Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 13

Development Arrested

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2006 on Netflix

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  • Rushed, and it shows

    Sorry folks, everyone wants to slap a 10 on this episode and it doesn't deserve it.

    Was it a successful conclusion to the series, perhaps. But it was well below the quality Arrested Development has had in past episodes.

    Lucille-completely out of character at the end. She is the "company mastermind"? Much too late for that bit.

    Annyong-out of nowhere, doesn't make much sense. In an hour-long episode where they can reference Annyong's Bluth past (types a lot like "Anyone".) a bit more detail might have worked. But as it is I didn't get his involvement in the second SEC raid.

    Lindsay's age-OK, so is she 37, 40, or 43? I at first thought se was lying about being 37 to Michael, when she was really 40, because twin brother Michael would know her real age. But then to say she was and adoptee and three years older, why does she whine about now bing 40? or is it her lie that's really 40, and her truth now 43?

    Oscar-Free shrimp? That's how George found Oscar after not finding him in earlier episodes?

    There were some good laughs (the older women remark, GM punching GOB, spooning) and as a series finalie it does a good job of tying up loose ends and bringing the series into a full circle. However, it just doesn't hold up to the high standards the series set for itself.
  • The end's not near, it's here!

    Why was this show cancelled? I just can't figure it out!!! Even in its final episode it is as hilarious and clever as it ever was!
    It makes me sad that the people don't know a good thing when they have it. The same happened To Veronica Mars, What About Brian and Dark Angel. I just don't get people!
    Though it was sad to see it go, they wrapped the show up nicely and in true crazy Arrested Development fashion.
    I was a little surprised to see who was really behind the madness, though I always suspected. And it was nice to see George Micheal man up and Gob still as shallow and stupid as always.
    I do love this show and I always will. Good thing I bought all three seasons so the memory lives on forever!
  • Arrested Delevelopment we hardly knew ye, lol.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode and find it hilariously funny.

    I like how it sort of echoes the pilot in some ways and is really kind of not the usual happy ending you normally see in most series and it is just plain funny.

    I was kinda sad when it was over because I knew there probaply wouldn't be another episode, but there is a small possibility.

    I really wanted a great finale that would stay true to the series and I think this one accomplished that task. Oh, and please not I didn't see them as a two-hour-special, just this one after putting it off for ages.

    I will miss you Arrested Development and where ever you are please come back we miss ya-lol, captaindillo.
  • Arrested Development, we hardly knew ye.

    Here lies Arrested Development. *Weep weep* One of my all time favorite comedies, taken before its time. All I have left are my DVD box sets, and the fervent hope that a movie might be made someday. This final episode wraps up the series with a few twists both unexpected and predictable. It was nice of the show to wrap it all up for us, instead of leaving us to wonder what had happened. It was hard to see you go, Arrested Development, but the time we spent together was truly memorable and infinitely quotable. "What about macaroni- let me finish- salad?" "I'm on mushrooms, bad mushrooms!"
  • It was painful to watch only because it was the last episode : (

    The writers did a lot to emulate the pilot and i think it was effective in providing the show a good send off not that it deserved to be cancelled! Maybe the whole thing with Lucille being the evil schemer of the company was a bit rushed in the end not that it was out of her character. Still a thoroughly enjoyable episode and one of my favourite quotes was in this episode "Kitty likes to scratch". It was good that they brought back Annyong, Ann and the seal with the yellow bow. Arrested Development will be missed : (, Props to Ron Howard for having the last word.
  • Maybe a movie?

    And with that, the Bluths finally sail off into the heavily charted waters of premature cancellation, never to be heard from again. Unless there's a reunion special, or a TV-movie, or maybe even, dare I say it, a theatrical film. Hey, if Joss Whedon can turn an overlooked Fox series into a successful feature film, why not the good people at the Hurwitz Company and Imagine Entertainment? There were a lot of nods to earlier episodes, the pilot in particular, and a lot of uber-jokes as the Bluths tie up their loose ends and throw a yacht party to celebrate their success in dodging all of those pesky treason charges. Something finally happened with Annyong, Buster overcame his two greatest fears, Lindsay comes to an interesting conclusion after learning about her past, and George-Michael finally gets to have that talk with his dad about girls. So, everybody did a little bit of growing, with the possible exception of Lucille, who hasn't gotten any better at fleeing the authorities, and Oscar, who somehow still trusts and, apparently, respects his twin brother - you've got to love that about him.

