Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 5

The Hero Returns

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2008 on Lifetime
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Episode Summary

Denise's behavior with the motorcycles causes concern for Frank and Trevor has to deal with his new "hero" status on post.

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  • Ok episode but not the best!

    This wasn't the best episode and that it seems that the women, which usually stick together, weren't doing that and haven't been for the past couple of episodes. But hopefully that will change. Because when they stick together, they are at their very best. And that is what makes the show really work. Denise is quite a character and the actress that portrays her makes her quite a character. Really believable you think. Trevor is trying to deal with being a hero. He was a soldier that was only doing his job. And that he really is uncomfortable being a hero. Trevor is awesome as well.moreless
  • Trevor returns home

    In this episode Trevor returns home from Germany. Denise learns that her husband has been advertising so that someone can buy her bike. The Army identify remains found out in Baghdad They track down his best friend and his daughter, but she doesn't want to attend the memorial.

    Trevor is having trouble accepting the fact that he is a hero. After a conversation, the daughter (of the remains found) gets the courage to go to the funeral. Denise is getting closer to the doctor who she shares her love of motor biking with.

    At the end at the funeral, they hand the daughter the flag, but she hands it back to the best friend of her father and starts to cry. Also in this episode Joan meets the man who will replace her when she goes off to have her baby.moreless
  • Boring!

    What has happened to the tribe?

    The tribe that was united, funny all over the first season?

    Since the beginning of season 2, the tribe seems to be scattered. Sometimes we see Pamela with Denise, most of the time with Roxy, Claudia Joy with Denise but on the whole they are not sticking to each other anymore. And that's a shame. Not to mention the storylines that have been pretty lame so far.

    The only character I have some interest in is Denise. It's good to see her recovering some independence and just experiencing life! Predictably, her friendship with the doc will lead to gossip on the Fort. Excellent. The show needs to be spiced up!moreless
  • Riding Around with Boys

    Oh Oh ... what an excellent episode. Finally some Drama for Denise!!! (As she's caught on the back of Getti's cycle) It'll be interesting to see what happens with her and Frank this season. Something tells me it's going to be a bumpy ride.

    I really was satisfied with the side story of the fallen soldier with little to no family. I thought they did a teriffic job bringing the JPAC to the forefront. It was an admirable tribute to a tireless organization. I also thought that Trevor's diatribe on the radio show was phenomenal, really well done by Drew fuller. I thought it was pretty arduous to watch him struggle with being named a 'Hero'. He did a great job with that too though.

    One last note about the episode. It's nice to see Claudio Joy back to her old self, getting things done and whatnot. It was refreshing.moreless
  • Few shining moments amongst the boredom and fillerness(I make up words)

    100 words. Ok,well its filler. The few shining moments were Denise or Denise and Frank. For once I felt bad for the guy. He's doing something incredibly brave and he is feeloing like he is getting left behind. But he was unfair and cruel, limiting his wife and putting in an ad without her knowledge and consent. But I loved how she reacted and ordered an outfit. She needs to keep that bike. Yay, only 25 more. I loved how the Vayho(Flower's friend) told Trevor to talk about all is army buddies in Iraq. Makes the army seem more like a family. Otherwise, boring episode. previews and commercials ruined epmoreless
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Patricia French


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    • Trevor: Not every hero carries a gun and runs into battle. Sometimes they are scientists and archaeologist. Did you know the Army has a bunch of those people over in Hawaii? Some of them are civilians, some are soldiers. They form JPAC and that stands for Joint Prisoners Missing in Action and Accounting Command. And it's their job to scower the globe and find missing soldiers. They are still finding doughboys from World War I buried under hayfields in Belgium. I can't even believe that. World War II soldiers in caves in Guatacanal. Now those heroes, no one's ever gonna give them a medal. No one's ever gonna throw them a parade. We'll probably never even know their names. But they will not quit until every missing soldier that fought for this country is found and returned home. For their families and for us. I mean, what's more heroic than that?

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