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Army Wives

Season 1 Episode 11

Truth and Consequences

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on Lifetime
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Episode Summary

Joan finds out that Roland had an affair. Meanwhile, Pamela signs on as a new host for the post's radio station and Lenore Baker reveals more information about Claudia Joy's past.

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  • Pammy gets a voice and Claudia Joy remains a classy lady!

    I liked this episde for the simple fact -that Pammy finally gets to have a way to express what she feels and lets others know that they are not the only ones who feel that way- I say "you go girl"!!!I also like the way Claudia handled the outgoing officers wife- when she could have been really nasty- she instead chose to show compassion for this woman- who had not been very nice to her in the past -by spreading rumors about her past.I guess sometimes it's just easier not to deal with gossip mongers ,by keeping your head and living your life.moreless
  • Go Pammy Go!

    Pammy really kicks you know what and she really is

    My favorite of the season so far. She and Roxy

    Are my two favorites. Roxy didn't have much to do but

    She has proven herself worthy and true time and again. Despite Michael being some sort of person that wants to make a name for himself, I will give him that he does love and care for his wife a lot. Despite Jeremy being a jerk and that he treated his family like dirt, still, hoping he will see his son. Acknowledging that he is the father. Pamela is the breakout character this season. She and Roxy you girl gals!moreless
  • Catty, Witty, Triumphant

    Oh that Lenore is so underhanded. I think the show is going in an excellent direction. I love the overall story arc, as well as all the little ones in between. This is a very well rounded show. Oh I love the way that Lenore gets her due in the end. Catty old biddy.

    Michael and Claudia Joy: Oh man, I cannot believe what a political creature Michael is. He does have some logic, but he should also find a way to defend his wife. However, I think that he also has a feeling that he's going to be getting promoted, and doesn't want all this blowing up in their faces. Denise and Frank: I really hope daddy Jeremy goes to see his son. I'd like to see them patch things up. Joan and Roland: Oh you knew that Joan was going to find out that Roland stepped out on her. OH MAN. Major blow up. I can certainly understand Joan's anger. I love that she wants to 'know everything'. Roland ... what a cop out .. not telling Joan so she didn't have to carry it around. Separating? OMG, I used to like Roland, but I think he's a bit of a CAD!!!

    Pamela: Do you wanna stand here and do the hula? What's up with the Pub Affairs guy? OHHHH He's the post radio guy. I really like where this is going. I can't wait to see what happens with her on the Radio. HAH ... Pammy is gonna kick some ... haroomph

    Roxy: Not much happened with Rox in this eppy, however, she really show's what a true friend she can be. Very witty, a really triumphant episode all around. It's just such a fantastic show, I nearly run out of adjectives about it. I can't wait for next week!!!moreless
  • More reasons why I love this show!

    ~written while watching, call it commentary if you will (since it basically is)~

    Lenore is trying way too hard. I understand that maybe this is the only life she really knows, but this is beyond wrong!

    So it wasn't Lenore who started the rumor about Amanda not being Micheal's. GO PAMELA! I think we've all wanted to do that in a parking lot! "Nice horn! What else did you get for Christmas?" Fantastic!

    Haha, Lenore has to talk up Micheal to the higher ups!...could be both good and bad...

    "We all know that rumors can grow" "And that Lenore is fertilizer"

    I want to cry with Amanda when she walks into the hump bar. That has got to be the worse rumor in the world, and again, I can't believe that anyone would stoop that low!

    I can't believe that Micheal won't stand behind Claudia Joy! She stands by him, and he won't stand by her, or his own daughter!? What a terrible time to find out that you are deploying...Way to go Denise, she is right, he really should go to see Jeremy before he leaves. Either of them could get deployed and sadly not make it back, and that would be a terrible way to leave it.

    OH NO! The hotel ticket! And they were doing so good...Why is the standard question, when your husband sleeps with someone else "Do you love her" ? Even though I'm not a very big fan of Joan, this scene hurt, I knew that it would come eventually since he did cheat on her, but it still was not a fun scene.

    Now Claudia Joy has to talk up General Baker. This woman is really trying to get the scoop.

    And now Pamela finds out that the man she was yelling at is a Major...that could be bad...I would be so scared if I were in her position, but I have the honor (due to commercials/previews) of knowing most likely what he wants to see her about. lol

    Amanda is so scared. Poor thing. But at least she is trying. For both Jeremy and Frank's sake, someone needs to try. I think it has finally hit Frank what having his son in the Army means.

    "Ever listened to Post radio?" "Yea, once" "and...?" "It bored the hell out of me" Man I love that girls spunk! YES! Frank is gonna go see him! That's what needs to happen.

    Oh no, Please tell me that Lenore is not going to take that that woman bugs me...

    I love Marylin walking around in her curlers. Wow...that post Radio does seem boring...I love her idea of a new show.

