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Weekdays 5:00 PM on ESPN Premiered Nov 04, 2002 In Season


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  • Sports discussion show

    Sports analysts from around the country discuss current issues in all areas of sports. They are given points based on their argument and supporting facts. The host, Tony Reali, is the one assigning points but the points system is not taken very seriously. The "point" of the show is to win and therefore earn a spot at the end of the show to talk about a topic of the analysts choice for 30 seconds.

    The show has three different segments. The most important issues are first and the analysts are given more time to discuss different views on each topic. Then comes a "Buy or Sell" round where the analysts pick to buy the question asked or sell it and provide reasons why. With a contestant being eliminated at the end of each round. The final two square off in the short "showdown" round and the winner is awarded with the 30 second "face time" spot.

    There are about eight different analysts that are on the show from time to time. But usually only five of them rotate from day to day. Each analyst has his own specialty in a specific sport and for the most part has a different personality. The sports discussion is very informative but what makes the show original is the analysts being allowed to express themselves and the viewer being able to watch four different perspectives on the same topic. I believe it is the best sports show out there and I watch it whenever I can.
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