Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 7

In God We Trust

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2003 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael Bluth had called a meeting with his family's longtime attorney to discuss his father's incarceration. But he was finding it difficult to find any answers. He was, however, getting along with his sister, which was unwelcome news to their mother.

The over-billing attorney did arrange for the court to allow their father out of jail for an entire afternoon so he could participate in the Living Classics pageant, which consists of live representations of classic works of art. The Bluth's have always been a part of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam." Although Buster was reluctant to play the part of Adam this year, since he already had plans with Lucille Austero.

Unimpressed by the results, Michael was determined to drop Barry Zuckerkorn as family attorney for the very businesslike Wayne Jarvis. After the meeting broke up, Lucille made her play on Lindsay, mentioning in passing that Michael called her a "stay in bed mom" in her attempt to dissolve their burgeoning friendship.

Gob, meanwhile, had missed the meeting after being delayed by his girlfriend Marta. And while Gob took his girlfriend for granted, Michael was learning Spanish to grow closer to her. Unfortunately, the one tape he could find, "Spanish for Businessmen," was of little use to him.

And Buster was trying to get George Michael to take over his role as Adam this year. Simultaneously, Lindsay confronted Michael about what Lucille told her, which woke them both up to the fact that their mother was playing them against each other. Michael and Lindsay proceeded to drink and air their grievances about their mother.

Michael finally arranged a meeting with attorney Wayne Jarvis, a professional who doesn't like small talk. When Lucille entered the office for the meeting, she first told Michael that Lindsay planned to get him drunk to get the money she needed for her credit card. And mission accomplished.

At home, Gob racked his brain to find out what Michael was up to with learning Spanish and hiring a new attorney. Lucille advised getting him drunk to find out, and when Lindsay commenting on the bouquet of flowers Wayne Jarvis sent Lucille, Lucille mentioned in passing that Michael told her about Tobias "Never nude" condition, which Lindsay had secretly confided to Michael. Lindsay stormed down to Michael's office to berate him, and they once again realized they had been played by their mother. Only this time, they decided they had to teach her a lesson. When Michael found out Barry Zuckerkorn was taking Lucille to the Living Classics pageant on a date, they realized how embarrassed she would be if George Sr. found out.

George Sr. got his 24 hours of freedom as the pageant finally began. Michael and Lindsay arrived to find Lucille accompanied by Wayne Jarvis, not Barry Zuckerkorn. But the biggest moment came when George Sr., dressed as God, tried to escape from the pageant, only to be tasered into submission by a prison guard.

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