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  • Sports debate from multiple perspectives

    Around the Horn is ESPN's second installment of sports debate shows, following the hugely successful Pardon the Interruption. Originally hosted by Max Kellerman, Around the Horn is basically a game show where the contestants are "four of America's most [adjective] sportswriters".

    Around the Horn is divided into four sections. Headlines, two of the days most important sports topics, Buy or Sell, where the sportswriters are given a statement about something in sports and have to tell why they think it is true or false, Out of Bounds, where another important topic is discussed, and the Showdown, where two sportswriters "duel" for a win and 30 seconds to say what they want. One sportswriter is eliminated after Buy or Sell and Out of Bounds. Good answers get two points, great answers get three points and the mute button deducts a point.
  • Woody Paige is the man!

    This show is great because it has 4 sports writers discussing 10 good topics in a great format.
    I like it because of Woody Paige and Kevin Blackinstone, they bring some really good points to the show and make me laugh a lot as well.
    Whoever came up with this show is a genius and Tony Reali is a good host. I try my best to catch it when it comes on and when I do it does not disappoint.
    It's a show that is great if you're a sports fan.
  • Interesting way of telling sports news and hearing opinions about it

    I want to be a sports journalist so this is one of my favorite shows to watch. I would love to be on a show like this where you can show off your sports knowledge as well as hear things from different parts of the country. There is nothing wrong with this show. It is funny, informative, and its where I go to stay connected to the sports world. Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti are the regulars who provide comedy through their friendly rivalry. The additions of JA Adande, Tim Cowlishaw, Bill Plashke, Michael Smith, Blackistone, and others bring opinions from all over the country to battle against each other. Playful banter, sports facts, and an unorganized points systems make it a great show to watch.
  • This is one of the most entertaining shows that ESPN has to offer.

    This show is really good to watch, if you like all kinds of sports. Every panelist brings something to the table and this mix makes the show very entertaining. My favorite panelist has to be Woody Paige, I mean "Look at the Schedule", he brings a lot of good information to the show, even thought he likes to goof around, most off his stuff very useful.
    I wish that this show was an hour long so I can watch Paige scream at the camera and yell "WHAT!" to Reali when he doesn't give him the points that he deserves. Well I guess I just "have to straight you guys out" and make you watch this show, believe me, you won't regret it. "all quoutes come from Woody Paige"
  • Who doesn't like Woody Paige?

    This is simple. Its simpily: If Woody Paige was not on the show, then I wouldn't be giving this show a 9.9. I mean, come on! Woody Paige is always screaming at everybody, and nobody ever agrees with him, and its so funny. I mean, Woody Paige is a nut! He is crazy! He is a crazy hilarious nut! But talking about the show now, I love the plot. Its real excellent. And I like how they discuss certain sports topics and then give points to somebody who actually makes some sense and who is right - which is never Woody Paige. Aww, too bad. Eventually Wood Paige will win.
  • but still watching

    really like the show. would've said '10'. missed only twice when cable malfunctioned in 4 yrs. after blackistone's latest, vs. police, i was so disheartened, i thought to protest-quit, but that's punishing myself, so i'll just not watch when blackistone is on. adande, smith, hill, granderson say the same things thoughfully without the racist rants. blackistone's temperament is just sad.
  • An entertaining sports show that features four sports panelists that argue over different topics that revolve around the world of sports. The arguments that the panelists give are scored by the host. The panelist with the highest score wins.

    Around the Horn is a very entertaining show to watch. The Panelists are often very funny to watch, and they often add amusing interjections to the conversations. The panelists are knowledgeable about the wide variety of sports topics that are discussed on the show. My only problem with the show is that the host, Tony Reali, often does not score the arguments fairly, but i do believe that this adds some degree or enjoyment to the show. However, I believe that this does not occur very often, and therefore, it should only be considered a minor problem.

