Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 4

Good Grief!

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael was adjusting to his new role as vice president, which meant doing the work of the president, his brother Gob. Gob, incidentally, is upset that a magician named Tony Wonder sorta stole one of his tricks. Gob planned to be boiled alive into a chowder, then be ladled into a cauldron. Then Lucille calls Michael with the news that Ice tracked down George Sr. But Ice wants to be paid before he announces the location.

Michael visits the banana stand to share the good news with his son, but George Michael is spending time with Ann, who resents Michael's constant intrusions. She suggests they break up. Ice has gathered the family together to make his announcement, an affair that he is also catering since his true love is party planner. And Lindsay was still trying to land a date with him.

Watching Lindsay unsuccessfully pick up Ice, Maeby asks Barry Zuckercorn if she can divorce her parents. Barry says if she can prove she's in an unhealthy environment, he can have her on the streets within a month. Then Ice makes his presentation. George Sr. was killed by a guard and buried in Mexico. The family is shocked by the announcement. Lucille wonders about the will. Lucille suggests having Ice cater the wake so she can set up Ice and Lindsay and cinch her emancipation. And Gob suggests taking the place of his father's body so he can be buried alive, then emerge from the grave one week later in the greatest illusion ever. Buster agrees to help only if Gob helps him. You see, Buster needs a military uniform to wear to the party because he never actually joined the army.

George Michael, meanwhile, trudges home after being dumped by Ann. Michael finds him and informs him of George Sr's death. Not wanting to burden his father, George Michael says that he was actually the breaker. And Gob continued to prepare for his greatest illusion. He showed Buster that the coffin had a trap door and that an empty box will be buried.

George Michael, still sulking around, made an interesting discovery. A spider hole in which his grandfather was hiding. George Sr. begs his grandson to hide him, so George Michael secretly stores him in the attic. George Sr. informs the boy that he escaped from Mexican jail by offering the authorities money. The police even went so far as to stage a mock funeral for George Sr. But when he saw the newspaper photo of Lucille kissing Oscar on the beach, he had to return to Newport and get back Lucille.

The next morning, Michael caught his son doing something suspicious. That being, taking a bowl of eggs and toast into the attic. Michael, though, thinks that George Michael is hiding Ann up there, so he decides to invite her to the wake. Ice comes by the house, but Lindsay has been crying all day. Maeby desperately tries to clean her up.

The wake starts and George Sr. observes through a vent in the attic. And Buster arrived, wearing the military outfit Gob had procured for him. Lucille asks Gob to get Buster out of the house before he realizes it's a wake, so they go to work on the fake coffin. Then Michael asks those gathered if they'd like to say anything about the deceased. Who was still watching the wake through the vent.

After the wake, Michael tells his son he doesn't want any more secret trips to the attic. Thinking his father already knew the truth, George Michael tells Michael that he has Pop Pop in the attic. But Michael thinks his son is describing sex with Ann. Gob then hustles the wake outside for his buried alive illusion. Gob climbs inside the coffin, which Buster spins halfway around. But when Buster hears that their father is actually dead, he panics and runs off. Gob tumbles out of the trap door and into the grave. The coffin then falls on top of him and a worker dumps all of the dirt back into the hole. The crowd applauds appreciatively. But when Michael finds a box of Glisten toothpaste in the dirt – George Sr's favorite brand – he realizes what his son actually meant about Pop Pop in the attic.

He confronts his father, who begs ignorance and asks to not be turned in. Michael, in turn, tells the family George Sr. is in the attic, but by the time everybody gets up there, the old man is once again gone. They take off in a search for him and George Sr. emerges from the Aztec tomb.

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Buster finds out about the death of Captain Kangaroo, Michael grows weary of caring for his father, and Gob finally makes the cover of Poof magazine.
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