Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 19

Best Man for the Gob

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 2004 on Netflix

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  • "I don't want to blame it on 9/11... but it certainly didn't help."

    I once read an article online that focused all of its energies on analyzing and commenting on the names in "Arrested Development" episodes. While it's tough to recall them all off the top of my head ("Gene Parmesian" was one that always made me laugh), watch any episode of the show and pay attention to how weird, unique and sometimes flat-out hilarious they are. "Best Man For The Gob" spends a good amount of time focusing on a character we had never met before: the accountant, Ira Gilligan. Gilligan is an easy name to make fun of, mostly because of how recognizable it is (like if somebody today was named "Bieber."), but "Arrested Development" doesn't go for the broad jokes with the name until the end, and when it does, the show absolutely earns it.

    But I digress. The episode isn't all about Gilligan. Instead, the more important plot is the fact that the Bluths need Gilligan to leave the country so he can't testify against them. Instead of just going to the man and talking to him, George Sr. comes up with a ridiculous plan: have a bachelor party for a recently married Gob, hire a stripper who's narcoleptic, get Gilligan super-drunk and when he sobers up, he'll think he killed the stripper (even though she's just sleeping). It's the sort of stupid plan only Gob would agree to go along with.

    Taking a short trip away from that for a moment, we also got a quick flashback of Tobias, Lindsey and Maeby when Maeby was just a baby. As it turns out, they played in a band called "Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution" where they played short jingles of medicines that weren't yet approved by the FDA while Maeby recited the side effects at the end. Tobias believes that getting the band together will bring his family closer, and George Michael wants to get in on the fun. I love it when Michael Cera says with a completely straight face that he should be in the band, playing the wood block, because he has an internal metronome, which makes him a natural percussionist. Equally funny is Tobias' reaction whenever George-Michael tries to butt in on the song.

    While Gob is off trying to frame Gilligan and George-Michael is trying to be in his uncle's band, Michael just wants to spend some time fishing with his son… although it's more of a ploy to spend time with George-Michael. Michael may be the guy who's supposed to be the smartest and the one who holds the family together, but sometimes, he seems like a crummy dad. For instance, taking your son to go fishing when neither of you like doing it isn't a good fatherly thing to do ("Aw man, what did I do now?" George Michael replies after Michael says they're going fishing)

    But the fun of the episode comes completely from Gob's attempted framing of Gilligan. We get an awesome call-back to the "Beef Consomme" episode where Buster wants to get punched in the face. We also get the best line of the episode, where Gob, upon seeing the stripper fell asleep and ruined his plan, panics and tries placing the blame on Gilligan. He says, "Gilligan killed the skipper! I mean, the stripper!" Like I said, it's the only time the show goes for the broad joke with Gilligan's name, but with how good the writing was, it seemed completely natural and earned. Also, Gob punching Michael in the face accidentally was pretty good too. Just a reminder of how screwed up the Bluth family is.

    I noticed below that a couple of people said that this episode was just a sub-par episode of the show, but I can't necessarily agree with that statement. At first, I thought it was a bit sub-par, but a second viewing showed me that the show was still remarkably strong here. That opening segment where the group keeps going from the cold conference room to the hot office was random but it was done is that subtle way that the show is so good at. You knew they were going to keep doing it, but when it happened anyways, it was great. Also, something about hearing Gob menacingly say, "So far, it's been all chain and no ball" is hilarious.
  • Tristram is right.

    This was not Arrested Development like quality, but there were still plenty of laughs to go around and the show still remained true to its original roots of tying up all the storylines in an episode in the end with all the characters' problems coming together.

    I just think the whole concept of strippers and bachelor party shenanigans is so played out that the brilliance of the writers of the show could not even make something creative and original out of it. Add in the ridiculously annoying Amy Poehler and that terrible story arc of her marrying Gob and you had the makings for an average episode by AD standards.
  • Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution

    While I’ve never seen Gilligan’s Island, I loved the hilarious reference, and possibly funniest line of the episode “Gilligan killed the skipper… stripper!” as it shows both the idiocy of Gob and the hilarity of the name Ira Gilligan and the response was very enjoyable too in that he was the designated driver.

    Gob changing his mind about the marriage twice due to George Sr’s opinion was a great character trait and George Sr’s respect for his son is the opposite amount that his son has for him which is also a humorous quality.

    The family band plot was quite funny but nowhere near as entertaining as Gob and Michael’s but it did contribute to the last scene in the episode where Gob knocks Michael out and overall, both plots combine together to make a very well plotted instalment of Arrested Development.
  • Not the best episode but still a hell of a lot better than practically everything else out there.

    Best Man for the Gob is a perfect example of why Arrested Development is the best comedy on American TV: Despite being less hilarious than other episodes of this acclaimed show, it's still ten times funnier and cleverer than anything else out there. The only thing that could equal it is Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Best Man... is also a good example of how brilliantly subtle the humor is. One of this episode's running gags was actually set up in the last episode when Job said something like "My wife's trying to get me to wear brighter jumpers.” I only realized this when I asked a friend why Gob was wearing a bright pink jumper and they explained the reference.

    If anyone hasn't got into this show yet, please do. You're missing possibly the best American sitcom of the 2000s.