    What else is there to say about this show that hasn't already been said? It was one of a kind, a true product of it time, and we may never see it's like again. It made Jason Bateman cool for the first time since the Reagan administration, got Ron Howard back into the acting business, introduced a new audience to David Cross, and showed us the talents of a whole slew of fantastic actors. I look forward to seeing Michael Cera around for awhile, I'm sure Will Arnett will find work ... somewhere, and I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying that Portia di Rossi will probably be getting an invitation to the Oscars next year. So, goodbye you wonderful show, and may you always find safe harbor in DVD players everywhere.
  • Arrested Development is officially over!

    This episode is one of the best episodes of Arrested Development which happens to be the finale and it is dealt with very well, with great pilot references such as the boat party, “Why is Michael crying? Because he has to stay with these people the rest of his life!” and the “What have we always said was the most important thing” –breakfast/family switch.

    Gob dating Ann (her?) and Lindsay being adopted (and thus coming onto one brother and being hit on by another) were terrific ways to end their plots for the series and Maeby trying to get Arrested Development to become a series, (which the producers turned down) was a great plot too.

    George Michael escaping his cousin with his father who was escaping the rest of the family was a very familiar ending and definitely shouldn’t be changed.

    Michael waking up to different family members was a very funny recurring moment in the episode and Oscar being at the boat party, aswell as Ann and Annyong being in the episode is terrific use of characters with smaller parts throughout the series.

    While I don’t want Arrested Development to end, I couldn’t think of a better way for the series to go out than with an episode like this.
  • A great ending to a great show. Still would love a movie though...

    As much as I hate to admit it, I get why this show was axed. Although it's almost impossible not to laugh out loud from some of the one-liners (for example every inadvertant homosexual remark Tobias has made), most of the jokes wouldn't make sense to anyone new to the show. I laughed hard in an earlier episode when Tobias reffered to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as the OC disorder, and Michael blantantly replied "Don't call it that", but anyone else wouldn't really get it.

    What was great about the show was the way it referred to jokes from previous episodes. Not just one or two episodes before... but from seasons ago (loved the name of GOB's yacht... the "C Word") That and the stories would contain arcs that wuld last several episodes... stories thought out so well they would result in a twist later. I never pieced it together that GOB's catholic girlfriends was Ann... but I feel stupid after all the clues that I couldn't get it.

    The last episode showed the most dysfunctional non-animated family ever at it's worst. Lindsay finds out she's adopted and isn't upset, but when she finds out her real age she's outraged. Trying to get Michael- her brother for 37 years to marry her was just insane... and then GOB hitting on her to get revenge on Lindsay was even more disturbing... yet still reflects on hour bad the bluths really are.

    Michael finally listens to George Michael... and his answer to get him back together with Ann was equally funny... again a joke nobody would get if they hadn't watched the previous two seasons. Then punching out his uncle after finding out he stole her from him was great too.

    Annyong's real name was discovered- which sadly I was always hoping we'd find out. And Ron Howard's cameo at the end was good too... but probably expected for the last episode. Wouldv'e liked to have seen more ackwardness between Maeby and George Michael... but the episode played out well in the end.

    Finding out Lucille was the evil mastermind of the family wasn't a big surprise. She always seemed to know everything about George's dealings and had that controlling thing about her so it wasn't a major surprise.

    The episode would have been better if old recurring characters like Lucille 2, Henry Winkler (forget his name at the moment), Kitty and Steve Holt were in it... but the episode was so funny and fast paced we didn't really have time to miss them.

    Anyway this show will go down as one of my all time favourites... and I'll for a long time be quoting things like "I've made a huge mistake" and "Her?" and "Well that was a freebie" just to annoy my other Arrested Development loving friends!
  • Great Ending To A Great Show.

    Just a nice episode that shows why the show was so darn good. Not to get into too many details, but the plot twists and turns the way the best episodes in the series alway did.

