Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 11

Family Ties

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2006 on Netflix

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  • Michael hires a prostitute, who he thinks is his sister, to help out in the office.

    Jason Bateman's sister guest stars as a prostitute who Michael thinks is possibly his sister. As the truth unravels, we see that although she is not his real sister, she effectively steps in and helps out within the company in more ways than one.

    Perhaps the funnies part of this episode was Franklin's appearance. He and Gob as Nellie's pimp(s) was hilarious and very creative. It is amazing how these writers can go "out there" and always manage to tie things back in to the main story of the show. Definitely amazing!

    It was also nice to see Jason Bateman's sister willing to jump in and play such an "uncomfortable" role. They have a great on-screen chemistry and hopefully will have the opportunity to demonstrate this again.