    Other then the above mentioned minor problem, the show is very good, and is very enjoyable to watch. The arguments that revolve around the different sports topics are enjoyable to listen to and offer a different perspective about what goes on in the world of sports. If you get a chance, watch the show, and be sure to watch for panelist Woody Paige's witty says that appear on the board behind him.
  • I make sure I never miss this show on weekdays. I could watch it for hours and hours, very fun to watch.

    I make sure I never miss this show on weekdays. I could watch it for hours and hours, very fun to watch. They bring great facts to sports, in every show, and they give you a game show feeling to it. Much like another one of my favorites, Stump the Shwab.
  • Tony Reali is one of the best moseraters on all of television and the cast is very stable and witty.

    This show started out as a Max Kellerman vehicle for his own career and the show suffered. Once the big wigs at ESPN got rid of Max the show took on the identity that it should have had all along. The writers including Jay Marriotti, Woody Paige, Bill Plascke, J.A. Adande, and Micheal Smith this show has seemingly an endless supply of talent that they can bring on to fill the void for a half-hour. Love that Reali. He knows how to give the questions up to the experts but also he knows when to give his own opinion and especially knows how to handle the panel. This show is a perfect complimant to PTI and an overall great show that every sports fan should find interesting.
  • Great show but needs fine tuning.

    Tony Reali is a decent host on Around the Horn but I personally liked Max Kellerman better. Woody Paige is the best panelist on the show period, and he has a good rivalry with Jay Mariotti; they're always taking shots at each other(although Mariotti sucks). Michael Smith is also a good panelist. This show is starting to get boring since they never talk about anything different. It's always "Why does Larry Brown have a headache?" or "Is Reggie going to the Texans?" or something else that has to do with basketball. It's very sad and pathetic that they actually talk about Tom Cruise having a baby instead of the NHL season wrapping up with the playoffs being set or the rangers choking away the division, or something like that. Lets talk about Anna Benson instead(yes I'm being sarcastic) A good show with good panelists and a decent hosts, but they need to put more NHL and more variation into the show otherwise I won't watch anymore.
  • Loved it til Sarah Spain joined...

    Was my favorite show but honestly Sarah Spain is so insufferable I'm done watching, can't stand it anymore. Between the rant about wanting to bang Michael Jordan (I'm sure her husband loved that one) and her working her home teams into every question I just can't handle it.
  • Leave Baseball Alone!

    No one is forcing anyone to watch baseball. Leave the game alone you morons. You don't understand baseball but get paid to comment on it. It is a chess game and taking away the time necessary to complete a move is sheer stupidity. Want fast watch hockey, soccer, lacrosse or basketball but leave baseball alone.

    I am amazed at how many people involved with sports at so many levels but don't understand the game they are involved in. Baseball is the biggest mind game out there and you want to remove the most important factor to the game. Baseball is all about messing with an opponents head. You can't take that out, it won't be baseball.

  • Get over it!

    The question is "r they black balling Capernick?"

    HELL NO! He black balled himself last yr by sitting during the one thing that shows ur a real American. He could have protested in many other ways! He's an idiot who made a mistake and has to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • get out blackistone

    I find it very disturbing the diatribe of Kevin Blackistone regarding the segment about our National Anthem. The anthem that is sung before each sporting event is to show respect for those who lost their lives for this great country which allows the BLACK -I-STONES of the world to babble his banter to all of us. I used to respect his knowledge and his articulation, but now he's just another disgruntled black man spewing out garbage about what this nation stands for. He disgusts me and as of now I probably won't watch the show anymore as I watched it religiously on a daily basis.
  • Ten Topics, Four Sports Writers, Four Mute Buttons, One Host, and One Daily Champion. In between all that is lots of sports news and yelling!