    I think with the ending of the episode, it is obvious that it will not continue, and think the makers of the show just may want to end it here on such a high note, whic i could not agree with more. The way this show ended it almost how it began, with Michael wanting to leave...accept this time, he does...and he sort of gets away.

    Great show, and it will be missed, greatly.
  • There was no better way to take off.

    There hardly more to say than that this was the perfect ending for a too perfect show. Everybody is crying for this show to come back but let us be honest: If they would they would also ruin this perfect ending. You have to stop at its best and it could never be better than what we got with this and all the previous episodes.

    Let it go and be happy we were part of something great! Some really great show.

  • Perfection... and we wouldn't expect anything less than that for AD.

    Well if this ends up being the series finale it certainly will be a very fitting conclusion to the show. I would however definitely like to see it go on...and on and on and on..on showtime. If the last 4 episodes were any indication the show definitely has tons left in the tank for future seasons. Those 4 back to back to back to back episodes were definitely 4 of the best in the entire run of the show.

    I really hope Mitch does go with Showtime and get the show a home that will treat it well and respect it like it deserved on FOX all these years.

    The Bluths may be unlikeable people, but you wont find a tv family that you love more after this few episodes ever again.

    I'm not gonna lie. I got a little emotional. This is the funniest show ever. I can't believe only a handful of people watched it. It will sorely be missed.

    Showtime, I beg of you, pick this show up!!! It will boost your ratings, we will follow the show, oh yes, we will follow.
  • I really can't speak highly enough about this show. I'll be honest - sometimes it took me a minute to get the reference - but when I did (and I normally would :) it gave me that "inter-joy"

    I really can't speak highly enough about this show. I'll be honest - sometimes it took me a minute to get the reference - but when I did (and I normally would :) it gave me that "inter-joy" (aka warm fuzzy feeling - lol!) that would last and not disappear at the next commercial break.
  • Wow what a send off to a truly incredible show.

    If this is how arrested development is going out, then so be it. It was such a hilarious and brilliant send off that I will be content. What made it so incredible were some of the little rewards hidden for people who have been with it from the begining. The Iraq part was absolutely hilarous. Whats more funny than a bunch of look a like Sadams in a copy cat bluth model home? I died laughing. Also the surprise return of Annyong was hysterical as well. It shows you that even the minor jokes and seemingly unimportant parts of this brilliant show were key. Overall I could not be more thrilled with this ending though i will sorely miss it. Showtime please pick this show up!
  • The final episode (like but hopefully not) forever. With their new found innocence the Bluth’s want to celebrate, but Michael has to try one last time to keep the family together, and not to sell their shares.

    Yes I know it’s horribly sad but I’ll get to that at the end of the review.

    This episode was wonderful, by repeating the way the first episode happened the show came full circle, and had a good conclusion.

    All the jokes in this episode were just wonderful, one joke after another. I love that they address GOBs living conditions because you always wonder wear he is living, he only seems to have houses when he has a girlfriend or a wife, and I always wonder where he goes. Poor Lindsey you really see how horrible her life is in this episode and how badly Lucille has treated her. Which brings me to another point. All through this episode each person has an almost humanizing moment or a moment where they see some sort of truth they never saw before except Lucille and GOB and I kind of feel badly for Jessica Walters because on the last episode you would want some kind of memorable role and to be the only bad person in an episode would be sad. But at the same time I’m sure she knows it’s just a character.

    The Banana stand part was the absolute best, bringing back Annyong was an inspired idea and one that really balanced out the episode. I sort of wanted Steve Holt to come back on the final episode but you can’t always get what you want and I’m not even sure that they had enough time to put him in the episode.

    Lindsey and Tobias’ card saying “there’s a girl in my soup” was absolutely disgusting, I just had to say that. And so was the shoveling coal part (I’m surprised they were even aloud to put that on TV).

    The Michael selling out part was pretty sad since it mad it seem like the show would have a sad ending.

    This episode most definitely had the biggest surprise I have ever seen on Arrested Development. When Stan said that Lindsey was adopted I was so shocked. And so was she when she found out she was fourty. The next part when she starts coming on to Michael was just so messed up, you really felt somehow dirty just looking at it. But the next joke when he said he wasn’t that into older women, prompted one of the biggest explosive laughs I have ever had. I love that she thinks that she is going to marry Michael too, oh she’s completely crazy.

