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    I just discovered "Army Wives" on Crave have been binge watching it ever women's friendships are authentic and is so well cast and deals with relevant Bell is amazing
  • Best show on TV

    This is one of the best shows on TV. I didn't start watching to season 6 and just loved it. I have now went back and watched it from season 1 and caught up. This truly makes you think about what our Military families go thru. We do appreciate them for their sacrifices. I can't wait until the new season.
  • AVet00

    I have watched the show for 3 or 4 years, Kim is missed, but I think Brook will do fine. Military families change, and so does life, Brook will fit in if given enough time.
  • cant stand her!

    The show has gone to hell since Kim Delaney left. I cant believe Brook Shields in her part. its foolish!
  • Uniforms

    I am a current member of the US Army and I am a fan of the show, even after the entire cast has changed. What I ask is that you get the correct uniform. You claim to show what military life is like, but yet you have some soldiers with their name tapes backwards. Its insulting. Fix it. Please and thank you.
  • insulting

    Please stop Gloria with that horrible fake accent. I'm from the Bronx and we all laugh at her. It's insulting to say the least. This show used to be somewhat true to real army life but now it's absurd. It seems that those guys get deployed every six months. It doesn't work that way but then again, Officer wives and Enlisted don't hang out together. All I can do is laugh at how bad this show has gotten.

    Honestly, with the new cast its not even fun to watch the show. Back when the original cast was there, the ratings were high and the reviews were great. Now look at them. Their down. Bring back the old cast or just cancel the show.
  • go back to school

    This show is a joke. It would be better set in a high school. One wife, who acts like a 13 year old, can add numbers in her head and has "won a lot of money at home, sometimes even twenty dollars" when she knows $2500 is needed for their cause, is not even worth laughing at. Then the same idiot who drinks 'iced tea from New York' doesn't even know what a Long Island iced tea is. Go back to the barn house. Then a Lt. meets, and screws, a woman after one date who was married to a private is being shown to just about falling in love with her is another joke. These people may as well still be in high school. And of course Brooke Shields playing 'hard ass' coronal just doesn't work. Let's get real.
  • This is really a great show

    I admit, I only started watching Army Wives because Ashanti joined the cast. And I am a huge Ashanti fan. But now after watching only a few episodes, I realize that this is a really great show. And I am sure I would have been a faithful fan if Ashanti had joined or not. I see that this is season 7 and now I would really like to see it from season 1. So I can see all that I have missed. I'm sure there is a way to view this excellent show from the beginning. Also my mother was an Air Force wife, and I think she would have liked this show also.
  • I'm Angry with this show

    I am a real Army wife of 20 years, and in the beginning I was a fan of the show.. But this new direction,of Army Wives suck, you people have no ideal what it takes to be an Army Wife. We don't do the fights in the clubs, cause really people, we don't have time for the club, we are to busy, making ends meet, sending care packages, carpooling, coaching sports, playing the role of both parents!! If you are gonna do this, make it believable people!!
  • Army Wives- A Bond Like No Other

    I LOVE this show. i started watching it when my fiance got deployed to afghanistan. proberly the wrong time to start watching it as it is very realistic. ( in some ways)

    The Story Lines Are Great, Well Written And Believable. The Characters All Play Amazing Roles Too.

    It Has Become One Of My Favourite Shows. Have Watched All The Seasons 10x Over. Cant Wait For Season 7!

    Trevor And Roxy Cant Leave! They Are Main Characters! Hurry Up And Return!!
  • Another series

    I just watched the last episode in new zealand, omg im hoping there going to be another season?? I love it, because it seems so real :) another series, plus i really want to know what happens to them all whether the plane crashed or claudia joy died or something.. But yeaaah its interesting so another series :D whos with me on another series????
  • army wives

    love this show!!!! it is very real to life .
  • I loved this show!

    I loved this show and I'm going to miss it! I laughed and cried and I could totally relate with the wives with their life problems. Sometimes situations were a bit forced (I can't say when 'cause I want to keep it spoiler free!) but still a very relatable show. I would have loved a spin-off but apparently it's not in the cards. Pity! I JUST GOT WORD THAT IT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A SEVENTH SEASON !!!! YEAH! Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden) won't be back though.
  • Good news

  • Hi all

    Just wondering if this serie stops at 6 or that we can expect more of this good serie?
  • This show touches so many people's hart in the Army today, that I think ever taking this show off the air would make alot of people sad. It's a grate show

    This show touches so many people's hart and there true lives that are involved in the Army today, that I think ever taking this show off the air would make them feel like they are loosing a big part of there lives. It's a grate show and I am shure that it has helped people get through tough times. I feel like some times some of them are living my life. Thanks for bringing this show into our lives I hope it never goes off the air.
  • Army wifes

    I love this show!!
  • Where is Kim Delany this year?

    Kim has only been in a couple weekly shows anyone know why? She is the reason I started watching Army Wives if they start replacing the origonal cast no one is going to watch it
  • It reminded me of burned toast.....toast i didnt end up finishing...

    I bought dvds to this show with an open mind. Wanting to be sucked in to be impressed but sadly I wasn't ..I couldn't help myself compare it to another tv show that i truly love which is desperate seems like the same plot has been used but with not such amazing story telling, the cast isnt likeable and it just doesn't have the certain magic ingredient to make it a hit show...a true guilty pleasure....i did like two things about the show i liked roxy cause she was interesting and likeable...i loved the music i can almost say the music was just as good as one tree hill's but thats where the praise ends... this show could have been better if some originality was brought into it maybe if the way it was told was different, it the stories were made interesting and better actors were casted that brought something to the table...I'm honestly kinda surprised how this show made a whole season...where decent enough shows are quickly taken off air totally isnt worth the least not good enough to be purchased as a whole set of dvds..!!..the show has a old vibe to it and not the good kind…
  • This was a great show in the begining and now it has hit a dead end! I was a faithful watcher from day one and now will no longer be a watcher!

