Around the World in 80 Ways

The History Channel Premiered Oct 03, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Not what i expected.... tittle is misleading.


    so u put 2 guys to go "around" the world and the second ride is a steel monster thing that only goes like 10 feet... and thensuddenly they are in peru??? where was... mexico, all central america, colombia? ecuador? i mean... they skipped like 10 countries... but whatever thats one thing.

    Another is that... themonstertruck driver might be a big guy n look all tough in front of u but he is a whiny dude!! the other guy is all survivor deep in.. but he is now much ... of an outdoor.. but he has the spirit..

    Worst show ever on history channel... if it wasnt for the history moments about the rides that the show has i would say this belongs to some other channel like.... travel channel?

    The narrator also its too intrusive he talks in the middle of the guys conversations like... he was a 3rd person there... annoys me.. he sounds like the guy from IRT but idk.. it doesnt matter he is just too much in here.

    The show its.. really not what i expected.. im thinking this guys are just gonna jump into like whatever they find and skip whole countries like if it was a book page.