A few days ago we all took a nice long look at the wonderful character posters that Netflix created for Season 4 of our beloved Arrested Development. However, I am always insatiably curious about what poster truly represents the essence of a show - whether it be due to a great inside reference (so many for this show), a love of a specific character (I'm looking at you Eric), or just simply because it looks awesome (special hello to Fringe and American Horror Story, and so many others).

In any case in Round 1 (feel free to click and continue voting!) we had the characters battle themselves to determine which poster everyone loved for each character. That mission accomplished, it's time to have the characters battle it out for the best overall character poster. Before we begin, here are a few interesting notes (to me) from Round 1. Buster turned out to either be the most interesting character for everyone with the most votes or it was simply due to it being the first poll in the post. George's posters turned out to be the toughest decision, but not too tight (61% to the winner as I'm writing this). Maeby's poster was the in the lead as the low vote getter for quite a while, but your grand champion for Round 1 goes to Lindsay with her winning poster getting 98% of the votes cast in her poll.

Round 2 - Begin!

Mother vs Boy - Lucille vs The Hook (Buster)


Battle of the Funkes - Lindsay vs Tantamount (Maeby) vs The Shorts (Tobias)


Father vs Son - The Banana Stand (George Michael) vs Freedom (Michael)


I don't have time for your tricks - The Ice Cream Bar (George) vs The Dove (Gob)


Make your case for your favorite Arrested Development poster in the comments.

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Comments (2)
Sep 11, 2013
Overall I like the ones with the character rather than the objects, although I chose Tobias's cut-offs. My favorite of all these is Lucille's.
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