Army Wives

Season 1 Episode 3

The Art of Separation

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2007 on Lifetime
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Trevor wants to adopt Roxy's sons, but her ex refuses to sign the papers. Pamela decides to reveal the truth about the babies, and Denise has had enough with Jeremy's violent outbursts.

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  • A mixture of everything in this ep... Loved it for the daughter being arrested more than anything... Always did wonder what a man of the army would say to that.

    I liked the fact that, aside from one woman admiting that she was a serragote mother; and another standing up to her bullying son; the eldest daughter of an army officer was part of a Peace protest to bring the troop back home. Why did I like that? Probably because it made sense... and to see what the reaction would be of her parent's. Her father was angry... and his reasons justified it; their men are out their fighting in the name of their country because they choose to be in the army, they need to support their troops. Though in real life that arguement can always be turned against the troops too; but I found it rather... poinent.

    Also it was a nice touch to see a man suffering from post trauma, which reminded me of how the men in WW1 would act. (Though this was due to my history lessons at school).moreless
  • Amazing, Well Written, Heartwarming

    This was yet another amazing episode. I love the fact that Trevor is so interested in adopting Roxy's babies. He comes off as such a terrific guy. I certainly hope that once all of his ducks are in a row, he doesn't turn into some kind of crazy monster guy. He almost seems too good to be true. I was truly shocked though, at the lengths that Trevor went to in order to secure the ex's signature on the adoption papers. Veddy cool. I loved Pamela's speech at the fundraiser about the babies. Talk about stunning an entire room. I know the end was a bit shocking, everyone at the Holden's and finding out that Maj Sherwood went missing. I noticed on the message boards that people were a bit miffed that there wasn't clergy there to tell Denise about her missing hubby, unfortunately I think that the way the writers wrote the situation cut down on unecessary dialogue. Other than that, another heartwarming, heartwrenching, and fantastic episode!moreless
  • Trevor is such a gentleman!

    Trevor is such a gentleman despite being in the military but he loves Roxie's kids like they were his own. Hopefully that he can adopt those kids. But her ex doesn't want him to adopt them and Trevor wants to make him an offer that he can't refuse. Pamela gives a speech about being a surrogate mother that will send everybody reeling big time. I am getting to love this show more and more!moreless
  • Tervor wants to adopt Roxy's children but she doesn't think that she should let Trevor adpot them.Roxy's ex come to the town refusing to sign the adoption papers.Trevor makes him an offer he can't refuse,and Pamela makes a speech that will leave a mark.moreless

    This is a very powerful and loving show that is mixed with the good and the bad, it shows real life and how people deal! I love this show and I hope it stays on for an eternity! the bond of Roxy, Pamela, Claudia Joy, Denise,and Roland shows a true bond that shall last a lifetime. As they grow and experience they learn more about each other to make a stronger bond. I think this is the most incisive show that cable television has to offer now! Every single person should watch it and each and every one while be able to relate with one of the characters!!moreless
  • I loved the ending. You go girl! The truth shall set you free.

    This show is such a superb show. The women on it are amazing. Women have to be strong to survive in today's society because by no means is it easy. This show demonstrates in a very real way, not in a silly exaggerated way like most shows that are on today that make all women look like lustful whores or stupid idiots. These women have to stand up every day for what is right for their lives, and at the same time dealing with taking care of their family, work, finacial needs, gossip, secrets, relationship with their spouse, army support duties, being away from their families and being stationed with strangers. But most of all, in the back of their mind worried every single moment of the day and night if their spouse is going to survive through his time in service. The women come from all type of backgrounds as in true reality making this show very strong and powerful. When Pamela told all the women the truth abouth the twins, that was powerful because she then took control back control of her life.moreless
Jason Wiles

Jason Wiles

Sergeant Peter Belgrad

Guest Star

Rhoda Griffis

Rhoda Griffis

Lenore Baker

Guest Star

Caroline Pires

Caroline Pires

Emmalin Holden

Guest Star

Jeremy Davidson

Jeremy Davidson

Chase Moran

Recurring Role

Richard Bryant

Richard Bryant

Jeremy Sherwood

Recurring Role

Terry Serpico

Terry Serpico

Major Frank Sherwood

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Pamela's husband has too much facial hair for Army regulations in this episode.

      He is going undercover for Delta Force to blend in where ever he is going. That is why he has so much facial hair.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Jeremy knocks at Claudia Joy's door, Amanda opens it))
      Amanda: Look everybody, it's Jeremy Sherwood -- How are you?
      Jeremy: Great -- Uh -- Amanda, you look great!
      Amanda: So do you.
      Jeremy: So, when did you get home?
      Amanda: About 90 minutes after I got arrested.
      Jeremy: Arrested?
      Amanda: I take it you haven't been watching the news?
      Jeremy: I hate that show, it's too depressing.

    • (At the donation gathering, at the podium)
      Pamela: Hey -- It's me, Pamela Moran. I just want to let you all know, I made fifty grand carrying those kids. That's right, I was a paid surrogate. So, they're not my babies, they're not in the hospital, they're not dead and I lied to everyone. So -- Have at it!

    • Trevor: Roxy, I was adopted, but not until I was 7. Until then it was just foster care. I don't want to adopt your boys because I'm afraid I'm going to die -- I want to adopt them because I want them to really know what it's like to have someone really want them. It's like I said, I'm coming home.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: June 16, 2008 on Net 5
      Denmark: September 21, 2007 on Kanal 4
      Australia: December 15, 2008 on Ten
      Latin America: August 4, 2009 on People & Arts

    • Amanda says that she got home 90 minutes after she got arrested, but she had to wait for her mother to make the 90 minute drive after she found out Amanda was arrested so it would have taken 90 minutes for her mother to get there, another 90 minutes for the ride home, plus the time for her mother to get her out of jail, making it 3+ hours.

    • Featured Music

      -"Beckoning" by Stanton Lanier
      -"Static" by Steve Reynolds
      -"Bird Never Flies" by Ari Hest
      -"Bottle it Up" by Sara Bareilles
      -"California Groove" by Justin Lyons