    I am writing to the shows final episode! That was a disapointment to the show! I have been a fan of the show since day one and as a real life Army wife know the hardships we all face but this show took a turn for the worst tonight and lost my support. I think they have brought one characters and actors that have not done the show justice and think that this show is on a spiral to the dead zone.
    Sorry folks but this is one show I asked everyone to watch and now have lost faith in the show.
  • I can see why so many people like this show, but in reality, the things that happened on the show don't happen in real life. Officers and their families live in officer country and enlisted families don't fratinize with their superiors.

    I know everyone wants the show to come back, but I don't think it will. If it does come back, it won't be anything like the old show because some of the characters will be missing. In fact, Roxanne, must likely won't be there because she is coming out in a Lifetime Movie Channel movie shortly.
    To many things left up in the air. The teenage daughter running off with the solider. In real llife it wouldn't happen. No way. Enlisted personnel and officers do not mix, especially teenage daughters.
    Enlisted wives and officer wives don't mingle either. I just don't see Army Wives coming back, what do y'all think?
  • Army Wives is an awesome show that both men & women can enjoy together!

    I have been hooked on Army Wives since the very first episode. It brings reality to the war as well as the struggles that real Army Wives go through day to day. With the story unfolding as the episodes go on, you can't help but wonder what will happen next! If this show was a soap opera that came on daily, I would be ready to watch everyday! I love it! What does the future hold for the wives on post? If Pamela goes through with the divorce, she will have to leave post and what will she do then? They will probably write her off. I believe that she is an important piece to the show and I don't want to see her go! I guess we will all have to keep watching to see what she will do.
  • Army Wives is the best show to show the happy parts of the war and what real military families have to go through!

    I love armywives...its hard to watch though bc i was marring into the army but we ended up just being friends...but he is in training for war right now so its hard...but i still watch it every sunday night!!although the show has a few parts are totally made up for the whole tv point of everything but it does show what military families have to deal with every day of this war...yes officers wives dont take to or hand out with enlisted wives (or husbands for that matter)but i do like how the show shows that ther are army husbands too!
  • In response to rss0162 post

    I am currently a military spouse and I have to disagree with rss0162. It depends on the base where you live. My neighbors in OH were enlisted and my husband was an officer. I being a wife and not the active duty member can hang out with whomever I want and through playgroups I have made great friends with enlisted wives. So that part of the Army Wives show is very realistic. You won't though see the husbands hanging out as much. There is a somewhat fine line between enlisted and officer when it comes to the active duty member. So on a whole I think the show is very realistic and has shown some issues in the military I have seen -- now grant it some are dramatized for tv purposes.
  • Coming from a military family, we both could relate to the issues presented here. And to you GUYS out there---It is NOT just another chick-flick!!!!! -Army Wives way to GO!!!!

    OMG -My sister got me HOOKED on this show while we were together in our fathers last month on this earth. Coming from a military family, we both could relate to the issues presented here. And to you GUYS out there---It is NOT just another chick-flick!!!!! -I may even try to watch the back episodes of Army Wives. I hope that Catherine Bell can continue on the show, she kinda puts a Military feel to the show after starring in JAG, but one can not forget her role a a GOOD witch in the Hallmark series. -Army Wives way to GO!!!!
  • My Love Of The Show ARMY WIVES!

    I love the show Army Wives. I have a lot of family that is in the military. Some family members are in the Navy. Some are in the Army or Marines. Everything they show on this television show is just like real life. I was so caught up in the last episode. I can not wait until the nest season to see is the one mom character is going to make it back from war to see her baby and husband. Then that one couple is really on the rocks, I do not know if they are going to divorce or work out there differences. I really can not wait until next season.
  • 9.0
    Poor Roland.... His plans of a enjoyable evening for him and Joan takes a turn for the worse. Even though they were ill, I could not stop laughing...

    So what kind of shape is Chase in? Only next week will tell. Pamela was ready to lose it and not afraid to take some casualties if she could not find out Chase's status. Claudia Joy is afraid to let others see her week. Unfortunately, this may cause more damage than good for herself and those that are around her.

    So is the life of a recruiter, Trevor attempts to find a couple of recruit to make his monthly mission. However, regardless of what he tries, even with the assistance of Roxie, it does not look good. But it appears that it may be taking a turn to the good when he tries to chase down the track team.

    I Love This Show I Wouldn't Stop Watching For Any Reason For Anything Or Anyone I Am Going To Watch Repeats Thats How Much I Love This Show Plus My Hubby Use To Be In The Army So The Show Hits Home In So Many Ways And I Dont Think Anyone Really Sees The Whole Point Of The Show Its Kinda Like A Place For All Of Us Army And Military Wives To Meet And Know That We Have A Friend In One Another, My Hubby Even Like This Show So I Really Hope A Season 3 Does Come Back.
  • Army Wives tells the story of five military families. Each family has its unique problems. The spouses of the soldiers are there to support each other and help each family to cope with the problems of life and particularly army life.

    This program gives a unique perspective to army life and what the families of our soldiers deal with, on a daily basis. It explores difficult topics in a sensitive manner. Each of the characters is well developed, by the writers. The actors, playing the rolls, give them great dimension really bringing them to life. Lifetime has always shown a great deal of courage in the shows it creates. Army Wives is one of their best.

    The cast is a great combination of familiar faces as well as some that we may not know as well. I am particularly impress with Sally Pressman. It is also fun to see Catherine Bell out of uniform.
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