Around the World in 80 Plates - Season 1

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered May 09, 2012 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • A Winner Comes Home
    Episode 10
    The final 3 chefs embark on the most important journey yet, the quest for ultimate victory. The contestants face their toughest critics yet, as the judges are a veritable who’s who of Los Angeles’ culinary community. It takes a trek from Southern to Northern hemispheres to determine who will win the final challenge.moreless
  • 7/11/12
    The chefs head south to take on the holy grail of South American cuisine: the Empanada. One chef nearly goes down in flames in the knockout battle to see who makes it to the final round while another’s plan to send a competitor packing backfires.
  • Feeding the Demon
    Episode 8
    The adventure continues as the contestants are forced to face "The Demon chef" and his gastronomically innovative cuisine. A teammate’s lack of passion brings one contestant to a breaking point.
  • Thai Breaker
    Episode 7
    Exotic Thai markets and muddy rice paddies overwhelm one contestant, throwing her off course. The chefs hit the Thai streets to convince skeptical locals that their food is authentic.
  • Ciao Down
    Episode 6
    The chefs shift gears and head north to Bologna where they tackle the local favorite, tortellini. Tempers flare between two chefs over past grievances and one of contestants is intent on taking a teammate down. Paul Bartolotta serves as local food expert.
  • Tale of Two Villas
    Episode 5
    In Florence, the Course starts with a scavenger hunt where the chefs get firsthand experience on the traditions of the local cuisine. With their new knowledge, they head to beautiful villas in the rolling hills of Tuscany to create Tuscan cuisine for the Takeover. One chef causes a disaster in the middle of the night and must confess to his fellow chefs.moreless
  • 0.0
    The chefs are off to Marrakech where The Course takes them on a perilous trip through the Medina. For The Takeover, the teams prepare a local favorite, tagine. The heat rises in the kitchen as one team claims they were sabotaged when ingredients go missing in the kitchen. Chef Moha Fedal serves as local food expert.moreless
  • 5/23/12

    After arriving in Spain, the contestants' knife skills are put to the test in a seafood challenge. Later two teams must work in the same kitchen and do their best to prepare Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Forget Paris
    Episode 2

    While in France, both teams must complete challenges while in the Beaujolais countryside. During the takeover challenge the teams serve authentic Lyonnais dishes while working in local bistros.

  • London Calling
    Episode 1

    The show begins with 12 chefs competing in a trip around the world that starts in London, England. Their first challenge is a crawl through the pubs of london where chefs can either eat traditional cuisine or drink some ale. Both teams then take over Gastropubs and must compete in making the best authentic dishes.