Arrested Development S04E14: "Off the Hook"

If the George Michael episode was about his growth and, specifically, growing up, "Off the Hook" was its insane bizarro-world counterpart within the coming-of-age theme. Of the many definitions of the phrase "arrested development," Buster's has always been the member of the Bluth family to most obviously exhibit its most common meaning. But it's usually not this obvious.

It was a little disconcerting to watch Buster traipse around Orange County actively looking for a mother figure. It's one thing for him to rebel against his mother on occasion, or to constantly seek her approval, but to actually say out loud that he really needed a mother figure seemed at best a little on-the-nose and, at worst, a little hackneyed.

Though far be it from me to criticize the genius of this program. "Off the Hook" was still full of the one-liners and situations that make Buster a fan-favorite, creating a warped world of near fantasy. Where does Buster get a costume that's like a cross between Alex Trebek and Pierce Hawthorne's dad on Community? Why is Army so full of goofballs? On what planet would Fancy Monroe fall for Buster with a hand like he's in a Foo Fighters video? Maybe she was having past-life flashbacks to the times when Jamie Foxx used to give people the screech hand.

Tony Hale also seemed to play Buster a little more loosely than usual, though that might just be because of greater exposure, too. There were so many times in this episode that he would deliver a line in such a way that it would be funny, but it wouldn't feel very, well, Buster-y. Think of the the "Motherboy ball" joke or the first time he told Ophelia, "I ain't goin' nowhere." While Buster does have a tendency to go overboard sometimes, it's usually way too much but still within his character. These felt like funny things, but ones that fell outside the realm of Buster's understanding. Though maybe that's just an exhibition of his awkward growth, the coming-of-age that beyond the firm grasp of Lucille. Things grow strangely when the gardener is away, and sometimes that means Buster makes a face very similar to Roberto Boucher in Waterboy.

I feel like I'm saying this a lot, but this episode wasn't exceptional and it wasn't terrible either. It was somewhat surreal and oddly paced, but still funny (why pie?). In the end, it was somewhat fitting for the awkward, disturbing education of a motherman like Buster.


– How long do you think Mitch Hurwitz & Co. have been waiting for the opportunity to do a Psycho reference with Buster? Just for Season 4, or the entire series?

– "Good. I'm glad they saw it. It's was like a Motherboy ball, right?" As soon as Lucille said "testicle," I figured a Linus or Charlie Browns comment was coming. And then I was a little disappointed when none came.

– "Honey, it's 8am somewhere." Sometimes, Arrested Development totally gets LA (even if it takes place on the outskirts of the city). Juice is very important.

– Buster stopping to John-John salute the random military personnel: You have to admire his commitment.

– This may've been a Buster episode but Lucille was a scene-stealer. You could tell just how much Jessica Walter was relishing the material. Their conversation while she was being pulled away by police might've bee one of my favorites of the season from her. "Won't miss it!" Diabolical woman.

– "Buster Bluth and a pie for his mo— Lucille Bluth." So Buster brought pies for his mother and then was also disappointed when there was no cream pie for him at Lucille 2's apartment. A lot of pie talk. Also, gross about cream pie have a pointed double meaning. But I guess these are the benefits when, as Lucille said in "Queen B," these are the best years of her life, the last ones when she can't get pregnant.

– I like that Buster was Herbert Love's Joe the Plumber. Except Buster would never be offered his own talk show. What would that even be like? "Mother Dressing: Outside the Bathroom Until Zip-up or Anything Goes? Let's Let Mother Decide!"

 In addition to Garcelle Beauvais, some other guest-stars popped up in more unassuming roles. Zach Woods was far more likeable as Buster's co-pilot in Army than he ever was at any point of The Office. And Diedrich Bader had my favorite line of the episode in reference to Buster destroying the remote, which now keeps him from fast-forwarding his DVR: "I hope this guy likes the musical acts on Saturday Night Live because he's going to be watching a lot of them." It's true! I fast-forward through almost all of them! Even Kanye!

– When Buster talks about Herbert Love being in "pretty hot hamwater," it reminded me of the last time Buster tried to find a mother figure who wasn't Lucille and ended up with Lindsay. "Sister's my new mother, Mother." Awwww. Good times.

– "I'm in the movie." This Lucille 2 mystery gets curiouser and curiouser.

– I'm really happy that we got a Buster Bluth episode with a full-on dance sequence. His dancing is something so amazingly original that it almost worms its way into my brain and sticks there like a Boyz II Men song. Or maybe I just dance like Buster Bluth. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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