Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 12

Exit Strategy

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2006 on Netflix

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  • Michael and Buster go to Iraq to save Gob.

    This episode has a lot of funny dialogue, as usual. Rather than quote anything specifically, I recommend you check out what is listed on this episode's page. Very funny stuff.

    I really liked Detective Munch, from Law and Order: SVU, appearing as a guest star. His scrapbook class intended to get information out of Tobias was a "hoot." It's always nice to see characters move around from show to show and make the plot work with the addition of their character. It doesn't always work, but it did in this episode.

    As usual, the plot was very cleverly created and demonstrates why this show is so unique.
  • And the gloves come off.

    So, George Jr. finds religion, goes to Iraq to clean up after his daddy, lands himself in a real mess, and fails to find any weapons of mass destruction. No, it's not Bob Woodward's latest book, it's Arrested Development. The show has always danced around the politics a little bit, but I guess with the end so near it was finally time to let the gloves come off. Mission accomplished, indeed.

    Hey, Maebe's little double life is finally exposed. I'm kind of surprised that the revelation of her age made any difference to her career as a movie producer at all; seems like people are kind of born into it these days. At least she got to find out who her real mother is. Most people would probably prefer proof of a less graphic nature, but anything that turns those little kissing cousins off to sex (particularly with each other) can't be too bad. And so closes the show's most awkward story line.

    In spite of the best efforts of himself, his family, and the U.S. Army, Buster finally made his way to Iraq, where he somehow managed to solve all of the Bluths' problems with a cell phone. Not bad, Baby Buster, not bad at all. I really enjoyed the scenes of Iraqis being trained to manage their own security; that's something that we've heard about so often but never really envision happening. Can't forget those metal detectors.
  • Gob goes to Iraq

    As the series reaches its end, Arrested Development still brings out fantastic episodes like this one with great jokes involving Buster trying to be a hero and Gob in prison for his burning Bush illusion which was taken a different way by the Iraqis.

    The highlights of this episode would have to be the attempts by the government to get Gob to escape, Maeby and George Michael getting drunk on fake wine and the model home in Iraq filled with Saddam Hussein look-alikes and the WMD that wasn’t real.

    This episode marks the end of Maeby’s career in the movie business as George Michael sends the information about her age to her co-workers and thus ends Maeby’s continuing subplot.

    Overall, this episode is very funny and I can’t wait to see the last one.
  • great episode

    The most brilliant part of this episode is that Larry Thomas aka the Soup Nazi, plays a Saddam H. look-a-like.
    Back in \\\"for British Eyes Only\\\" George claimed that when he met the real Saddam, he thought he was meeting the Soup Nazi instead. This is another outstanding reason why this show was so good.
  • The Bluths ended (unfortuntely) their run as TV's greatest family or lack there of. One of the greatest endings with Ron Howard making a comment on the whole thing.

    I thought that the greatest show on TV went out on top.....well not really not even on in their time slot in their catagory. it wrapped everything they had been doing over the 3 seasons including Anyong...who was a spy for the US government. I wish this show would continue on Showtime or ABC or somewhere so we do not have to suffer. This was the only show where I could literally laugh so hard I would miss the next two jokes. I should have been recording them all along. So long A.D. we harldy knew ye.
  • G.O.B. goes to Iraq on the USO tour and ends up in prison, and Michael and Buster go to try to find him and while there visit Saddam’s model home. Meanwhile the Prosecution tries to get Tobias to give them evidence against George Sr.

    This episode is another clearly shortened version of a long storyline but they worked it out and it went very well. SO many funny things happened.
    I love Tobias’ entire portion, in the DA’s office and in the “free Scrapbooking” class. When the y made fun of CBS I nearly fell off my chair. It’s just so true, every new show CBS has is just another version of a procedural crime drama. And Tobias wearing Maeby’s suit was classic. And his little portion of a Vagina Monologue.
    Lucilles wisdom is so funny. Like Vodka goes bad after you open it and wine doesn’t turn to alcohol unless you leave it. When you really step back and look at it the family is just so mentally screwed up.
    The buster and Adalaide part was so funny too bad only people who have been watching the show would get that last bit of dialogue between them. I know I was laughing when he said he’d stick a fig of his mouth. When I first saw Adalaide in the other episode I knew I had seen her before but I couldn’t figure out when until that little joke.
    The entire Iraq Part of the episode was funny too. I think that the show must have received a good amount of money for these last few episodes which is good because you could tell that the budgets have been quite small recently. The model home in Iraq was great and the CIA’s involvement was unexpected. It’s so funny how they just completely cleared up the entire storyline in less that a minute just by involving the CIA in everything. I was getting worried that we would be left in the lurch forever once the show ended. But his episode clears most things up.

    The final part where Saddam says that he is only a look alike was hilarious, the mere fact that the show would do that is funny in itself.
  • The big mystery gets solved in this episode!!

    Tobias still tries to have sex with his wife, but fails again! So Lindsay’s alcohol consummation explodes. George Michel is struggling with the fact that his married with Maeby. Again the state attorney tries to play a new member of the Bluth family, this time it’s Tobias. So Tobias visits a course how to provide a present to the beloved child. I so liked that, especially when they offered him the helicopter to get some details. Even better the examples witch persons where caught because of this technique and witch not.
    Buster gets out of his coma, or better, he gives it up. So Buster and Michael fly to Iraq to rescue Gob, who got imprisoned there, because he started an anti-American demonstration. So they get him out and visit the Iraqi model home and find a lot of Saddam look-alikes. Even more interesting was the nuclear warhead in it!
    The big shock of this episode is provided to Maeby and George Michael when Tobias shows them pictures of Maeby’s birth!
    But here every mystery gets solved, so why wasn’t that the end? Because it’s Arrested Development!
  • Why did this show get canceled?

    That is all I am going to say, this show deserved another 4-5 seasons tops. The show worked so well with its time constraints (based on the people at FOX, F%^& YOU!), they thought it would be best to pull the plug and fill it with Skating with the Douche Bags, yes Jiliian Barbier is hot, put skating is for FAGS (no offense), and I would rather spend my time watching a Headie Comedy like arrested development, and I will truly miss this show. AD RIP!