Arrest and Trial

ABC (ended 1964)


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  • A innovative and underrated crime drama

    even though it only last for a single season, Arrest & Trial was one of the most clever and innovative crime dramas of it's day. it was television's first attempt to morph the two types of crime drama in to two parts in a single 90 minute episode, the police procedural and the courtroom drama. the first half of the show focused on Sgt. Nick Anderson (Played by the brilliant Ben Gazzara) tracking down and apprehending the criminal. the second half focused on criminal Attorney John Egan (played by the Rifleman lead Chuck Connors) defending the criminal during the trial. the show was later used as the basis for Law & Order and the only reason why it lasted for a season was because of it's tough competition (it was put up against the second half of the Ed Sullivan Show and Bonanza) this show should not be forgotten even though it didn't last for very long, it was clever and different from all the other crime dramas from that era.