Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Nov 21, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael arrives at work to find Gob adjusting to his new job as president. Lucille drops by the office to tell Michael that her private eye, Gene Parmesan, has a big announcement for them. He found George Sr's getaway stair-car in Enconta, Mexico. Michael announces that he is going to go to Mexico instead of spending time with George Michael at Legoland, as he had originally planned.

Suspicious that Michael is fleeing to Mexico to stick him with the failing family business, Gob hires a bounty hunter, Ice, to keep an eye on Michael. Michael asks Lindsay to come along to Mexico and bring Maeby as well.

At his going away to the Army party, Buster asks Michael to help him get out of his commitment. Upon hearing of Michael's trip to Mexico, Buster decides he'll head south with them to avoid the service so he hides in the trunk of the family car. George Michael decides that he's going to come along as well, and he's bringing his girlfriend Ann with him. Michael also has to give Lupe, Lucille's housekeeper, a ride home on his way down to the border.

When Lupe gets out and shuts the car door, Buster, who was sleeping in the trunk, gets out as well, thinking he's in Mexico. In fact, he was in Santa Ana, which is six and a half minutes from his mother's apartment. Back home, when Gob asks his mother to go out somewhere with him, Lucille thinks he's making a power grab and sets Gene Parmesan on his tail.

In Mexico, Michael comes across the family's stair-car. Michael approaches a church where, little does he know, a wake is being held for George Sr., and is tackled by Ice. Michael then has Ice hunt down George Sr. Michael decides to head home now that Ice is on the case, but unfortunately, the groups accidentally leaves Ann behind in Mexico.

Upon returning home, George Michael asks his father if he likes Ann now. A realization sets in and Michael and his son race back down to Mexico. Lindsay informs Gob and Ice of this and the two men, thinking that Michael set him up, race back down to Mexico as well. Michael finds Ann, but before he can leave, he's tackled by Gob. Who's then tackled by an undercover Gene Parmesan. And later, Michael is again tackled by Ice.

Buster, meanwhile, gets a job at a restaurant with his new Mexican friends. But is goes awry when he delivers a room service meal to…his mother and Oscar. Buster realizes that he never was actually in Mexico.

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