Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 19

Last Minute Changes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • I am up in the air on this one.

    I have no idea how I feel about this episode. Usually they leave me crying my eyes out and dying to see the next weeks show. I am not so sure that I feel that way this time. I mean it was so all over the place that I think it left me more confused then anxious. I will tune in for the show when it returns I just hope its worth it. And can I just add that I do not like Jennifer. She is sneaky and just an all around trouble maker... I think she is going to make the next season very interesting and that I can not wait for. I'd like to see Pamela take her out back for a good ol fashions A.. whoopin. :)