    Tobias in the bed made me laugh too, just David Cross’s facial expressions can make me die laughing.

    The last Ann joke was great. I knew that GOB was going out with her. In the back of my mind I knoew because he said he would go out with the third place girl and he kept on talking about his religious girlfriend, its so weird but so funny. And I was just so happy when George Michael punched him it was just the final thing. Now he is a man, it’s cute because at the same time they just had that part where Maeby thinks that the secret room was her dads exercise room. Both these parts really humanize both these characters and that’s good because we might not be able to see any more from them.

    GOBs knee-jerk revenge mode was so funny the mere fact that he was completely willing to try to hit on the girl who he thought was his sister for 37 years shows the kind of person he is.

    When Michael cried it made me so sad. Just because it’s very possible that this was the last day on the set and the actors probably were crying in real life. I wish that at the end though Michael would have let George Michael go with Maeby, now that it is legal (I think).

    The final line was exciting I hope that it was serious. I’m also happy that Ron Howard was finally in the show. But back to the movie, I seriously hope that goes through. Obviously I would rather see more episodes for a long time but a movie would be great too. And if Ron Howard is behind it then it has a lot more pull.

    Now on to the serious portion. So it’s over (hopefully this isn’t true). What do we do now. Obviously all of us hope that Showtime or better yet but less likely ABC picks up the show. And even though they closed off many storylines I don’ think the show is necassarly over. With those writers and Mitch Hurwitz along with the characters themselves the possibilities are endless. So we can all pray and petition and send letters to every one. Personally I want to send fan mail to each star, Jessica Walters, Portia De Rossi, Jason Bateman everyone even Ron Howard and Mitch Hurwitz just saying thank-you for keeping the show alive and making it so good. And encourage them not to leave the show or give up. Obviously I will follow the news but more importantly I will try to recruit as many fans as possible, I have been trying this for a long time now but maybe now that it’s cancelled
  • Fantastic Season Finale. One of the Best Episodes.

    This is the reason why I watch this series.
    This episode is one the finest...
    And an Absolutely Fantastic Season.
    Lucile throws a party for the bluth company shareholders on a huge ship.
    Buster faces his fears.
    Michael finally becomes the CEO.
    Too bad it is the Series Finale. I would love to watch another season.
  • Possibly the best series finale of all time! And I only say possibly because I hope that this wasnt the series finale! This show must continue...

    I've seen every episode of Arrested Development several times, and I must say that this is close to the best episode ever! I believe that the first episode ever of AD might have been the best, but this last episode was a genius juxtaposition of that first episode. It also tied together every plot line that existed, including the Ahng Yung thing that I had completely forgotten about! GENIUS! And the stuff with Judge Reinhold from a previous episode. MAGNIFICENT! This last season was great, Please someone make another!
  • i cant believe this is the last one....

    should arrested development return on showtime, i shall be eternally grateful. if it doesn't at least we have one of the greatest finales in all time television.

    i appreciate the few and proud fans of this show for sticking with it for three solid seasons, its what kept the show alive for this long.
  • The End?

    at the end of the original "the Blob" from the late 1950's the words "the end?" appear on the screen, a trick to allow the producers to complete the story while also leave the door ajar for any future "blob" fun. (wasn't there a "son of the blob" film?)
    ADhas done the same, bringing the show full circle, allowing us fans to enjoy a perfect ending to a great and brilliant show.
    HOWEVER....if Showtime, or ABc or ANYBODY (home and garden channel are you listening?) would pick up the show and bring it back, the options are wide open to continue with the great writing and acting.
    Truly a great show, and it WILL be missed.
    (so pick it up SHOWTIME!!)
  • The wit, satire and humor tops even all time greats like Seinfeld, South Park, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    All I have to say is... WOW! Though not everyone will agree but this is hands down the funniest and most brilliant show I have ever seen. The wit, satire and humor tops even all time greats like Seinfeld, South Park, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though I am bitterly dissappointed to see the episode count cut dramatically every year from 22 to 18 to 13, I am not all that suprised that this type of serial comedy doesn't appeal to the masses, though Fox could have done a lot more to promote and schedule the show helping the ratings just enough eek out an entire season(s).

