Army Wives - Season 6

Lifetime (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Onward
    Episode 23

    The wives get word that Fort Marshall will have a lot more room because of the joining with an air force base. Kevin believes the breakthrough he has could enable him to go back to his previous duties. The trips find out they have to redeploy early. Joan make a decision that could but will affect her career. Charlie and Nicole find another way they may be able to have children.

  • Domestic Maneuvers
    Episode 22

    Roxy and Trevor get ready to leave Fort Marshall; as Gloria returns to her duties at the Hump Bar. Sophie returns to find Kevin taken his anger over his handicap out on her. Roland is still in hot water over helping Marcus. Now Roland has to figure out why Joan is against it. Charlie wonders if she and Nicole will be parents.

  • Handicap
    Episode 21

    Kevin comes home with a lot of baggage that Jackie will have to deal with. Roland goes against Joan's wishes and begins to treat Marcus in secret. Trevor gets orders.

  • The War at Home
    Episode 20

    Roxy and Trevor bring the twins home, and deal with the shooting and wait at the hospital to see if Frank will survive. Denise and Roland try to help one of David's friends whom they suspect is being abused. Gloria tells Jackie she will divorce her husband because he is the father of Penny's baby.

  • Centennial
    Episode 19

    Fort Marshall gets ready for its 100th birthday as it welcomes special dignitaries for the celebration. Hector and Gloria continue working through their marriage difficulties while dealing with a woman named penny. Roxy's babies face serious health issues.

  • Baby Steps
    Episode 18

    Roxy and Trevor argue over what he should do if he decides to leave the army early. Roxy's mom drops by. Jackie can't seem to control her daughter Sophie and is shocked at how easily her daughter can manipulate anybody. Denise's decision to become a nurse practitioner anchors frank. Nicole and Charlie hope Roland will do a favor for them. Gloria's marriages struggles take a sad turn, Roxy goes into labor.

  • Hello, Stranger
    Episode 17

    Trevor gets an exciting opportunity after reuniting with the Pamela and Chase. Tonya's career is in limbo because a near death of a patient all because of the doctors blame toward Tonya. Jackie hopes that having her daughter Sophie, visit the Marshall will ease the strain on the relationship.

  • Battle Scars
    Episode 16

    Claudia Joy decides to help army veterans with legal matters, Roxy to worries about the depression the Cody has fallen into due to family issues. Trevor is worries the about Hector and his marriage problems as well as the possibility that he might have to leave the division suggests that Hector and Gloria see a marriage counselor. Nichole's mom isn't happy when Charlie tells her that she and Nicole are engaged. Kevin makes a stunning decision in that leaves Frank to question his duties in Africa.

  • Tough Love
    Episode 15

    Roland and Joan debate whether they should call the parole officer for David's father for violating probation because David was taken off base without Roland and Joan being able to give their consent. Denise has difficulty getting past the shooting at the beach house; Jackie teaches Claudia Joy how to defend herself at the coverage. A friend of Trevor's arrives at fort Marshall for treatment for burns he is a sustained.

  • Fatal Reaction
    Episode 14

    Claudia joy has a close call before recovering from surgery; David could get in big trouble for communicating with his father with out Joan and Roland knowing about it. Gloria and Hector continual arguing over whether she should even have a job at the hump bar, leading her husband to make a bad decision. Two army wives may regret taking a beach vacation.

  • 5/20/12

    Frank seriously questions whether he should continue being in the military due to what he sought in Africa. Michael finally gets the third star promoting him to core commander, but the third star could be in jeopardy after Audrey tells Claudia joy about how he got that third star.

    Roland and Joan are not sure if they really want David to spend time with his biological father. Hector and Gloria continue to fight is about her working at the high bar until something happens to change Hector. Claudia Joy gets ready for her upcoming kidney transplant.

  • Blood Relatve
    Episode 12

    Roland and Joan meet with Claudia Joy to discuss possible legal issues they might face when meeting David's biological father. Denise offers to give Claudia Joy one of her kidneys but Frank has misgivings about the transplant surgery. Hector doesn't want his wife Gloria working anymore because she gets too close with customers possibly causing a rift in their marriage. Roxy has some potentially good news for Trevor.

  • Fallout
    Episode 11

    Roland meets Marcus who says he is David's biological father. Now Roland may have to face the possibility of having to give David back to his biological father. Michael finds out more information about an incident at an orphanage. Jackie Clarke gets into deep trouble with her addiction as the wives see if they can help her overcome her problem. Michael gets some news about his investigation regarding the 32nd division. Frank returns home troubled by what he sought in Africa.

  • After Action Report
    Episode 10

    Denise notices a change in Frank after returning home from Africa and she begins to worry about his mood change. Jackie may regret taking over the family readiness group duties by herself and wonders if she took on too much. Roxy and Trevor help a new family on the base with their money troubles. Tonya feels uncomfortable after bumping into Dr. Hansen while they were both in Africa and shared a kiss together.

  • Non-Combatants
    Episode 9

    Nicole is busy trying to find a peaceful resolution for the conflict in Narubu but trying to stop the fighting in that country proves to be a little bit too dangerous for her as they prepared to leave the country.

  • Casualties
    Episode 8

    The 23rd division is called to go to Africa where help is needed urgently. Tanya and another doctor work to save a wounded sergeant. Claudia Joy is back home dealing with her medical crisis, while Denise and Jackie pay a visit to the family of the sergeant and welcome them to Fort Marshall. Roxie convinces a rather reluctant army wife to participate in the family readiness group to make other self feel comfortable at Fort Marshall.

    Roland learns something about Charlie. Back in Africa the troops defend a medical clinic against a militia.

  • System Failure
    Episode 7

    Joan will be dealing with controversy involving her newly adopted son, David after he and a classmate get into an accident. The wives gather to support the family. The friendship between Claudia joy and Denise gets into trouble after the animosity between Jackie Clark and Claudia joy continues. Roxie and Trevor help a couple try to straighten them there relationship out.

  • Viral
    Episode 6

    Joan will be dealing with controversy involving her newly adopted son, David after he and a classmate get into an accident. The wives gather to support the family. The friendship between Claudia joy and Denise gets into trouble after the animosity between Jackie Clark and Claudia joy continues. Roxie and Trevor help a couple try to straighten them there relationship out.

  • True Colors
    Episode 5

    General Clarke joins Fort Marshall and causes old wounds to reopen between Claudia Joy. Roxy is presented with a variety of opportunities with the possibility of Fort Marshall being combined with another base. Joan gets reprimanded for not considering combining Fort Marshall with other bases as a way to keep them open.

  • Learning Curve
    Episode 4

    Denise welcomes someone new to Fort Marshall Claudia Joy feels uncomfortable around her and confides about the uneasiness an old friend. Rowland gets an interesting opportunity at a youth center. Roxy has to adjust to the challenges that come with being an officer's wife.

  • 3/11/12

    Pamela is having a difficult time adjusting to Chase's being away. Trevor is uncomfortable with the houseguests, an old friend of Denise's could cause trouble at the base.

  • Perchance To Dream
    Episode 1b

    In the aftermath of hurricane each of the wives may have to rally around Denise after they learn the extent of the damage to the hospital. Pamela has to find a new place to live after the hurricane destroys her apartment. Joan has a difficult time dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane and finding time for her family.

  • Winds Of War
    Episode 1a

    As they each prepare to leave fort Marshall and figure out how to live separate lives Roxy has difficulty getting used to the idea of having to move. Joan is making sure Fort Marshall is ready to deal with a hurricane. Frank and Denise celebrate Molly's birthday unaware that a hurricane could change everybody's plans.