Army Wives - Season 5

Lifetime (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Farewell to Arms
    Episode 13
    Denise tries to help Tonya cope with the loss of Jeremy by letting her know that sometimes laughter can help her cope with loss, Denise also gives Tonya a note that Jeremy wrote while in Afghanistan to hopefully find some comfort. Roxy went into a snag as the opening of the truck stop gets closer. General Holden's actions on post cause Claudia Joy to have difficulty with the reaction of some people's comments about the news report. Joan finally figure's out why David hasn't been bonding with her. At a party thought to be a welcome home party for the 23rd division everybody learns the fate of Fort Marshall.moreless
  • Firefight
    Episode 12
    With her husband and daughter both dealing with issues, Claudia Joy is caught in the middle. David has a hard first day of school and ends up in detention there and grounded at home, mostly because he's accustomed to keeping his own counsel. When he later runs away in frustration, T.J.'s help makes all the difference. Denise returns to work at Mercer Hospital to find Jeremy's fiancée on staff. Tonya rebuffs Denise's friendly overtures until the perfect present punctures her reserve. Chase tells Trevor that he's already an outstanding leader; does he really want to deal with the politics that go along with being an officer? When Pamela is in a firefight at work, it makes the news, live, and Chase gets a little taste of what it was like for her when he was on a Delta Force mission. Roxy supports Trevor's decision about applying for OCS, no matter which way he decides, as long as he makes his own decision and remembers that he's not Chase, nor is he Col. Sherwood.moreless
  • Drop Zone
    Episode 11
    Claudia Joy is happy to have her husband and daughter at home and but wonders why they show no cause for celebration Pamela gets nervous and as her six month evaluation and given by her partner draws near. As the 23rd division gets ready for a night jump exercise and Denise realizes that she's ready to go back into nursing with a little help from Joan.moreless
  • Battle Buddies
    Episode 10
    It's truth-telling time all around. For Pam and Claudia Joy, getting a homeless vet to tell the whole truth is the key to helping her get her life back on track. A hidden truth at the law firm makes for a stilted work atmosphere. Roland and Joan consider the true meaning of raising a child with special needs. Roxy and Trevor better face their fear of the truth together, or their marriage and their careers might be in jeopardy.moreless
  • Counter Measures
    Episode 9

    As the 23rd comes home to Fort Marshall and Roxy finds herself in big trouble. With Trevor coming home she hopes to delay news of the truck stop as long as possible. Joan and Roland are still pursuing ways to adopt a baby. Things get a little complicated for Roland and Joan after meeting Bobby.

  • Supporting Arms
    Episode 8
    Claudia Joy receives news good news about her tumor. Roxy and Pamela butt heads over Roxy's relationship with Witt. Roland and Joan talk further about about whether she should have a baby the traditional way or if adoption would be the best way to go.
  • 4/17/11
    Claudia Joy and Grant Chandler try to figure out a way to help an army wife keep from being deported but they run into problems. Roxy is still bound and determined to move ahead with plans for a truck stop without waiting for Trevor to return home and help her make a better decision. Denise is sick with the flu Roland and Joan offer to help baby sit Molly. Roland and Joan decide to have another baby.moreless
  • Walking Wounded
    Episode 6
    Denise needs time alone Claudia Joy worries about her and thinks she sees Amanda on the beach. Roxy continues to drive Trevor crazy with the idea of a truck stop and the possibility of debt. Roland doesn't allow a soldier to go back to his unit because of Jeremy's death and the effect it had on him as a psychiatrist.moreless
  • Soldier On
    Episode 5
    Denise begins to question whether she is of any value to anyone after the death of her son and Roxy makes a big decision about the hump bar. Joan begins to worry about Roland.
  • 3/27/11
    The wives deal with a sudden loss.
  • 3/20/11
    Claudia Joy begins her first day working as an associate to Professor Chandler in his law firm. Things take an unexpected turn when Claudia Joy is scolded by her boss. Roxy feels that Pamela may not want to be friends with her anymore. Roland and Joan have to figure out where their daughter will go for preschool. A wedding shower is planned for Jeremy's fiancée, Tonya.moreless
  • Comand Presence
    Episode 2
    Pamela makes a decision on whether to join the Atlanta PD or stay at Fort Marshall as an army wife. Claudia Joy graduates law school and Professor Chandler offers her a job at his law firm. Joan tackles a new job including learning to deal with the new stresses. Roland tries to see if he can find time for his wife in her busy schedule.moreless
  • Line of Departure
    Episode 1
    Denise is meeting with Tonya, her future daughter-in-law but things get off to a rocky start. They try again, only Molly isn't feeling well and Tonya expresses concern over her health, which Denise interprets as an attack on her parenting ability. Claudia Joy takes Emmalin to college and Frank, Michael, Trevor & Jeremy are still in Afghanistan fighting the war.moreless