Arrest & Trial (2000)

(ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Armando Garcia
      Armando Garcia
      Episode 13
      This edition deals with a drug smuggler who the police arrest while he was on his fishing boat.
    • Botched Hit
      Botched Hit
      Episode 12
      This edition deals with a FBI investigation in which a businessman who is targeted by a 2nd assassination attempt. There investigation leads them 2 a surprising culprit.
    • Drug Doctors
      Drug Doctors
      Episode 11
      This edition deals with a agent who spends 6 months under cover to sabotage a cocaine syndicate. He work helped to bring to justice 2 drug dealing doctors.
    • Can't Escape Justice
      This edition deals who the capture of a killer who killed his family, the police arrest 2 years after the murders were committed.
    • Armoured Car Murders
      This edition deals with a year long investigated into a robbery spree which left 8 people dead.
    • Best Friend
      Best Friend
      Episode 8
      This edition deals with a cold blooded murder of a teenager which was committed by his best friend.
    • All-American Girl
      This edition deals with a college student who goes missing and is later found killed. The police quizzed 2 of his roommates who were later charged with the murder.
    • Broken Pearls
      Broken Pearls
      Episode 6
      This edition deals with a woman who is attacked after to had a drink and went for a ride with a man in Vermont.
    • Family Cover Up
      Family Cover Up
      Episode 5
      This edition deals with the murder of a 22 year old woman who was shot at her workplace. The police are shocked when the family takes the news of her death well but they also discover she had life insurance worth half a million dollars.
    • Burning Crosses
      Burning Crosses
      Episode 4
      This edition deals with a undercover reporter who joins up with hate groups to help the police.
    • Dirty Cop
      Dirty Cop
      Episode 3
      This edition deals with a LA cop who is arrested for stealing a yacht. The police discover that he also masterminded several murders.
    • Attack by Pretence
      This edition deals with a sexual predator who the police have been trying to capture for 4 years, they finally get him and he is charged with 50 crimes.
    • Baby Napping
      Baby Napping
      Episode 1
      This edition deals with a newborn baby who was abduction form the hospital by a woman who was posing as a nurse, the only clue the police have is a pager left in the mother room.
  • Season 1