Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 19

Last Minute Changes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Another good season finally

    In this episode of Army Wives, the following happens. Claudia Joy calls everyone together to tell them that she, Michael and Emmalyn are leaving. Denise gets really upset and walks out and drives away in tears. Betty's Nephew goes to the bar to see Roxy. He hands Roxy a vase, which he then tells her has Betty inside. As Claudia Joy is packing up everything she goes into Amanda's room, and begins to cry. We then see her going to Amanda's grave. Trevor tells Roxy that he wants to start trying for a baby, but Roxy asks him to wait for a little while. We soon lean that Betty's Nephew now has Betty half of the bar. The following day Denise goes round to see Claudia Joy. She explains that she can't pack yup Amanda's room and so she and Denise try to do it together. Roland gets a job offer and Jean pushes him to go for it. Everyone meets up at Betty's for a drink and Claudia Joy begins to cry as she gives her speech. Pamela gets told that her radio show is being cancelled. Betty's Nephew say that he wants Roxy's half of the bar and that the legal document which she and Betty signed doesn't hold up much weight in a court of law. Jean learns that the new post commander is having her transferred to another post. We then soon learn that her new post will see her being deployed to fight in the war. We then see everyone saying their goodbyes to Claudia Joy and Michael. When Claudia Joy goes to get Emmalyn so that they can leave she is nowhere to be found. When then see her and Logan driving off together.