Army Wives

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Unknown on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Emmalin returns home from school and her mother, Claudia Joy, hands her over the latest letter from Logan, her army pen pal. Emmalin tears open the letter and starts reading it – she is excited to learn that he's coming back home. She wonders if he will agree to meet her on person so her mother reassures her saying even her dad went to thank his pen pal as soon as he got home from the Gulf War – a class of fifth graders! At the Morans', Chase calls everybody for an urgent family meeting. The children are worried they might be in trouble. Apparently only Lucas is – Saturday it's his birthday and the only way to solve this "problem" is to throw a party! Lucas is super thrilled and wishes for a chocolate cake. Sitting in the porch, Joan and Roland's mother, Vivian, are knitting. Vivian knows Roland can do better with his education but Joan explains that sometimes people who are too focused on a certain goal, miss out on what they really want. At that moment Roland comes back home and greets all the ladies in the room then gently picks up his daughter and cradles her. Vivian worries about who will take care of Sarah Elizabeth once she'll go back home. Roland reassures her that Joan still has a couple of weeks of maternity leave and eventually they'll hire a nanny. Vivian urges them to start looking for a good nanny because they're hard to find. At the hospital, Denise checks up on a patient, PFC Ryan Talbott, who's been in coma ever since he was wounded in the eyes. His wife, Rene, has not left his bedside for long time and looks weary. She's worried for her husband wondering whether the army will still keep him in spite of his sight injuries. Denise tells her not to worry for now and advices her to go rest. Rene can't get any sleep at her motel room and inquires if she could hang out in the hospital. The hospital has strict rules regarding this matter so Denise offers to put her up in her spare room. Rene accepts gratefully. Late at night, Chase and Pamela are woken up by another call for deployment. He obeys but is disappointed to leave on the wake of Lucas' birthday and for that he apologizes to his wife. Around the same time, Roxy finally gets back home from work and finds Trevor still up on his laptop, waiting for her. Trevor reflects on the possibility that he might be discharged from the Army if his shoulder takes too long to heal although he can't control therefore he must accept it. He tells Roxy that the Army would refund them extremely well and they would have to move out of the base and plan a new life elsewhere. Roxy isn't happy to hear that because their lives are now at Fort Marshall. Meanwhile, Chase has already got his backpack ready to leave. He enters the kids' room to say goodbye but Lucas won't let him go. He insists it's his birthday. His father tries to convince him to no avail so Pamela intervenes to console her son while Chase reluctantly leaves, closing the door behind him. The next day, Emmalin Holden is walking past an army work-out track when a soldier calls her – it's Logan, her pen pal. They finally meet face to face for the first time however the school bell rings and they just have time for a quick but intense hug before parting ways. This doesn't go unnoticed by Jennifer Connor who's been working out nearby. Rene and Denise are having coffee in her veranda. Rene is worried for the future – she's never taken care of anybody in her entire life. She and her husband were saving money for her to go back to school but now that her husband is wounded they can't even afford to pay rent. Denise reassures her that the Army will give them disability allowance and professional training programs that can prepare her for work. Rene doubts she could manage everything but Denise encourages her saying that if she could do it then anybody, even Rene, can do it. Later that day, the wives all gather up at Betty's to discuss what's going on in their lives. Pamela says Lucas is still in denial after his father's departure to which Roxy suggests Pamela could still throw him a birthday party without actually calling it so. Roland arrives with the incredible list of skills Joan requires from the potential nanny for Sarah Elizabeth. He reads them aloud and concludes even he is not qualified to be his daughter's nanny. He protests saying that Joan and Sarah have this secret club where they lock eyes then look at him and then start laughing. At that point all the ladies exchange glances and themselves burst into laughter. Jennifer pays Claudia Joy a surprise visit. She mainly drops by to push her own idea of a table minimum of 20 USD at the casino night the FRG is preparing. Claudia Joy fears the families of the enlisted can't afford but Jennifer insists they'll be able to make more money so Claudia Joy gives in provided there's room for bingo, something everybody can afford. Before leaving Jennifer slyly hints to Emmalin and her boyfriend which takes Claudia Joy by surprise since she ignored her daughter having a boyfriend. At the radio, Pamela is on air talking to her listeners about how hard the military lifestyle can be on the family and in particular the kids when the officer on the control board signs to her that she needs to pick up Lucas from school because he's sick. Once home, Pamela realizes Lucas didn't really have a fever but he's angry and just wants to watch TV and not be bothered. Pamela leaves him some space. At home, Trevor tells the boys stories about the West when Roxy comes home. She sends the boys off to their room and then talks to Trevor about his plans to move West – she doesn't want to leave South Carolina nor Betty's bar. She thinks they could stay and run the bar together but Trevor turns the offer down mainly because being so close to soldiers and not be one of them any more is something he cannot accept. Their discussion ultimately comes down to what family means to each of them. Claudia Joy drives home where Emmalin's been waiting on the porch for her so that she could get the car for an evening out with friends. As they unload the groceries from the car, Claudia Joy asks who is Emmalin going out with. Emmalin says it's Logan, her pen pal. Her mother observes Logan is older than her so Emmalin hurries to point out they're just friends. They agree she should get home by nine o'clock then Emmalin takes off. Roland and Joan try to convince Vivian to stay on and help them take care of Sarah Elizabeth but she explains to them she has to return to her life. She likes her job because she has friends there and is grateful to that job because back in the day it allowed them to lead a decent life. She thinks one of them should stay at home to take care of their daughter.

