Around The Horn

Weekdays 5:00 PM on ESPN Premiered Nov 04, 2002 In Season


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  • An entertaining sports show that features four sports panelists that argue over different topics that revolve around the world of sports. The arguments that the panelists give are scored by the host. The panelist with the highest score wins.

    Around the Horn is a very entertaining show to watch. The Panelists are often very funny to watch, and they often add amusing interjections to the conversations. The panelists are knowledgeable about the wide variety of sports topics that are discussed on the show. My only problem with the show is that the host, Tony Reali, often does not score the arguments fairly, but i do believe that this adds some degree or enjoyment to the show. However, I believe that this does not occur very often, and therefore, it should only be considered a minor problem.

    Other then the above mentioned minor problem, the show is very good, and is very enjoyable to watch. The arguments that revolve around the different sports topics are enjoyable to listen to and offer a different perspective about what goes on in the world of sports. If you get a chance, watch the show, and be sure to watch for panelist Woody Paige's witty says that appear on the board behind him.