add that I do not like Jennifer. She is sneaky and just an all around trouble maker... I think she is going to make the next season very interesting and that I can not wait for. I'd like to see Pamela take her out back for a good ol fashions A.. whoopin. :)
  • Way to much cramped into the episode

    This was one of the worst episodes in the show's history. It all felt way to rushed with the writers trying to put as many changes to the main characters into the show as they could. Sure some of the changes were logic, it was expected that Bettys dead has consequences for the bar and that the new post commander would favor another deputy. But it really felt rushed, like they tried to get as much into it as possible to make sure we all tune in next season to see how the story continues and maybe to give it some more explanation and time than to guide us through the changes.

    Sure it's Army live and changes are constant and so it was clear that sooner or later we are going to see changes for the main characters but to have a new challenge for all of them at the same time is just too much.

    I'm acutely not sure if I am going to turn in for next season.
  • Lots of changes....

    I think the thing about this finale is it's a bigger tease for the season premiere of next season. All of our army wifes seem to be going through major changes in their lives. The Logan's being transfered to Europe. Trevor pushing Roxy for a baby. Roxy fighting Betty's nephew to keep her portion of the bar. Joan's sudden deployment. Denise seemingly not know which way is up in regards to her romantic life and the choices that need to be made and not necessarily by her. Pamela having an opinion, voicing it and the feeling misunderstood and at odds with Chase. Then the ultimate change, Emmalin running off with Logan, who is obviously AWOL which isn't going to but him in the good graces of Michael and Claudia Joy or the Army. The script was okay, nothing spectacular, but it did leaving me wondering what happens next.