    As for the potential series finale, we could not have asked for more. Mitch Hurwitz was able to wrap up many of the loose threads througout the series, taking a shot at Fox with Buster's "Skating With Celebrities" line, and leaving just a small opening incase Hurwitz decides to take up Showtime on their offer to extend the series for at least another two 12 episode season. If it doesn't I can't remember another show that has ended as nobly and hilariously as this one.
  • As a season finale episode, there are countless revelations, many previous conflicts are resolved, and everything comes full circle. Well scripted, well acted, and well directed.

    The fact that the writers of "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" were able to tie everything together perfectly, despite having their episode order trimmed down to 13 from 22, is a testament to their abilities as fantastic writers. As a season finale episode, there are countless revelations, many previous conflicts are resolved, and everything comes full circle. Running jokes from throughout the series' run continue in full force. With regards to this, the writers' consistency never ceases to amaze me. Hope still remains that this show will be picked up, but I want to personally thank the writers for ensuring that there would always be a fitting send off to this amazing comedic series.
    Well scripted, well acted, and well directed. Simply, the best show most people aren't watching.

  • Amazing finale, please come back!

    This was an excellent ending to the show. I actually hate to say this, but I would be more than satisfied if this actually ended up being the last we see of these characters (then again I would kill to have the series know, if it came to that.)
  • Ending With Bang!!! +R.I.P. Arrested Development

    Talk about ending with a BIG bang. I love the way they tied everything up even tried to include all the little bits and pieces of subplots from previous episodes into one big happy sendoff for Arrested Development.

    The jokes, the wit, the ridiculous-ness (is there such a word!), the machine-gun pacing of jokes, the web weaving of plots.... Absolutely the hallmarks of a damn good comedy series. This episode has all of em and more....

    I am gonna miss this show terribly!!!! :((
  • It made me laugh so hard that I cried.

    This unforgettable Series Finale must've seen Arrested Development's highest ratings yet. With this finale episode in the four new episode finale block, I was truly in pain. I have never gotten four episodes of Arrested Development in a row that I hadn't previously seen and by the second hour of FOX's two hour "season finale" block my face was hurting and my head was pounding (from laughing so loud and hard) maybe I should have that looked at...
  • Season finale where all is wrapped up nicely. Charges against George Sr. are dropped and Michael is now CEO. A party is thrown to celebrate.

    Yet another fantastic episode from this great series. I will miss this show if it is completely canned. So much great stuff was in this episode.

    Michael's sister turns out to be adopted and she hits on Michael. GOB was sleeping with Ann (her?). Return of Sitwell. Man this series just plain rocks.

    Luciell turns out to be behind everything and the SEC comes after her. Loved how the series ended like it all started.

    One of the best gags was having Maybe pitch the family's story as a TV show to Ron Howard. Ron turns it down as a series but considers it for a movie.

    I really hope they do more season of this show.
  • The final episode of this show, or at least of this season! After everything was revealed last episodes, this time we get the whole truth, and the show takes a lot of different turns!

    Is it the end or the restart?

    Michael finally gets CEO of the Bluth Company! But with that the problems start even more, because now everyone just wants to sell their shares.
    But anyone who thought after the last episode we learned everything is so wrong! We learn a lot more in here! First Lindsay is just adopted and three years older than Michael! So George Michael is could stay married to Maeby, but he reveals his secret to his father!
    George Micheal finds out that Gob is dating his ex Anne and he beats Gob up for that, and even better, we now realize what’s with the slapping from the last episodes!
    Even better I liked when Lindsay hits on Michael!
    But the biggest reveal is that not George Sr. is in charge of this family, it’s Lucille!
    Then there’s an even bigger surprise when Annyong is back!! And he only came for revenge against the Bluth’s because the frozen banana idea was stolen form his grandfather!
    So Lucille sees no other way than to flee with the ship they were partying on! It’s the Queen Mary!
    This episode closes a really great show, but it opens new opportunities too! I hope this show can move to SHO. When not, this show got one of the best series finales ever!!
  • The end of Arrested Development.

