Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 3

The Messenger

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Kids say the darndest things!!

    That old saying is so true! The kids steal the show in this episode! There were several light-hearted moments, a couple touching ones, and a couple that I was not overly thrilled with. The first scene that I wasn't overly thrilled with was the Michael - Emmalin truck scene. He is trying to teach Emmalin to drive a stick. She stalls the truck. Michael gets her to try again. She lets up off the clutch, the truck lurches forward and stalls out, again. I did not like this scene because of all the pedestrians in such close proximity to the truck. Had any of them passed in front of them at that moment, Emmalin would have knocked them all down like bowling pins! This is a big safety issue - especially when teaching a person how to drive a stick shift. Luckily for all this is only television!

    The second one that I was not thrilled with is the Denise - Mac beer in the trunk scene. This entire scene could have been left out or done differently. What Denise did is a GINORMOUS NO-NO in real life. As a fact, Mac giving his motorcycle to Denise is also a no-no. Again, it's a darn good thing this is only television!

    Ok, the negatives have been dispensed. Time for the positives. We learn about the things Emmalin is struggling with. She displays a wise-ness and maturity that belies her age. Emmalin realizes that she needs 'outside' help in order to work through her issues. She turns to Roland because she knows that he is a psychiatrist. However, before she opened up to him, she had to make sure that whatever she said would be kept between the two of them. Emmalin revealed that she no longer feels safe on post because it was an Army soldier that murdered her sister. At one point, when she and Michael were in the truck, a group of soldiers walked by and Emmalin wanted to run them over in retaliation. She wants to talk to her mom, but Claudia Joy is still struggling with her own inner demons. Emmalin says that she no longer feels like part of the family. Little Katie Moran had one of the funniest lines in this episode. Pamela was helping Katie with her costume for the church play she was in. Chase arrives home. After a round of 'hello' kisses, he asks Katie if she knows what she has on. She says no. He tells her a breastplate. Katie says, "But I don't have breasts yet." Poor Chase didn't know what to say to that and turned to Pamela for help. She laughs and says, "You're on your own!"

    The ultimate scene-stealer of this episode is Finn. He has a HUGE crush on Claudia Joy Holden. He gets dressed up - in a suit jacket and tie - so he can ask her out on a date. Finn walks up to Claudia Joy, hands her a bouquet of yellow daisies, tells her he tried to find red ones, and then asks her out. Before she can answer, Roxy walks up. Finn tries to shoo her away. Roxy asks if she can 'borrow' Claudia Joy for a minute. While Roxy and Claudia Joy are talking, Finn is in the background with his arms crossed and tapping one of his little feet. It was absolutely adorable!

    Roxy asks Claudia Joy if she has ever met Finn's invisible friend, Harry. Claudia Joy says they were introduced at the PX. Roxy tells Claudia Joy that Finn is 'gob-smacked' over her and asks if she would go along with it. They return to Finn and Claudia Joy accepts. She asks Harry if he would be joining them. Finn tells her that Harry wasn't there and that he left him at home. Roxy laughs and says that she does it all the time. Finn's arms drop down to his sides, hunches his shoulders and gives Roxy the 'ol' stink eye' over the top of his glasses. That look was positively priceless!

    Finn's friend, Harry, makes his first appearance at the post chapel. Claudia Joy was about to go in, but changed her mind. Harry has a red carnation in his lapel. His next appearance is when he is trying to find the owners of a scruffy-looking dog he had found wandering without a collar. The red carnation is in hat this time. Claudia Joy wants to know who he is and what he wants from her. He tells her he wants nothing. She doesn't believe him and says that everyone else does - that they expect her to just go right back to normal. He tells her, "They don't expect it. They need it." The third time we see him, he has a red carnation pinned to his vest. He reminds Claudia Joy that she has a date to get ready for. He says, "Love's an amazing thing. Can't see it. Can't touch it. Can't smell it. Yet, it's right there from the day we're born." The fourth time we see him, he's at the bar of the restaurant where Finn and Claudia Joy went on their 'date'. It's here that we learn that Harry is imaginary friend. The fifth time is when Claudia Joy is watching a movie. He knows she is angry and blames God. He tells her, "It was Amanda's time and nothing would change that. Death is a part of life. You can't have one without the other." He also says, "We all have a time and it always comes. Until then, love is the best thing going. And there seems to be a lot of that around here. You just have to let it in." The last time we see Harry is when Claudia Joy was teaching Emmalin to drive a stick. He's holding the red carnation in his hand. He gets into a car and rides off.

    We learn that Betty had wanted kids, but could never have them. For her, it is easier to pretend she didn't like kids than to be jealous because she does. This episode has spiritual undertones. The episode begins with the Holdens heading off to church. Katie Moran is the lead in the church's Joan of Arc play. Harry is the messenger that delivers some important messages to Claudia Joy. It wasn't about religion. It was about faith, hope and love. Some people did not like the episode because they thought that it was too religious or too out there. For me, Harry the Messenger, is a coping mechanism for Claudia Joy. Her faith and belief in God has been shaken to her core due to the loss of her daughter. The episode ends with the Holden tribe arriving at the post chapel. Once seated in the pew, Claudia Joy picks up the Bible. She opens it and the red carnation makes its final appearance. The Bible opens to 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verse 13: "And now abideth faith, hope, love these three; but the greatest of these is love."