Claudia Joy and Denise have coffee at the Holdens'. Denise says Renee is unable to take care of herself out of the Army. She wants to do something for the wives of Warriors in Transition, organize job training courses, group meetings with wives who've been through it all and can give advice. This might help their marriages too. She wonders if Claudia Joy can put in a good word with Michael, for her. Her friend says she can help them make peace but it's Denise who can ultimately fix things between them. She thinks it will eventually come down to funding so Denise wonders if the Casino night money has already been assigned to any specific project. Claudia Joy decides she'll put it to a vote. Later that night, the Holdens prepare for dinner while discussing Denise's new project. Michael admits he was wrong to first pick sides in Frank and Denise's separation. He promises he'll settle things with Denise. When he asks about Emmalin, Claudia Joy tells him she's out with Logan, her pen pal. She's concerned because they don't know him. Michael reveals he got him checked in and out the day she chose him as her pen pal and it appears he's a decent guy. If Logan does anything wrong to Emmalin he will get him court marshalled at which Claudia Joy sarcastically replies Emmalin won't talk to them any more. Roxy telephones Betty to tell her about her situation with Trevor and the bar. Betty tells her she's doing fine, sitting at swimming pool, enjoying her drink but actually she's in bed, has lost all her hair – the cancer has gotten worse. When Roxy tells her of her personal dilemma Betty immediately tells her to choose Trevor over the bar, she wants Roxy to be happy. Roxy thanks her and leaves Betty to her massage though in reality there's a nurse injecting medication in her IV. When Emmalin returns home, she finds her mother waiting for her. Claudia Joy wants to engage a conversation but Emmalin seems tired and a bit down. She gets more annoyed when her mother expresses her concerns regarding her sex life. She runs up to her room telling her mother away. It's a new day and team Burton gets ready for the nanny interviews with their notebooks in a row, the pencils sharpened, the camera tripod adjusted and everything in order. A number of candidates interviews but in the end they're all dismissed. Meanwhile the army wives work to prepare the halls for the Casino night. Jennifer Connor approches Emmalin who's also giving a helping hand. She brings up the boyfriend topic saying she also once had an older boyfriend. She shares her own experience with Emmalin who thanks her. Claudia Joy sees them talking and is a bit disturbed. At the hospital Private Talbott is out of the coma. The doctor who visits him says he's responding well to the treatment, he will make progress. Renee as usual is at his side and is overjoyed for the happy news. Denise seems satisfied too as she walks by. Late at night, Logan Atwaters and Emmalin meet at the basketball court. They walk together, holding hands. When Roxy gets home, she and Trevor clears things up. She's ready to sell her half of Betty's bar and move to Wyoming but Trevor says he can still be involved in the Army as a civilian this way they don't have to move. It's early Saturday morning, Lucas' birthday. Pamela decides to be the first to wish him for day waking him up with a candle lit muffin. She is stunned when she finds his empty bed. His sister, Katie doesn't know where is he gone either. Suddenly the phone rings – it's Roxy, Lucas is at their place, he was hiding in Finn's closet. Roxy suggests they have a non-birthday party. Roland walks into the kitchen where his mother is cooking breakfast and Joan is feeding their daughter. He says he's made up his mind, he will be a stay-at-home dad. Being a man means stepping up when his family needs him like in this case. Joan thanks him. Vivian stands and just watches him. Roland thinks his mother might be disappointed but she is actually proud of the man he is. They hug. Pamela drives her kids to the swimming pool. Lucas acts cranky when he sees his friends TJ and Finn and their Mom and a chocolate cake because he thinks it's a birthday party for him. Pamela acts indifferent to his moods and takes Katie to the pool. Lucas must give in in the end. Soon he's forgotten his temper and is having fun in the water with all the other kids. Trevor also arrives and brings Chase along. Lucas is in seventh heaven now. Chase jumps in the water and plays with his children. Later in the Casino, Roxy seems to be having luck at the game but Pamela can't make head or tails of anything. Denise introduces Renee to Michael since she was the one who inspired her the support project for the warriors in transition. The fund raising event will help institute a scholarship for Renee so that she will be able to start a new life while her husband is in rehab. Michael wishes her all the best. He then talks to Denise and admits he was wrong to interfere in her marriage issues. He loves both Frank and Denise equally, in spite of what will happen. The Connors arrive there too and Claudia Joy greets them. Evan says he will go for the Bingo. Once he's left, Jennifer tells Claudia Joy she had the pleasure to talk to Emmalin about boys and school. Seeing Roxy losing, she decides to join the table, leaving Claudia Joy perplexed. The next morning, Roland makes his way to the bedroom to find Joan sleeping with their daughter in her arms. He hears someone singing from his mother's bedroom. She's packing her luggage, preparing to leave. Roland asks his mother to forgive him for all the times he poked fun at her, trying to prove he was smarter and making her feel belittled. His mother knows that is what kids do, they try to outdo their parents and every mother hopes her children are better than she is. He hugs his mother and they sing together as they finish packing. Finally Roland, Joan and Sarah Elizabeth wave goodbye to Vivian. Trevor is in for another check up, this time Roxy is at his side. They both realize it's an important day.