    Over the years I have come to truly love a selected amount of shows, one of which was Arrested Development. From the moment this show first aired I couldn't help but think that I might have finally found the one comedy that I would never get tired of, and would never sell out. (cough simpsons cough) As time went on, I was assured that my assumption was correct. Episode after episode the show just kept getting better and better with it's random guest stars (such as super dave osbourne, ben stiller, charize theron) and its sometimes wacky but always smart sense of humor. I can see why this show didnt last. It was one of the few smart comedies on television and most people don't want smart, (either because they're lazy or in my opinion just dont get it) so inevitably this show was doomed. Luckily for us fans, we got to see three amazing seasons of this show, all on an equal level of greatness. I have to say that the final four episodes were amazing, most of all the last one. Everything that us Bluth fans wanted to see come together, came together. And not in a bad way either like a lot of shows do often, in fact this was probably the best finale for a tv show i've ever seen. Everything came together well and with the hilarity of AD that we all love. (come on, I can't be the only one who was happy to see George Michael and Maeby get to second base! =D) Anyway, Arrested Development was an amazing show and although I, along with many others are sad to see it go, it had a great run and ended so well that I hope showtime doesn't pick it up. Lets let a great show stay great. Arrested Development, you will be missed.
  • Say it ain't so...Bluths RIP

    Say it ain't more Bluths? As irreverant and deliciously tasteless as ever. One of the only laugh-out-loud shows around. Too bad there isn't more interest in originality and innovation and less interest in lame, safe run of the mill family comedies (King of Queens, Raymond, Still Standing). As usual, the writers referenced a number of past episodes (cameos) and wrapped everything up (with a tattered, rotting bow).

    Now, I will go to my room, turn off all the lights and reappear when the series comes out on a special issue dvd set.
  • This episode had everything we have come to love and respect of the show and its writers, I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire final episode.

    This episode was nothing short of amazing in essentially one episode (techinally four) everything wrapped up in the most funny and perfect of ways. GOB dating Anne, Lindsey being adopted, Buster winding up with the seal, Ron Howard saying Maeby's story wouldn't work as a show but possibly a movie. The shots thrown at Fox and there "Skating with Celebrities" garabage. The show ended the way Season 1 ended with Michael and George Michael leaving the family. God bless Mitch for the amazing series he has created, and for pouring his heart and soul into this show. If this is indeed the end then there is no possible better way to go then the way the series ended, I am very guarded if the show does continue merely because of the fact that everything drew to a close in the best way possible...hiliariously.
  • Not only is this the funniest episode ever, it's also the saddest.

    Here we are, the end. I hope it wouldn't come to pass, but it has. The final episode if Arrested Development, one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. That even with only 3 seasons, can stand toe-to-toe with the like of Seinfeld, Frasier, and The Cosby Show. IMO, this show surpasses those and this episode is a classic example of why. It is funny to a person who has never seen the show, incredibly funny to a person who has seen some of the show, and one of funniest things ever made to a person who has seen the entire show. This is what makes the show so great, it rewords people for seeing th show from the beginning. Unfortunetly, this is also one of the show's (if it's only) main weaknesses. People can't just jump and get hooked emediatly, they MUST watch some of the show to understand every little tid-bit. This may very well be why the show can't get good ratings. However, not all the blame belongs on the sholders of Arrested Development and it's creators. Fox, which can make a person want to watch shows like the War at Home and Skating With Celebrities, should ahve no trouble marketing an Emmy winning series with some of the most creative material ever seen.

    Now that I've gone threw my rant, I can get started on reviewing this episode. Now, I can recall when TV Land gave it the award for "Future Classic". I believe this episode has officialy made it classic televison. It wraps up every single loophole, references all the way back to the pilot and even has the Queen Mary (yes, the ship) go on a rampage. Finally, we see the origin of the frozen bananna, Announg's real name is "Hel-lo", and near incest makes this s true classic and elevates to an umprecendented level. It's truly sad to see this series come to end, but they pulled if off perfectly and made it look easy, as if they could do it whenever they chose. Such talent doesn't come by everyday, and that's what makes the final line of this show so heartbraking, you realize it may very well be over. If it is, I hope someday, people will finally see this as the classic it has become.
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