Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 6

Afternoon Delight

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 2004 on Netflix

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  • I own all 3 seasons on DVD and I don't know if I just find this episode to be really silly..

    I love all the characters in this show.. Just love them. Michael and Maeby at the office party singing along to afternoon delight, and then George Michael and Lindsay repeating the same thing again outside the banana stand. Loved how GOB was forced to wear the banana suit after he had ridiculed everyone at the office for wearing "cheap" suits. I have had many good laughs after GOB had "peeled" away the layers of his suit while inside the banana stand, and how Lucille had crashed into the stand, and how Buster has to save the day by operating the "giant" crane. That scnee right there pretty much left me almost on the ground with my pants soaked ;)

    I miss this show, they should bring it back but I doubt it as I have seen some of the actors signed to other shows now..
  • The "Arrested Development" equivalent of a Christmas episode

    An apoplectic Gob, a deaf and concussed Tobias, and the creepiest Christmas party ever. Ted's unfortunate "toast" to the President will be one not soon forgot, as well.
    To sum up: Gob's arrogance as the President of the Bluth company is matched only by Michael's past reluctance to accept gifts from his employees, George-Michael passes on the company party to spend Christmas (Bethelehem time) with Ann's lovely family, and Buster learns a new skill down at the boardwalk. You really got to hand it those Bluth employees, though, sticking with the company through all of that SEC stuff, and then the latest round of incompetence. Hey, I'd laugh at a guy that bragged about how much his suit cost, too. And yes, Afternoon Delight is indeed a more suggestive song than one might imagine.
    Classic moment: a new twist on the old "slipping on a banana peel" gag.
  • It's Christmas time!

    Gob throws the company Christmas party this year where he continuously rises his exaggeration on how much his suit cost and fires all the employees, a very interesting management idea.

    The end of this episode is very well played out with everything coming together: the misunderstanding of Afternoon Delight, Gob in the banana suit, Tobias being deaf and Buster being an expert at the arcade crane game.

    Overall, this is an episode that will get even the most hard-to-impress person hooked and has priceless scenes throughout, involving all the characters and a few renditions of a song inappropriate to be sung by an aunt and nephew.