Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 10

Fakin' It

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2006 on Netflix

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  • George Sr. orchestrates a mock trial to prepare the family for the real thing. Buster goes into a coma to avoid testifying. Michael finds out there may be a N. Bluth in his family and George Michael and Maeby participate in a mock wedding.

    It’s very sad that this is the beginning of the end but at least they are going out with a bang. This episode is just classic Arrested Development. The usual feud between Michael, and George Sr., Lindsey and Tobias alternating between giving up on there marriage and trying to save it, GOB trying to be noticed, and Buster attempting some ridiculous stunt for little or no reason with Lucille tagging along.

    The reason why I gave this episode a 9.9 (which is almost as low as I’ll go with AD episodes is because of William Hung, I hate him and I don’t think that he is funny at all. And I hate FOX for keeping him around for so long. But besides that part the episode was wonderful.

    Note: I was going to do a list of quotes I liked from this episode but it got to be ridiculously long so I’ll submit them to the quotes section.
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