Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 7

In God We Trust

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2003 on Netflix

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  • "I will hide behind that little garbage cart." "Guy's a pro."

    John Michael Higgins and Henry Winkler are both TV actors who have appeared recently in dozens of random movie and television roles, bringing a certain level of comedy to it that other guest actors wish they could bring. Henry Winkler, of course, was well known for playing the Fonz back on "Happy Days," and his first appearance on "Arrested Development" of many to come is memorable, especially because it finds him being out-lawyer-ed (sort of) by the character Wayne Jarvis (played by John Michael Higgins).

    Here, both characters have vastly different methods of being lawyers, and while one is clearly inept and the other is "a pro," they're both also hilarious, in different ways. The episode revolves around the Bluth family trying to buckle up and get their father/husband out of jail ASAP. Their hopes ride on the back of Barry Zuckercorn, the worst lawyer on the face of the Earth who becomes more and more inept as the show goes on. He claims he can get George Bluth released for one day for the price of 20,000 dollars, and this is simply so he can act in a "Living Pageant" show that the town puts on every year near Christmas. Here, they reenact famous paintings with actual people. Up until now, George was always Jesus and Buster was Adam in Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam," but Buster is self conscious and doesn't want to be naked as Adam. He passes the role off to George Michael, who believes dressing up in a muscle suit will impress Maeby, while Tobias is jealous of George Michael getting the role.

    Michael, meanwhile, is not happy with the fact that Barry is a horrible lawyer and decides to hire a new one named Wayne Jarvis. Higgins is perfect in the role, playing a way-too-serious type of lawyer who, regardless of his attitude, is a real pro. The two instances where he hides himself are hilarious, probably the funniest in the episode.

    There's just so much to love about the episode. The first time I saw the episode, I wasn't a huge fan, but that was only because I didn't realize how much of an impact Barry Zuckercorn would have on the show, and also, this was the first true instance where we learn of Tobias being a never-nude. They've shown it before this, but they never really explained it. The way they build it up here and have it tie in with George Michael's plot is just great writing.

    Once again, there's too many lines and little jokes to simply comment on. I will say that this was another one of the better episodes of Season 1, one that showcases everybody's talents.
  • In God We Trust

    Great episode of Arrested Development, we got another great tie in with the whole 2 lawyers thing. John Michael Higgins did a fantastic job as the "professional" lawyer. The muscle suit was pretty funny but I felt like they could have done more with this story line.

    The cutoffs were a great tie in to George Michael's muscle suit but again, I felt like they could have done more with this story line. It's pretty funny that Michael's mother wanted to separate Lindsay and him.

    The scene where they were both drunk clearly showed that this show has superior acting and stands above the rest. Interesting development in Lindsay finding out Michael's crush. Great episode.
  • good

    Michael attempts to fire the family's incompetent but likable attorney. George Michael impresses Maeby with a muscle suit for a "Living Classics" pageant. Tobias has a psychological affliction where he is unable to take off his clothes. This episode was fantastically funny, The way everyone thought portugal was in south america was verry very funny. The part where Tobias thought George Michael was a never nude was funny as well and the ending where the dad ran off hilarous, this was one of the funnier episodes of errested development. I give this episode of arrested development a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Tobias is a never nude!

    This was the first episode to not have a false “Next time on Arrested Development” ending, possibly because the episode was too long and nothing was bad enough to be cut, which is believable if you see this highly entertaining episode.

    The introduction of the Bluth’s lawyer and the other attorney were quite good and both solicitors have very good lines, especially the incompetent Barry Zuckerkorn.

    Whether it’s Tobias’ never-nude condition, George Michael’s body suit impressing Maeby or Gob deducing that the new lawyer, Spanish lessons and ticket to Portugal meant Michael was moving to South America, this episode is guaranteed to make any viewer at least crack a smile.