    Such a cold welcome between the two soldiers. I'm kind of glad that someone has finally asked, and is getting the truth from Jeremy on why he hit Denise. You can see the anger and sadness and resentment in Frank's eyes. I wish he would have told Jeremy that he was deploying. He really did deserve that. The tear was a nice artistic touch on that moment.

    It really seems that Joan has turned a corner in her relationship with Roland. But now Roland doesn't think it can work? WOW...didn't really see that one coming. But everything he is saying is making sense. I think Denise is more optimistic about Frank and Jeremy's relationship than I am. I don't think that those two are quite as okay as she told Claudia Joy they are. Lenore just ruined things for herself and her husband! She was not supposed to know that! OMG! She finally gets her what she deserved, but WOW...

    Wow, woman is crazy! And she has absolutely no one to blame but herself. Although I think she may try to put this one out on Claudia Joy. If she does, I just may throw something at my TV. (Mark these words, by the way, because I have been known to throw things at the TV when provoked (usually hockey games though, never a TV show, this would be a first)). You could see the look in her eyes that she had really messed up, and I think it was about time that this girl realizes that she is not right in what she is doing. (prepares something to throw, just in case)

    So she told the truth?, or does the woman know? So she knows, wow, she is about as conniving as Lenore, but she is doing good with it! lol

    I loved the line about being the mistress to the army, and that ***** comes first. that was great! One of Pamela's best. Thank you Pamela for pointing out what we have all been talking about regarding the fact that these women really wouldn't be friends on a real base, under normal circumstances. Marilyn is back with her lover? I kind of think that that is good! Pamela is good at this! I think that girl has found her thing!moreless
Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Denise Sherwood

Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney

Claudia Joy Holden

Brigid Brannagh

Brigid Brannagh

Pamela Moran

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis

Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton

Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown

Roland Burton

Sally Pressman

Sally Pressman

Roxy LeBlanc

Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden

Victoria Grayson

Guest Star

Robert Forster

Robert Forster

General Grayson

Guest Star

Michael Harding

Michael Harding

General Ted Baker

Guest Star

Terry Serpico

Terry Serpico

Major Frank Sherwood

Recurring Role

Richard Bryant

Richard Bryant

Jeremy Sherwood

Recurring Role

Kim Allen

Kim Allen

Amanda Holden

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: General Baker is referred to as both a one-star Brigadier General and the post commander. In nearly every Army installation within the continental United Sates, the garrison commander is a Colonel and the post commander is at least a two-star Major General who has two deputy commanding generals who are Brigadier Generals. This would certainly be the case for a FORSCOM (Forces Command) post like Fort Marshall.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Pamela: (a yellow VW bus takes her spot) Hey Gulligan!
      Man dressed in hawaian shirt: Gulligan?
      Pamela: That was my parking space.
      Man dressed in hawaian shirt: Didn't see you.
      Pamela: Like Hell you didn't. (car honk) Give it a rest. I had my blinker on and I was waiting.
      Man dressed in hawaian shirt: What's the big deal?
      Pamela: The big deal is this is disaster number ten and it isn't even noon yet. My water heater's broken, I can't find my cell phone, and now I have to buy five bags of flour so my kids can make a paper mache horsie that's gonna be a frikkin' nightmare, so are you gonna move this damn car or are we gonna stand here doing the hulla all day?
      Man dressed in hawaian shirt: (intriqued) What's your name?

    • Pamela: (on the air describing her new call-in show) Ok, uh, so much for announcements. Now for a little call-in segment that I'm calling 'Have At It With Pamela Moran.' Where we talk about us – the Army Wives – and what we go through. Like how it feels to be a single mom even when you're married. Or, better yet, what it's like to be the mistress 'cause the Army is the wife and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention! You know, they say, 'Mission First. People Always.' But that's crap. And what the hell does that mean, anyway? Because the Army comes first - period. And we deal with it or we move on. And it doesn't matter if your spouse wears sergeant's stripes, or, or colonel's eagle. Because worrying about your soldier at wartime feels exactly the same. So, forget rank, 'cause people are just people. And uh, speaking of which - I know we all like to gossip, but come on folks, can we just stop all the lies and innuendos about a certain colonel's wife. I mean, what the hell folks! Did we all lose direction to the high road, or what?

    • Victoria Grayson: (to Claudia Joy) Getting older is like being punished for a crime you didn't commit.

    • (After Roxy and Pamela are confronted by Marilyn about Pamela having Scott over for Pizza)

      Roxy: So, you still think having your own microphone to tell the world off is a bad thing?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: November 16, 2007 on Kanal 4
      - The Netherlands: August 11, 2008 on Net 5
      - Latin America: September 29, 2009 on People & Arts

    • Featured Music:
      Jessie Baylin - So Hard.
      Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day.
      Alissa Moreno - Far From Here.