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  • Indian couple

    I don't understand why that marriage was allowed to continue. I don't know much about their culture but when there are certain requirements, such as children, that are not being met shouldn't it be allowed to end? This woman lied in front of everyone and acts like the tradition of their culture aren't important. If I knew I had to do certain things I have the choice to go on my own way but she completely took the man by the horns and road him like a donkey. I feel bad and disappointed that anyone could take tradition out like dirty laundry. She was wrong and maybe he should of done more research on what was important. There is a reason for tradition, it's to keep your race going but when you want to change what is important in your culture that's having no respect for your culture.
  • The Indian couple

    I was married to an Indian man and I learned the language as well as I accepted the traditions clothing, learned to cook and I liked everything. I really feel this girl lied to her husband before they were married. Indian culture there and she is to westernized. Put your foot down and if she doesn't follow thru I would end the marriage now. She is spoiled and does not deserve you!

  • Christian and marie

    I think Chris n chins aka (maria) he is so rude to her ,training her like a Dog, she those not look naver has a smile on her face. like she should of done what her sister did some one she will have a smile on her face with. And wear is the parents throw all this she going throw by her self. the mother inlaw only cares about if she leaves or not it will be shameful for her if she those lmao,shamfull for what these two kids are not not happy with her becouse her (maria)jawline is bigger then her parents lack of education, and communication what kind of parents are marias they seem unknow, unseen,and making democracy out of her. Why are the parents of maria not seen are they shamfull to show them self on .Are they hiding! Are they wanted from the law seen and not heard its a shame,why is it that Christians parents can say whats going wrong but marias parents dont step in and say what there daughter the grandfather looks like he did not give to shits what was going on,he did not payation to his granddaughter look on her face at the dinner guessing the mother and father of (maria) dont care about there daughter like the grandfather did not care.
  • christian is a control freak

    Christian talks to her like she is a child , the parents sure made a mistake with this one , she should run run run
  • Christian & Marie need real help!

    God is brought in marriage with Christian & Maria. Christian is not following what Scripture says about the husband. They need to find marriage counselors & not his parents to do counseling. He is a spoiled, selfish brat.
  • Run Maria!

    What mother would want their daughter to live with this Giant Jerk? Wow.
  • Christian is male chauvinist spoiled brat!!!

    I can't even watch when he is on. It makes me so angry when he is sitting there doing nothing and ordering her around and she doesn't even say anything! I know she thinks this is the way it's supposed to be, but you can tell that she is not happy. I understand that's the way they grew up but he is acting like a little spoiled pampered fucking brat!!!! He shows her no affection and absolutely no respect! He does not have a clue how to have a happy marriage. If she is going to be the homemaker and not work (don't even get me started on that!) fine but he doesn't have to be a judgmental domineering little prick. I think she is going to lose it on him though because she is so stressed out, she is like a pressure cooker. If he doesn't smarten up and appreciate her and show her some respect, I think he's in for a wake-up call! He's like a little boy trying to act like a man, but he has no idea what a real man is! And his parents should be more supportive of this poor girl whose life has just been totally turned upside down and nobody is supporting her or making her feel welcome. They are just expecting her to be this perfect little slave to virtual strangers! It's absolutely DISGUSTING!!!! I honestly cannot believe that in this day and age, there are women who don't have the right to chose who they give themselves to for the rest of their life!!! Hopefully she smartens up and either straightens him out or takes him out!! Preferably the ladder!!!
  • Maria

    Maria should not stay in that abusive environment. I give her credit for standing up for herself. She is beautiful, strong and courageous. No amount of money is worth the misery. She should go to college and get an education. After all, she's only 17 years of age.
  • Maria & Christian

    This show provides an interesting look into other cultures & the way some others see the world relating to marriage in specific. When I watch Christian though, I am just disgusted. I hope he reads these reviews and realizes what a jerk he is being. Being a traditional wife and being a slave is two very different things. She left everything she knew. He gave up nothing! He acts like it's hard on him or something. He just got a personal servant! What's hard about being an asshole & bossing someone around all the time?! They don't divorce because they are afraid to leave. This isn't the 1800's. Tradition is great in some ways, in others it just provides the perfect excuse to be sexist pig. You can be traditional and still treat your wife with respect. Christian thinks he's a man now. He's just a whiny little spoiled brat. A real man puts his woman first and treats her with respect and love. I take care of my man not because he's my superior, or he demands it, or even because of tradition. I take care of him because he takes care of me. I would do just about anything for him because he shows me the respect and love I deserve. Christian, you will get out of marriage (or life for that matter) what you put in. Maria is giving everything and getting nothing but disrespect. Get down off your high horse and grow up. You are no better than she is just because you have a y chromosome. I won't even call you a man because you don't act like one! Maria, you are beautiful inside and out and you deserve sooo much better! Leave his sorry butt! You don't need to put up with that. You are not property, you are a person. A beautiful, strong woman. The times have changed for the better. I could be wrong, but I don't think your parents would like it if they knew how you are being treated... You could do much, much better!!!
  • Christian is a disgrace to Romani culture

    Christian's behavior is shameful and does NOT represent Romani culture. Even in patriarchal Romani culture, he has mistaken the concept of "wife" with slave.

    He is rude, immature, disrespectful, and clearly lacking in intelligence and empathy. He demonstrates abysmal values that are clearly contrary to those of his parents.
  • Christian and Maria

    I respect everyone"s culture, but draw the line at abuse. Christian is an asshole and is mentally and emotionally and verbally abusive to Maria. If that is the example his parents are showing their son on how to treat women, shame on them. I hope and pray she finds the courage to leave him and not look back. He shouldn't be married to anyone if he trtreats his spouse like a piece of garbage.
  • Arranged

    @faithtoston - I could not agree more. Christian's disrespect of Maria is far beyond borderline abuse, it's full-on abuse. He hasn't even given the poor girl a chance to be a "good, traditional wife" (for lack of a better term); the honeymoon hadn't even begun and he was ordering her around and criticizing her. He never acted like a groom, but like a beast. It disgusted me how he talked about how hard the new marriage is on Really? Ugh- I can't even... it's difficult to believe how anyone could be that unaware and uncaring of another person, no less his bride. He didn't give a thought about how Maria not only married someone she had never met, but moved in with a family with whom she had no previous interaction, leaving the security of her own family behind. I've not seen her "new family" do anything to make her feel welcome and comfortable and certainly not secure. Instead she has to prove herself by serving the entire family. This is only the third or fourth episode. Will Christian improve his behavior? I'm afraid that even if he does, it will be short lived. His core won't change. Hopefully we won't see her get pregnant.

    They claim 90% of arranged marriages are Granted, the marriages may be 'til death do they part, but if someone gives up the choice to their parents of who they marry, who may very well be a complete stranger, it's because they are steeped in tradition. Divorce, I'm sure, is not an option. Chances are, they don't always stay because they're happy. They stay because it's what has been instilled in them and are shamed into doing so. THAT is not my definition of
  • Arranged

    Leave Christian! What a jeep. I know your tradition might be the males in charge and you take care of him but he's horrible. Borderline emotionally abusive.