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Around The Horn

Weekdays 5:00 PM on ESPN Premiered Nov 04, 2002 In Season


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  • Great show that has fallen off the pace since the exit of Max Kellerman.

    When Around the Horn aired in its original form with Max Kellerman at the helm and Woody Paige, Bob Ryan, and Jay Mariotti as the principal personalities, I never missed an episode of this baby. Even as Bob Ryan was phased out and other subpar commentators became regulars (Blackistone, Plaschke, Adande), the show maintained its edge with the Paige-Mariotti-Kellerman dynamic. However, the loss of Kellerman and the substitution of "Statboy" Reali dealt the show a huge blow. Reali does a cheap imitation of Kellerman - and one devoid of the stinging comebacks and insults that Kellerman dished out. Reali ruined the show to the point that I cannot even watch it any more. A 9/10 for the original, a 4/10 for the late version.
  • A good idea poorly executed.

    It's a great idea, but it just needs different panelists. Jay Mariotti is often laughable, at best. Bill Plaschke doesn't come off as a very intelligent man and tends toward the uninspired, unoriginal opinions, a phenomenon amongst sportswriters and analysts which I like to call the "Jim Rome Syndrome" (see review on "Rome is Burning"). Michael Smith is a genius and makes the other panelists look stupid. ESPN, how long before you give Mike his own show! The sooner, the better. Woody Paige is also entertaining and he is great on 1st & 10 with Skip. His undying faith in the Falcons was hilarious! Tony Reali(sp?) is also good as the host.
  • All in the hands of Tony. If you like a sports show with a different set of debaters each episode, Around the Horn is for you. Hosted by Tony Reali, you never know when he gives people points, or when he "mutes" them.

    Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige, J.A Adande, Bill Plasche, Michael Smith, Tim Cowlishow, Kevin Blackistone, and Bob Ryan (who I've heard is on the show sometimes but I've never seen). These guys debate about sports topics, and when they do well, they get points, and when they're stupid in Tony's eyes, he'll mute 'em. I don't necessarily like it, the way they do the final, it's good, but I think they should keep the old style. Woody Paige is my favorite collumnist, and it makes me mad when he doesn't get points, and sad when he's against my teams achieving something.
  • Around the Horn is one of the most underated shows. But it is also one of the best on sports. Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti, J.A. Adande and Michael Smith are some of the best debaters they could be on the show everyday only them.

    Around the Horn is one of the most underated shows. But it is also one of the best on sports. Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti, J.A. Adande and Michael Smith are some of the best debaters they could be on the show everyday only them. What makes the great is the true side of sports through the eyes of regular people that come from different backgorunds. The additional comedy is just an added bonus. The 30 seconds at the end of the show are always good from talking abotu tragedies to talking aboutsport plays. This show has it all so if you want to watch a good sports show you should watch Around The Horn.
  • A Great Show

    A Great Show this show is a sports fan\\\'s dream a game show about sports what can be better? tony reali is great and the panalists are funny. woody and jay\\\'s fighting is fun to watch and it is all around a pretty darn good show to watch. i love this show

    I love this show and what the guys say is very intresting and funny the show is just great i live in england and i pay extra for the channal which we get the show on its just worth paying the subscription for show and PTI i love both shows we had a new palam tv on monday and the 1st person we saw on it was woodys and the 1st proggramme we saw on the new tv was around the horn
  • This show is very fun to watch.

    Around The Horn is an excellent program on ESPN. All sports fans should love this show. It is very fun to watch them debate on many current sports subjects. They also add an edge to it by the host giving out points and gradually cut people off. This all leads to the champion who beats everyone and gets to say his final thought. This show is has a very unique concept and is an overall great show.
  • Around The Horn is a superb sports discussion show. I would like to see them get rid of Bob Ryan because he's a total idiot.

    Its got all you would ever need from a sports Disussion Show. It also is funny to watch the guys make fun of each other. This is a PERFECT !)10 for how great it has become. I think its funny that every friday is karoake show on Around the Horn.
  • This is a great show moderated by Tony Reali. Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige's rivalry is great. Woody is just funny.

    Awesome show. Max Kellerman used to host this show but ESPN "released" him. I think Tony Reali's a better host and we get to listen to the opinion's of Sports columinsts. It's really interesting, whenever a major incident in Sport occurs, I put on this show immediately. Like when the Ron Artest incident happened on a Friday, I couldn't wait till Monday to see what they would say about it. Great show, the opinions actually are important. I like the buy or sell and the ending round. I just saw a recent episode and saw Michael Holley. What's he doing back? He left that show for a year and a half to work on I, Max! Oh well this show is a daily Fix.
  • This is the best sports show on TV. Watch ESPN\'s Around the Horn.

    My favorite television show is \"Around the
    Horn\" on ESPN. The main reason is the
    charisma of the cast. You have Woodrow \"Woody\" Paige of the Denver
    Post and ESPN\'s \"Cold Pizza.\" He has his opinion and no one is going
    to change it. I also like Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times - he
    and Woody clash most of the show, and that is what makes it great. And
    as host Tony Reali would say, \"This is the show of competitive
    banter.\" There are other writers on the show also, but without those
    two, the show would be nothing.
  • Sports debate from multiple perspectives

    Around the Horn is ESPN's second installment of sports debate shows, following the hugely successful Pardon the Interruption. Originally hosted by Max Kellerman, Around the Horn is basically a game show where the contestants are "four of America's most [adjective] sportswriters".

    Around the Horn is divided into four sections. Headlines, two of the days most important sports topics, Buy or Sell, where the sportswriters are given a statement about something in sports and have to tell why they think it is true or false, Out of Bounds, where another important topic is discussed, and the Showdown, where two sportswriters "duel" for a win and 30 seconds to say what they want. One sportswriter is eliminated after Buy or Sell and Out of Bounds. Good answers get two points, great answers get three points and the mute button deducts a point.
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