Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 3

Forget Me Now

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2005 on Netflix

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  • It had it's moments.

    One of the first episodes I saw of this show, I wasn't that impressed at first, but this episode surprised me as the plot developed. Lucille is definitely one of my favorite characters in this show, and she really shined in this episode. Don't know what to think of Rita yet, she seems weird. Also like Lindsay, she had her moments too. As a first episode that I've seen, it got me in to it a bit, not as much to watch the whole season. But it was just okay in my opinion. Favorite scene: When they drugged and clubbed Rita.
  • Best part of this show..

    Who would have thought that analyis and therapist would have been put together to make \"analrapist\". I thought this series definately made the highlight of the whole show. All 3 seasons are funny, but this one definately took the cake for this. It\'s just so wrong to look at his business card. Tobias Funke (Funky) Analrapist. Found a shirt online that had the business card, but had a few people who had never seen Arrested Development before and they just give me funny looks :D Actually, I\'m going to go rewatch this episode right now, just to watch that scene.
  • soooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this one is soo funny bob lob law (bob-bla-bla) well his name is funny anyway.and tobis and gob r oo funny atually everyone is fnny on the show thats why i like it so much not only one person is funny everyone is!!! and rita is crazy was is with her!!!!!!!!!!!!! they sould really come back with the show same writers and cast please!!!!!! fox thats your only goood show and you took it off!!! yo really messed up now abc is on top!
  • Analrapist?

    It seems to me that any self-respecting psychiatrist wouldn't have taken quite so long to get to work on little Buster, but it seems the good Dr. Funke is quite as up on things as most, so it is only now that he gets around to "analraping" the youngest of the Bluth siblings. Standing up to Lucille is a good start; once he's tackled that he can work on functioning in any sort of social setting and not being mentally handicapped. Those might take a little longer.

    It's nice to see that Michael can keep a girlfriend longer than one episode, particularly when that someone is as lovely as Charlize Theron. I see this relationship going somewhere wonderful, if his family doesn't overdose her on rufies first.

    And kudos to whoever thought of having George Sr. communicate via surrogate, and a big hand for casting Bob Einstein in role. It is yet another instance of Arrested Development demonstrating its complete mastery of comic timing.

    Bonus: the American-themed British restaurant? Genius.
  • There may be reason behind not introducing Rita to the Bluths

    The best of season three so far, Forget Me Now has Michael’s brilliant plan of stating that he doesn’t have a family, though Rita knows this to be false, though still doesn’t remember after meeting the family since she was drugged and beaten by the Bluths, a fact that surprisingly didn’t go down well with Michael.

    Michael actually explaining the title of the show was a very funny moment, especially when the Narrator makes it more obvious by saying “That’s the name of the show!”

    The “Next time” scene was classic, Gob simply saying “I will” and making it incredibly funny, making it a great end to a hilarious episode.
  • God bless this show, it's even funnier now than it ever was before.

    This has to be a candidate for the best episode of Arrested Development EVER. The entire cast is so damn good, but if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be Will "Gob" Arnett. His work in this episode may represent a series high, from his leering delivery of "We're nice!" to his final scene, as he drugs himself with a Forget-Me-Now so that he won't remember his Very Special Father/Son Moment with Steve Holt (STEVE HOLT!). Simply put, this is easily the funniest show on TV.
  • Simply Fantastic!! I haven't laughed so hard over such silly things in a long time, this is just a CLASSIC episode of one of the BEST SHOWS ON TV..the writing, acting and comic timing is impeccable, to say the least. I just hope charlize theron's characte

    Simply Fantastic!! I haven't laughed so hard over such silly things in a long time, this is just a classic episode of one of the Best shows on tv..the writing, acting and comic timing is impeccable, to say the least. I just hope charlize theron's character lets loose soon and joins the party that is Arrested Development, because her introduction in 'The British Bombshell (302)' was definitely a bit skewed..possibly the only AD episode that is not upto par. Though the first 10 minutes of that episode are still gold...i'll never forget the whole family doing the chicken dance, and then GOB rushes to put on the mask. Truly: LOL funny.

    This episode i will not list any just have to see it, it's just a totally insane episode!
  • Classic example of the witty, snappy writing and inside jokes that make Arrested Development the best comedy on network TV.

    This episode is full of so many references to prior episodes and inside jokes that any fan of the show will be rolling with laughter for the entire 22 minute duration. I take off 0.5 points (almost a perfect 10!) only for the fact that if you're not a seasoned viewer of Arrested Development, you might not get what's going on.

    At this point, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the only other comedy that even holds a candle to the intelligent, fast-paced comedy of Arrested Development. I just hope that this show can maintain the rating necessary to stay on the air. It's just too good of a show to die!
  • The whole show is done with a wink and a nod. The show is carrying some gags a little past their expiration date, but overall it still pleases.

    Oh, that is enough with the cabin on wheels. Charlize Theron once again guest stars to great effect. She is the british object of affection for the beleaguered Micheal. However, there is something up her sleeve. Since Oscar can't leave the house, he has a surrogate walk around with a camera. He devises a plan to leave the house using balloons. Guess what? It doesn't work.

    The even better guest star is Bob Loblaw. He is the attorney who is going to finally bring justice. The fact that he is a money hungry ambulance chaser is lost on the poor Bluths.

    Micheal's love troubles continue and who can blame him for not claiming this bunch of kooks?
  • I loved this episode. Excellent writing and excellent acting. Replacing the Fonz with Chochi (SP?) is an example of how this show is more than just a funny script and good acting. STEVE HOLT!

    Gob using the date rape drug to make himself forget that he told Steve Holt he loved him was the icing on the cake. It's pointless to try and remember all of the little things that made me laugh. My only negative comment would be that everything felt a bit disjointed with the over abundance of inside and overt humor. There is sort of a "Where's Waldo" effect happening when the viewer is spending so much time looking for the hidden joke or subtext while ignoring the plot niceties. Luckily this is a side effect of something worth while--non-stop/side splitting humor. I am happy to forgo understanding for such hilarity.
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