Army Wives

Season 1 Episode 9

Nobody's Perfect

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 29, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Really good character development on this show!

    Joan has some second thoughts as she comes back to the post as well as back to Roland. But Roland doesn't welcome her with open arms. After his adulterous affair with a reporter. That could tear up his marriage. Meanwhile, Frank's homecoming isn't that good either after his unit is shot down. And to complicate matters worse by Denise's new nursing job. Michael is thinking about a career change. As Roxy plays detective over Trevor and Pamela loves her husband even more that she realizes that. This show is really a good show. Both writing and acting. As well as being pulled into the families "real" lives!
  • This was a descent episode, somewhat like a filler more than anything else.

    This is a great show and until this point I felt every episode was new and fresh. I felt like this episode was more of a filler episode and it was probably intended to be one given that it was basically there to set up story lines to lead into the season finale.

    None of the story lines really had the bite or the excitement that the previous episodes had. Even Claudia Joy's revelation about the car accident at law school wasn't as earth shattering as I hoped it would be. It might have been better for them to draw it out a bit more and built up the suspense. I did enjoy the Trevor/Roxy story; I think they're the most intriguing couple and alot of fun to watch.

    All in all it was an average episode but the situations it set up leading into the season finale in a few weeks look to be very exciting.
  • Devotion, Revelation, Insecurities

    I really liked this episode alot on several levels. First of all I was really surprised by Frank's revelation and complete turnaround after seeing Denise at work. I was also impressed with his quick admittance to his own failings. I was, however, actually kind of hoping they'd draw that bit of animosity out a bit. I enjoyed Roxy and Trevors little question answer sessions, I thought they were cute, and spot on in new couples, showing their insecurities as well as their devotion. (Although I still think Trevor will start showing a bit of a darker side in the future)
    I was spot on in guessing that something would be happening with Pamela's hubby, Chase. Although, I didn't guess he would be coming back, I figured we would see him sooner rather than later. In reference to Claudia Joy's situation. I'm happy that what happened in her past was an accident, so it can be resolved in the show, however, I agree it didn't have as much of a punch. I did enjoy the fact that it's a situation that eats at her to this day though. I would guess she wasn't 'kicked' out of Harvard. I would think it would be more likely that she made the choice to leave after realizing that she was pushing herself so hard for something she hated. Roland and Joan. I love the way Joan can go from lovey dovey to spot on Career Military in an instant. I think we'll find that as she takes this job, several more conflicts will crop up between her and Roland. The reason I believe this is because you KNOW she's not going to be able to give their marriage the devotion it needs while been the right hand man to the Base Commander. (keep dreamin sister!!!)

    All in all I really enjoyed this eppy. I'm in LOVE with this show!!!
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