    If you need a daily sports news fix, Around the Horn is the show for you. Tony Reali is an excellent host. He always has a smile and is having fun with the colorful panelist. The two main panelist are Woody Page (Denver) and Jay Mariotti (Chicago). Other panelists that rotate through the weeks are Kevin Blackistone (Washington), Tim Cowlishaw(Dallas), JA Adande (Los Angeles), Isreal Gutierrez (Miami), Bob Ryan (Boston), Jim Armstrong (Denver), Bill Plaschke (Los angeles), and Jackie MacMullan (Boston). Not only is show funny with everyone arguing, everyone seems to have a good point. It's a great show for you sports news fix and see all the topics in the day of sports. I give this a 10 of 10 from a sports perspective. I hope you all check it out!
  • Witty banter, combined w/ sports puts me in a good mood, now if they would only be more kind to the teams I love :)

    While they try to balance out the west coast and the east coast correspondents, denver and texas don't really count as the mid west, and while Chicago is, Jay is not the most open of people, he locks onto an opinion and doesn't budge.
    I would like to see a revolving 4 th guest, someone from Detroit, Kansas. The show is quick, they cover the top stories always, and make it fun even when the topics are dry. The point scoring is about as accurate as a broken watch, but it is all part of the entertainment.
    Tony has become a great host in the wake of Max leaving, he has made the show his own.
  • great

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  • around the horn made a comment about the nhl season, which begins today (not including the london games). Mariotti said hes anti hockey, which is the most underrated sport in the world.

    These around the horn guys (at least Mariotti) needs to do a little research on the sport, if hed bother looking into it, hed see that hockey is the toughest sport to play, and the players rarely are in trouble (like the mlb and nfl). Wake up! Hockey Rules!! Its been said that the NHL is a spectators sport, then try going to a team like the Dallas Stars play (by the way Mike Modano is on the edge of being the all time leading american born scorer) or any other team. Maybe these guys shouldnt consider themselves sports gurus until they know the four major sports?
  • THE best sports show

    the scoring system may be a little biased, but the show rocks. it\'s not meant to be the serious \"debating\" side of sports. it definately does the job of breaking down the most recent happenings of the sports world, and sometimes non, and brings together 4 different perspectives from highly recognized sports writers. plus, could tony BE any hotter??
  • Around the Horn is a daily sports talk show on ESPN. It consists of 4 sports columnists from around the country debating current sports issues. Host Tony Reali and panelists such as Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige, and Bob Ryan keep the show going.

    Around the Horn is a daily sports talk show on ESPN. It consists of 4 sports columnists from around the country debating current sports issues. Host Tony Reali and panelists such as Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige, and Bob Ryan keep the show going.

    I especially enjoy the panelists that they have on the show, they are all very good and unique. Tony Reali does a good job at hosting, as did Max Kellerman when he was the host.

    Different rounds of debate along with eliminations make the show more exciting. This is really a must watch show for any sports fan.

    I love this show and what the guys say is very intresting and funny the show is just great i live in england and i pay extra for the channal which we get the show on its just worth paying the subscription for show and PTI i love both shows we had a new palam tv on monday and the 1st person we saw on it was woodys and the 1st proggramme we saw on the new tv was around the horn
  • Around The Horn is a superb sports discussion show. I would like to see them get rid of Bob Ryan because he's a total idiot.

    Its got all you would ever need from a sports Disussion Show. It also is funny to watch the guys make fun of each other. This is a PERFECT !)10 for how great it has become. I think its funny that every friday is karoake show on Around the Horn.
  • This is the best sports show on TV. Watch ESPN\'s Around the Horn.

    My favorite television show is \"Around the
    Horn\" on ESPN. The main reason is the
    charisma of the cast. You have Woodrow \"Woody\" Paige of the Denver
    Post and ESPN\'s \"Cold Pizza.\" He has his opinion and no one is going
    to change it. I also like Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times - he
    and Woody clash most of the show, and that is what makes it great. And
    as host Tony Reali would say, \"This is the show of competitive
    banter.\" There are other writers on the show also, but without those
    two, the show would be nothing.
  • All in the hands of Tony. If you like a sports show with a different set of debaters each episode, Around the Horn is for you. Hosted by Tony Reali, you never know when he gives people points, or when he "mutes" them.

    Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige, J.A Adande, Bill Plasche, Michael Smith, Tim Cowlishow, Kevin Blackistone, and Bob Ryan (who I've heard is on the show sometimes but I've never seen). These guys debate about sports topics, and when they do well, they get points, and when they're stupid in Tony's eyes, he'll mute 'em. I don't necessarily like it, the way they do the final, it's good, but I think they should keep the old style. Woody Paige is my favorite collumnist, and it makes me mad when he doesn't get points, and sad when he's against my teams achieving something.
  • great show

    this show is a sports show that has a panel of writers for newspapers. the host is Toni Reali. the main man of the panel is Woody Paige he is always getting muted and it is so funny. it is one of the best espn original entertainment series. better than Pardon the interruption, madden nation, and many other shows on espn. other panelists include Jay Mariotti, J. A. Adande, Tim Cowlishaw, Bill Plaschske, and other people. they competete against each other and try to get the most points be arguing the lastest sports topics. it is a good sports show and something good to watch during the day.
  • Sports discussion show

    Sports analysts from around the country discuss current issues in all areas of sports. They are given points based on their argument and supporting facts. The host, Tony Reali, is the one assigning points but the points system is not taken very seriously. The "point" of the show is to win and therefore earn a spot at the end of the show to talk about a topic of the analysts choice for 30 seconds.

    The show has three different segments. The most important issues are first and the analysts are given more time to discuss different views on each topic. Then comes a "Buy or Sell" round where the analysts pick to buy the question asked or sell it and provide reasons why. With a contestant being eliminated at the end of each round. The final two square off in the short "showdown" round and the winner is awarded with the 30 second "face time" spot.

    There are about eight different analysts that are on the show from time to time. But usually only five of them rotate from day to day. Each analyst has his own specialty in a specific sport and for the most part has a different personality. The sports discussion is very informative but what makes the show original is the analysts being allowed to express themselves and the viewer being able to watch four different perspectives on the same topic. I believe it is the best sports show out there and I watch it whenever I can.
  • This show tells news around sports and is entertaining most of the time.

    I always watch this show everyday, I think that this show is going to last longer on ESPN. It's not just informative, but it can be humorous. Woody Paige always makes me laugh, especially his black board, which he writes funny phrases (most directed as Jay Marrioti) who is usually negative when he talks about sports. As for the other panelists, they find ways to be funny. This show is 6 years old,and has shown over 1,000 episodes and hopefully the show can stay as popular as it is for more years to come. After the show Jim Rome is burning(not a very good show) check out this show because it needs more fans.
  • Around the Horn is a show where 4 panelists from across the country to discuss sports topics going on in the world. This show is great because Tony Reali is a great moderator and the panelists make the show funny and interesting.

    Around the Horn is a sports discussion show where 4 panelists argue on topics and are given points based on the argument they make. This keeps the show fresh and always fun to watch. Also, panelists like Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti always have something to say to each other. Overall this show is great. One of the best shows of its kind.
  • funny show

    Yeah, this is a pretty good show. Woddy Paige is funny. I loike this show 'cause it's so much better then those pther sport talk shows. They just talk and bore me to death. Boring. They amke it funny. That's why this is good. I'm just wondering is what's with all the different talking people?
  • This is a great show moderated by Tony Reali. Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige's rivalry is great. Woody is just funny.

    Awesome show. Max Kellerman used to host this show but ESPN "released" him. I think Tony Reali's a better host and we get to listen to the opinion's of Sports columinsts. It's really interesting, whenever a major incident in Sport occurs, I put on this show immediately. Like when the Ron Artest incident happened on a Friday, I couldn't wait till Monday to see what they would say about it. Great show, the opinions actually are important. I like the buy or sell and the ending round. I just saw a recent episode and saw Michael Holley. What's he doing back? He left that show for a year and a half to work on I, Max! Oh well this show is a daily Fix.
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